This is actually a collection of spells gotten online, copied from books I dont own, updating from second edition, or just completely made up. This list is constantly being added to and updated. Click some of the tabs if you wish to see some spells that belong on a special list, or go below to see common spells available now.

Some spells that are listed have been altered slightly, the reason, list, and spells affected are in Altered Spells.

Also there is another list of spells in the Mage Slayer section. There isnt anything special about this list other then they all have the theme of specilizing in spellbattle. Any Wizard, Sorcerer or other arcane caster may take these spells if they choose.

The Wild Mage Spells section will leave you guys dissapointed if you go there right now, as you currently have no way to access wild magic.

Probably not this campaign but in the future you guys might want to check out what Shar has to offer in the Shadow Spells section.

When your tired of being dirtkickers, learn the mysteries of the planes with the Planer Spells. Some of the spells are obviously about the planes, others are just very hard to find on any Prime Material.

And last, while its not a spell list, there are rules to Wizards Learning Spells.

Close = 25’ +5’/2 levels Medium = 100’ +10’/level
Far = 400’ + 40’/level
1 round = 1 rnd = 10 seconds
1 minute = 1 min = 60 seconds (or six rounds of combat)
1 turn = ten minutes
Fortitude = Fort Will Power = Will Reflex = Ref half damage = 1/2 dmg
SR = Spell Resistance

Name, Level of spell, range, duration, saving throw SR Y/N

Druid Spells

Horrible Taste 1st Touch 1 turn/level Fort negates SR:NO
Anything biting someone under protection of this spell must make a Fort save. If successful then unaffected. If failed then creature refuses to use a bit attack on this creature again. May still use other attacks.

Buzzing Bee 1st Medium 1min/level Concentration check SR:NO
Summons a nearby insect to annoy an enemy. Must make a concentration check DC 10 + spell attempting to cast or spell fails. – 10 to skill checks requiring intense concentration unless they also make a concentration check.

Affect Normal Fires 1st Medium 1min/level max or concentration
As long as Caster is concentrating he can affect the movement and heat of normal fires. He can cause them to go up or down one size category every round. Once caster stops controlling fires they act normally. Caster can effect a 5×5/level area at a time.

Sleep 1st Medium 1min/level Will Negates SR:YES
One or more living creatures in a 10’ burst. Affects 2d4 HD worth of creatures starting with the weakest HD first.

Back Biter 2nd Close 1min/level or until discharged No save SR:NO
Must be cast on a wooden handle weapon. Next attack by that weapon is against the wielder. Spell is discharged whether or not attack was successful.

Body of the Sun 2nd Caster 1rnd/level Reflex 1/2 SR:YES
Fire in 5’ radius from self. Doesn’t harm caster or provide elemental protection. 1d4/2levels fire damage, max 5d4. Reach weapons ok. Reflex save for 1/2.

Protection from Hunger and Thirst 2nd Touch 1day/level
Creatures digestive system is in stasis until duration wears off, at which point creature is no hungrier then when spell was first cast.

Scale Weakening 2nd Ray attack Close 1min/level SR:YES
Loses 1AC/3levels but only to natural AC. Cannot lower below 0. Doesn’t have to be scales. Will work against natural AC magic like barkskin.

Blood Frenzy (Animal Companion or Self Only) round/level Puts creature in a raged state. This works just like the rages barbarians get. They are exhausted afterwards.

One with the Land Caster only 1hour/level
Druid gets a plus 4 on Survival checks. Must pick the type of land it applies to each casting. The land type does NOT have to be one the druid has. So a forest druid could cast this in the ocean and gain his full Survival skill (+4 on top of that) to use in that terrain.

Flame Lash Close Reflex save for 1/2 SR:YES
Attack one target for 1d6 + 1d6/3levels fire damage.

Frost Breath 2nd Close Reflex 1/2 SR:YES
1d4/2 levels frost damage in a cone shape. Max 5d4, Ref half dmg.

Ultravision 2nd Caster 1hour/level
Able to see through magical darkness up to normal eyesight. Also not hampered by fog, mist, smoke or other insubstantial visual barriers (magical or otherwise). Doesn’t help with illusions.

Elemental Weapon 3rd Weapon Touched 1min/level
Turns any nonmetal, nonnatural, weapon into a elemental burst (1d6, 1d10 on a crit).

