The Four Winds

Damians Resurrection

The group split up after the fight with Tork Kinifyen. Bane Hammerstriker went drinking and missing for a few days. Essodren returned to the swamp. Arylin Starflower stayed in the Whispering Wind. Sunny Underhill finished up some errands in Suzail. Damian Mordiki was dead. And CC went to the ranger station to give his report. Below is what transpired while separated.

Bane: Stayed drinking for awhile, missed the entire fire in the Iron Pot tavern. And eventually caught up with the Four Winds in time to find Damian.

Essodren: Renewed a spiritual ritual and fought for his place among his tribe. He killed an old nemesis of both his and his brother. The warrior Scraz was killed in a ceremonial contest between him and Essodren. Essodren ignored the warriors plea for forgiveness and was killed.

Arylin: Worked on several time related potions and had to save the Whispering Wind from total annihilation from the chaos fire. The alchemy lab was lost as well as all the components but the mast was saved.

CC: Reported the neogi fight to Rickard and learned about the timestreams self-defense strategy. Rickard become so enraged that he almost tried to kill CC but “settled” for simply locking him up instead. He would have locked CC up for a few years except later the next night he was released to help fight the chaos fire. CC and Cinders were so excellent at saving people that Rickard forgave the whole incident and told CC to take a few days off to get his head together.

Sunny: Something about restoring a treasury, saving an innocent halfling from a falsely accuse crime, fighting Tork again, saving the church of Lathander with a magical broom, learning that the Damian that had been spotted was really Kara Caludra in disguise, and making a deal with Eltibald Lastlight about his lost pendent.

Damian: Technically he accomplished nothing in this timeline but in the past he visited the town-fortress of Curst, which is on the Outlands on the border with Carceii. Met the Nameless One, Morte, Ignus, and Dakkon. Traveled from there to Sigil where, with the the help of the previously mentioned group, managed to get his head reattached. Travelled back to Fearun and arrived in Thay in time to save Szass Tams life during the revolution to oust the Zulkier of Necromancy Nyressa Flask. After that was tricked by Kat and put into suspended animation till the year 1358 DR when the Four Winds found him.

So without Bane or Damian the Four Winds traveled to Quiet Thunder. It was during this trip that Frosttail contacted them and wanted their help defeating Slazrithion, a powerful Old Red Dragon. CC and Arylin made a few business transactions trying to get lumber supplies to Suzail and had a few issues. They contacted Eltibald Lastlight and struck a deal with him. From there they traveled to the Thunderpeaks and ended up engaging in a epic flight battle with Frosttail against several wyverns with giant riders and Slazrithion himself. From there they traveled back to Quiet Thunder and received a map from Dony Havies. They travled further to Selgaunt and received a second map from Sephris, though by proxy.

Using the map from Dony they went into the Vast Swamp and found the house of Nafnaf, a very old wildmage. During exploring this house they fought a terrible monster that almost killed both Arylin and Essodren and forced them both to flee. Sunny found a laundry service and CC took up bear dancing. In the end they left with some information on how to restore Arylin back to her normal self. Something tragic happened to Sunny during this time but he got better.

Returning to Quiet Thunder they found the flitter stolen. It turned out Tork Kinifyen was the culprit and the group went out to search for him. Sunny found a mage that had been sent by Dread Pirate Caspian and knew the Whispering Wind was in trouble. Arylin found the flitter and Tork and ended up talking Tork out of the flitter. CC got stuck with Polk the whole time and found nothing. Using the flitter and Sunny using the ring, the group all made it back to Suzail at about the same time. Which was in time to see lightning striking the ship. It was actually striking poor Pete, the halfling store owner from Westgate who apparently managed to kill the mage and got hit by a contingency at the end. Pete survived the ordeal rather well, thanks to some unknown healing magic. After the excitement they regrouped with Bane Hammerstriker and headed to the spot on the map that Sephris had provided.

This led them to a strange stone with a bunch of unique traps and obstacles that the group was uniquely suited too. Rather to much a coincidence, especially with the 2+2=4 chiseled in the side of the rock. The group solved the puzzle and opened the rock. Inside was none other then Damian Mordiki, looking like he just woke up from a long sleep. He had some strange stitching around his neck where his head had to be sewn back on, and he had a cloak of Thay around his body but other then that he looked fine. Woody was overjoyed to see him.

During the reunion a dwarven messenger went up to Bane and reported that Terra Firerock had gone missing. Turned out she had tried to enter the thaig of the Shadowbeards to retrieve Drathgara, a relic believed cursed and responsible for the loss of one of the ancient clans. The staff seemed to have the power to erase history and memory, and was anathema to the dwarven culture. Bane bravely led his party down into Thunderholme and further, into the bowels of the Underdark, to the Thaig of the Shadowbeards. Waiting for them was a spawn of Demogoron, who seemed to be targeting Damian. The Four Winds defeated the demon and pressed on.

During the adventure Sunny accidentally melted Brightsplinter into a puddle of steel and Bane learned that his hammer wasnt effective against dead dwarves. Essodren was the warlord of the spiritual th and the group managed to both save Terra Firerock, and retrieve the staff of Drathgara. They are currently in the process of heading back up to the surface, debating about exactly what to do with the staff.

For the priestesses of Umberlee want the staff for themselves, and have promised to stop aiding Caspian if they give it to them. The poor earth creature Graphite needs the staff to complete a quest that he was given by Grumbar, God of the Earth, nearly 2300 years ago. He has no reward to offer the Four Winds but it is obvious that Umberlee will use the staff for her own nefarious purpose. And the Four Winds have seen no proof that the staff is capable or able to provide anything but misery and destruction. The choice of many, rest on young Bane Hammerstrikers decision, and the advice of his companions…………



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