Medium Deity Goddess of Luck

Tymora is actually one half of the original goddess of luck, Tyche. However something happened many eons ago that split the goddess in half, with the good luck in benign Tymora, and the bad luck in her cruel sister Beshaba. At one point the new god Finder Wyvernspur was involved in a plot to put the two back together but it failed and the two remain the bitter enemies they have always been.

Clerics of Tymora are welcome in almost any adventuring party. Adventurers of all strips, motto’s, ethos, and creeds dont mind a little good luck their way now and again. Specialist priest only get one extra advantage but it is huge.


1 per day per level, a cleric may reroll any roll. Cleric must take new result even if it is worse.

If a cleric uses 5 “charges”, meaning they have to be at least 5th level to do this once, they can transfer this reroll to an ally. Note that this can only be used to try to achieve a positive result for the individual rolling, it cant be shifted to an enemy trying to get them to roll a worse one.


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