Quill Fire Close Fort neg or partial SR:NO
Shots a porcupine-like needle out of the casters hand at a target. Casters BAB + Wis mod. It does 1d8+1/2levels damage. If it damages opponent they must make a Fort save for a 3rd level spell vs poison. Poison does 2d6 Str (initial) and 2d6 Str (secondary). Fortitude negates. If only the secondary Fort is successful the first 2d6 damage still counts. Strength damage dissipates at a rate of 1pt/ 10 minutes.

Infestation of Maggots Touch 1rnd/2 levels Fort Neg SR:YES
Touching a opponent covers them in maggots. They try to burrow into the victims skin. If the victim has a higher natural armor AC bonus then the caster has druid levels then spell fails. Victim must make a Fort save or take 1d4 Con damage. The damage repeats every round until either a save is made, duration runs out, or victim dies. Once a save is made no more damage continues, but what was done remains. Con damage dissipates at a rate of 1pt/ 10 minutes.

Zephyr 3rd Medium 1rnd/level No save SR:NO
Creates a 5’ ball of swirling air that can bullrush enemies. It grants +6 to bullrush. It only takes a move action for a druid to use it (standered for a wiz/sorc)

Armor of Leaves 4th 1day 1 layer of armor/4 levels
1 layer of armor for every 4 druid levels is put on the caster. Caster totally ignores all physical damage for one attack for each layer. It doesn’t matter if it was 1hp of damage or 100.

Charm Dire Animal 4th Close 1hour/level Will Neg SR:YES
Same as charm person only applies to dire (and normal) animals. Does not work on monstrous/fiendish/undead versions.

Hold Dire Animal 4th Medium 1rnd/level Will neg SR:YES
Same as hold person, only applies to Dire (and normal) animals. Does not work on monstrous/fiendish/undead versions.

Master Camouflage 4th 10 minutes/level 1creature/level
When in that druids terrain, up to one ally or creature/ druid level may gain the druids Wilderness Lore bonus to their Hide and Move Silently check. Must be standing near druid when cast. The druid themself gains no advantage but their Wild Lore Ranks (not Wis Modifiers, only ranks) stack with Hide and Move silent checks. A power that allows someone to see through illusions (like See Invisibility or True Sight) can ignore the extra bonus. Anyone under this spell gains the Hide in Plain Sight ability.

Cloud of Maggots 6th 1rnd/ 2 levels Medium 30’
Causes a stinking cloud to appear and rain maggots upon whomever is standing under it. Unless protected by a aura damaging spell (Fireshield, Body of the Sun, etc) anyone under cloud is automatically hit by a Infestation of Maggots spell. The save for both the Maggots and the Stinking Cloud is for a 6th level spell, but otherwise effects are similiar.


Bluff 1st Caster 1minute/level SR:NO
+10 on bluff checks

Cheat 1st Caster 1minute/level SR:NO
Can alter a nonmagical game of chance (reroll one dice, draw an extra card, etc) 1 time/minute. Gets to add his Char bonus to a slight of hand roll during a game.

Bonefiddle 3rd Close 1rnd/level Fort negates SR:YES
Creates a fiddle made of bone that plays itself. Causes a haunting melody that stops any sonic powers (like bards song or sirens call) from working and causes immense pain to one target. Feels like there is a saw on the bones doing 3d6 damage a round. Every round victim makes a fort save, first successful save ends the spell.


Assassin Strike Caster 1rnd No save
Can make a sneak attack like a rouge of same level max 5d6. Last 1 round for 1 attack.

Original Magic Missile 1st Medium No save SR:YES
Works like magic missile but dmg is 1d6+1. 1 missile at 1st level and one missile for every 5 after. So 2 at 5th, 3 at 10th, 4 at 15th, and 5 at 20th.

Ectoplasmic Armor 1st Touch 1min/level
Grants +5 to touch attacks or incorporeal attacks. Can be used over armor and armor spells.

Unseen Servant 1st Caster Short 1turn/level
Can hold up to 25 lbs. Cannot intercept or attack, can follow simple commands.

Distract 1st Medium 1rnd/level Will negates SR:YES
Distracts a person into not paying attention. Does not work if person is doing something strenuous or already witnessing something amiss.

Affect Normal Fires 1st Medium 1min/level or concentration
As long as Caster is concentrating he can affect the movement and heat of normal fires. He can cause them to go up or down one size category every round. Once caster stops controlling fires they act normally. Caster can effect a 5×5/level area at a time.

Cutting Hand 1st Caster 1rnd/level SR:NO
One hand gains a sharp edge like a knife. +2 att and dmg 1d4 small, 1d6 med, 1d8 large.

Frost Breath 2nd Close Reflex 1/2 SR:YES
1d4/2 levels frost damage in a cone shape. Max 5d4, Ref half dmg.

Fearsome Grapple 2nd Verbal only Caster 1rnd/level SR:NO
2 tentacles grow out from caster and add +4 to grapple checks. At 9th level four tentacles for +8.

Knockout Gas 2nd Close 15’ burst Fort negates SR:YES
1d4/level poison nonlethal damage, Fort negates for that round. Breathing creatures only.

Balor Nimbus (Evil Spell) 2nd Caster 1rnd/level SR:YES
Creatures grappling you take 3d6 unholy and 3d6 fire damage.

Ray of Force 2nd Medium Fort partial SR:YES
Touch attack does 1d6/2 levels, max 5d6. If hit then Fort save or be knocked prone

Belker Claws (Evil Spell) 2nd Caster 1rnd/4 levels SR:NO
2 attacks per round (one with each hand) does 2d12+ STR each. Last 1 round for every 4 levels. Max 4 rnds at 12th level.

Vocalize 2nd Caster 1rnd/level Quick spell
Can be cast out of turn. All spells are silent without paying a higher cost for them.

Filter 2nd Touch 10’ globe 1turn/level
Creates a 10’ globe around the target that filters all air poisons, smoke, and stenches. Magical or breath weapon attacks that deal direct damage get +4 to save. Half damage on a failed save, no damage on a successful one.

Curse of Pain 2nd Medium 1min/level No save SR:YES
Creature gets -2 to all rolls. No save allowed unless target has endurance feat.

Death Armor 2nd Caster 1rnd/level No save SR:YES
Hitting caster with a non-reach weapon results in taking 1d4+1/2 levels negative damage.

Discern Shapechanger 2nd Caster Close 1rnd/level No save SR:YES
Lets you see if a creature withen range is a shapechanger and what its natural shape is.

Electrical Rubber 2nd Caster 1min/level
First 20 points of electrical damage are reflected back at source. Works for each electrical attack thrown at caster.

Ray of Depletion 2nd Medium No save SR:YES
Must make ranged touch attack. Does 1d6/level, max 10d6 Psionic Strength Point damage. Useless against nonpsions. Against 3rd edition psionics only 1PSP/level dmg.

Entice Gift 2nd Close 1 round Will negates SR:YES
Creature wants to give you whatever it is holding in its hands. Mind affecting power. Only works for one round then the creature will react normally.

Distracting Ray 2nd Close 1rnd/level No save SR:NO
Must make ranged touch attack. No save or spell resistance. Creature must make concentration check DC17 + spell level to cast a spell.

Choke 2nd Close 1rnd/level Ref negates SR:NO
Creates an ethereal pair of hands to choke humanoid victim. Only humanoid. If initial Ref is successful then spell ends, if not victim make a ST check vs DC 20. Failure means 1pt of Con damage and -2 to every roll. Success just keeps it at bay for one round. Victim cannot perform any other action then stopping the choking. Hands have an AC of 5 and 1 hp but need a ghost touch weapon to hurt (or someone in the ethereal plane). Dispel Magic or Turn Undead can also be used to get rid of the hands. Breathing creatures only.

Shroud of Undeath 2nd Caster 1turn/level
You appear as an undead. Unintelligent undead will ignore you unless you attack. Intelligent undead may figure it out by how you act.

Death Recall 2nd 1 corpse 1 turn
See the final 10 minutes of a corpse’s life through their eyes. Corpse must have been dead 24 hours or less.

Baleful Transportation 3rd Medium Will negates SR:YES
Pick two targets to instantly switch places. If one or both is against the switch, they get a saving throw. If either one makes it, the spell is canceled.

Blade of Fear 3rd Caster 1rnd/level Will partial SR:NO
Creates a fearsome looking notched blade. Must make a melee attack for 1d8 +1/level, max +20 at 20th. If hit victim must make a Will save or be frightened for 1d4 rounds.

Slippery Mage 3rd Caster 1min/ level
Allows the caster to substitute his concentration check for his escape artist check.

Corrosive Grasp 3rd Touch 1rnd + 1rnd/level No save SR:YES
Touch attack deals 1d8 acid damage + 1d8 acid damage every round after/ caster level.

Protection from Hunger and Thirst 3rd Touch 1day/level
Creatures digestive system is in stasis until duration wears off, at which point creature is no hungrier then when spell was first cast.

Zephyr 3rd Medium 1rnd/level No save SR:NO
Creates a 5’ ball of swirling air that can bullrush enemys. It grants +6 to bullrush. It only takes a move action for a druid to use it (standered for a wiz/sorc). The roll is 1d20 + 9 + spellcasting modifier + ranks in spellcraft.

Hail Stones 3rd Medium No save SR:YES
Creates one freezing cold ball of frost for every 5 levels. Each ball hits one target for 5d6 cold. Cannot target the same creature twice no matter how big. No save, only SR. Despite the name, there is no physical attack.

Jungle Razor (Evil Spell) 3rd Medium Ref 1/2 SR:YES
Mows down a natural section of wildland. Does 1d10/level, max of 10d10. Hits normal plants, insects and animals. Also dire versions, plant monsters, giant insects. It is 10’ wide by Medium length long. Caster CANNOT shorten the range at all.

Loves Pain (Evil Spell) 3rd Medium Will for 1/2 SR:YES
Hits one target and they make a Will save for half damage. The creature that the victim loves the most is the one that takes the damage. As long as they are on the same plane of existence, it hits anywhere in the world. If that target is unavailable it goes to the second most loved person, then the third. If the first three most loved targets are not on the same plane of existence (or the target doesn’t love anyone) then the spell is useless.

Bard Touch 3rd Caster 1hour/level
+ 10 on perform checks. Can play any instrument, including bard only ones.

Path of Death 3rd Caster 1round
Basically True Strike and Assassins Strike at the same time. Only last for 1 attack and must be used the next round or it dissapates. +20 attack, same SA dice as a rogue of same level.

Air Lance 3rd Close Reflex 1/2 SR:YES
A cone shape force that starts from the casters hands and extends outwards. For a brief second the air totally solidifies causing sonic and vibration damage to all withen its effects. Spell effects gasseous creatures as well. 5d4 + 2/level (max of 5d4 + 20) damage.

Bone Buster 3rd Item Reflex 1/2 SR YES
Cast this spell on an bone fragment at least an inch big. It is filled with necromantic energy that will do 1d6+1/level (max 10d6 +10) negative energy damage. It affects 1’ per caster level up to 10’ radius. The spell can be held up to 1 round per level until discharghed so its possible to cast it before going into battle and then throwing it grenede style, or setting it up as a trap if the person is close enough. Unlike most spells in my campaign, this one needs a spell component.

Vitriolic Sphere 4th Medium Reflex 1/2 SR:YES
Causes a 1 foot diameter bubble of acid to shot towards a target. Damage is 1d6/level (max 10d6). If save fails then next round victim takes same damage minus 2d6, save for half. If that save fails then it continues subtracting 2d6 every round until either a save is made or spell runs out of d6 damage.

Blast of Flame 4th 60’cone shape Ref 1/2 No SR
Blast of flame in a 60’ cone. 1d6/level, max of 10d6. Ref for half but no spell resistance.

Displacer Form 4th Caster 1rnd/level
Polymorph into a displacer beast. Gain two tentacle attacks of 1d6 + STR bonus. Gain displacement and Nat Arm +5 AC.

4th Thundering Lance 1rnd/level No save SR:NO
It creates a staff of force that you can shorten or lengthen as a free action, from 1’-20’. It is treated as a staff with a base damage of 3d6 Force Damage. Instead of using Str score to attack and damage however you use either Int or Char, whichever is your primary casting statistic. In addition if the target is hit and protected by a force effect of 3rd level or lower (Mage Armor and Shield being the most common) then you can attemp to dispel them as per the spell.

Rainbow Blast 4th 80’ cone Ref 1/2 SR:YES
Hits with all five elements (fire, acid, electrical, cold, and sonic) for 5d6 at 7th level, 5d8 at 9th, 5d10 at 11th, and 5d12 at 13th. Each die represents a different element. Also gives feedback on if enemy is immune/resistant/vulnerable to any of the five elements.

Ray of DeAnimation 4th Close No save SR:YES
Must hit with ranged touch attack. Does 1d6/level to constructs. Max of 15d6.

Elemental Weapon 4th Weapon Touched 1min/level
Turns any nonnatural, weapon into a elemental burst (1d6, 1d10 on a crit). This is a level higher then the druid version, but may affect metal weapons.

Improved Identify 4th one item
Completly identifies one item per casting. It only takes one minute to cast and has no material component.

Spirit Armor 4th 1 turn/level
This magical armor offers protection better then full plate (+9AC) and offers +4 on saves relating to death or spirit magic. Anyone protected by this cannot be possessed but a possessed creature cannot have this cast on them (it simply fails). Creature must have a lifeforce to benefit from this spell. At end of the spell the creature must make a Fort save vs DC 16 or take 2d4 damage.

Know Vulnerabilities 4th Medium Will Partial
Caster picks one creature and knows everything about them. What, if any, its DR, SR, Weaknesses, Immunity’s, Special Characteristics are. If creature makes a Will save then caster only finds out one of the above, casters choice. Cannot penetrate Nondetection or other divination blocking spells. Only tells about that individual, not the species as a whole.

Unsummon 4th Medium No save SR:NO
Unsummons a creature called in by Summon Monster or Summon Natures Ally. Does not work against summon swarm, planar binding, summon fiend, conjure elemental.

Control Summon 5th Medium SR:NO
Takes control over a creature called in by Summon Monster or Summon Natures Ally. Original summoner only gets a save if they are a conjurer specialist.

Force Shapechange 5th Medium 1hour/level Fort 1/2 SR:YES
A creature that is not currently in its natural form must take 3d12 dmg and revert into their natural form and stay that way for 1 hour/level. A successful save means that creature maintains its current form and only takes half damage.

Walking Bomb 5th Medium varies Fort 1/2 and Ref 1/2 SR: YES & NO
Caster must see target and target must be corporeal. Damage is 1d6/level (max 15d6) deals damage at rate of 1die/round/spellcasting mod (So +4 on spellcasting mod = 4d6/round until out of d6) A successful Fort save halves the number of die (round up). If the victim dies before spell expires then victim explodes with force energy doing all die damage (max 15d6) to everyone withen 30’ radius. All victims can make a Ref save for half damage, no SR for this part.

Throbbing Bones 5th Close 1rnd/level Fort negates SR:YES
A creature with an internal skeleton must make a fort save. Failure takes 1d6dmg/rnd and -2 to all rolls. This spell bypasses DR.

Master of Disaster 5th Caster 1round
Two True Strikes , Two Cutting Hands, Two Assassin Strikes all at the same time for 1 round. Hands turn to blades for 1d4 base, +20 to next two attacks, both Hands deal a extra 5d6 SA damage.

Private Sanctum 5th Close 1hour/level
Creates a 40’ by 40’ or 1600 sq feet room. No one outside can see what goes on inside by any means short of True Seeing, Limited Wish or Wish. Prevents teleportation, esp, scrying, clairaudiance, clairvoyance, wizards eye, and similar effects except by caster. Anyone inside the room and see outside normally, caster and leave without affecting spell. Takes 1 minute to cast.

Meteor Strike 5th Far two reflex saves 1/2 SR
Caster must have access to a boulder or piece of rock between 4×4 and 10×10 feet in diameter (roughly a boulder). Must be a rocklike substance not connected to anything of some sort. The rock becomes very hot and flys like a meteor. It does 10d4 blunt damage to anything in its path until it reaches its target or hits a solid object it cant break through, then it explodes in a 10d6 fireball. Both the blunt dmg and the fire damage get saving throws. This is a lower level form of Meteor Swarm.

Summon Carrion Crawler 6th 1rnd/level
Summon 1 carrion crawler for every 6 levels, max 3 at 18th. They have 1 HD per caster level each.

Moving Hold Person 6th Caster 1rnd/level Will negates (special) SR:YES (special) AoE 10’
This spell creates a shimmering pink circle to glow on the ground in a 10’ diameter around the caster. Anyone stepping into this circle must make a Will save or be Held as the Hold Person spell. Any means that makes someone immune to Hold Person makes them immune to this spell. Successfully saving or making a SR check makes the target immune for one round but must make checks and saves every round then are in the area. Once Held, SR no longer helps until a successful save is made. If Held and caster moves away, under effect of normal Hold Person spell. No limit to number of creatures that can be affected, caster can choose to ignore someone if they want (like a friend).

Ray of Gluttony 6th Close Fort negates SR:YES)
Must make ranged touch attack. Causes target to gain alot of weight permanently. Gains 5lbs/level for short creatures, 10lbs/level for medium 20lbs/level for large and it just keeps doubling. Its only 1lb/level for tiny creatures. If the initial roll fails and target gains weight he loses a perm 1dex/2 levels and must make another save or immediately die of a heart attack. This is permanent except for a limited wish or wish (or diet and exercise)

Rusting Grasp 7th Touch 1rnd/level SR:NO
Casters hand looks like rusted metal though it doesnt actually change texture or properties. Caster may make one touch attack per round regardless of normal number of attacks allowed. Works same as 4th level druid spell.

Mulligan 8th (universal) Touch
This spell allows a wizard to try to relearn a spell they had previously failed, which would allow them to continue to get improved versions. The spell component is a gold coin freely given to you by a person who was once very poor. This had to be a act of charity, not services rendered or under duress.


Comfort of Magic Cleric of Healing 6th Caster 20’ 1rnd/ level Will negates SR: YES
This spell causes any spell caster to heal 1point per spell level when casting withen 20’ of the cleric. The cleric themself and anyone of the same faith get 2points/ spell level. The cleric may choose to exclude anyone they choose and this spell can damage undead (hence the save and SR listed).

Delay Death Cleric of Healing or Death 2nd Close 1turn/level
Any creature between 0 and -9 hp automatically stabilizes and stops any bleeding dmg.

Hammer of the Gods 4th Medium 20’ Cleric only Will 1/2 SR YES*
Brings divine wraith of the gods on your opponents. Will save for half damage. Only those that worship the same faith as caster are immune, so friendly fire possible. If fighting worshippers of a god directly opposite casters, no SR allowed.

Bristle Cleric of War 3rd Caster 1rnd/level
Causes a suit of armor to grow spikes and each round of combat before Caster acts, the spikes quickly elongate and attack whomever the Caster is engaged in melee with. The attack bonus is just the Casters level for 2d6 dmg.

Dolorous Blow Cleric of War 3rd weapon touched 1min/level
All possible crits made with the touched weapon during the duration are automatically confirmed. If the weapon is held by a follower of the God of War then the threat range is one better.

Cloak of the Drow Drow Wiz or Cleric of a Drow diety 1st 1turn/level
Underdark item or creature is unaffected by normal or nonmagical light.

Rouges Betrayal Cleric of Protection 5th Caster 1turn/level or until discharged
The next sneak attack on caster instead hits attacker for full damage. Attacker is still going against the casters AC, not his own. Only last for first successful attack. Attacker doesnt have to be a rouge or anyone with sneak attack damage, anyone taking a cheap shot counts.

Luck Cleric of Fortune 5th Touch 1rnd/ 2 levels
Every single roll done by the target is rolled twice, always taking the better result. If target does not worship the deity of fortune, then duration is halved. Clerics of misfortune are immune. Note * If there is only one god of luck then Luck and Unluck Fall in the same category.

Equal the Balance Cleric of Knowledge 4th Medium 1 target Will negates SR: YES
Victim must be a caster of some sort. They must have exactly as many spell levels in inventory as caster levels. If this number is not equal, either too high or too low, then victim takes 1d6 damage for every point difference (max 15d6). So if character with 10 casting levels only has 3 spells left (0 level spells count for nothing) then they take 7d6 points of damage.

Improved Equal the Balance Cleric of Knowledge 7th Medium Will negates SR: YES
Works like the 4th level spell Equal the Balance except the cap is now 20d6. Also they must make another save every round until either a successful saving throw is made, the victim dies, or they manage to achieve a perfect balance of caster levels to spell levels.

Reaving Blades Cleric of Tyranny 4th Medium 2 rounds
This spell needs two black crow feathers which are consumed by the casting. The blades transform into black blades of pure energy. They can attack the round after they are summoned and last for two rounds total. Each round each blade can attack twice for 2d12 + Wis mod damage. The attack is the casters Base Attack Bonus + Wis mod + 6.

Battletide 5th Cleric of Tyranny 30’ centered on caster Save Will negates SR YES
This spell cast haste on the caster and any other follower of the same deity withen 30’ if the caster wishes. It may also cast slow on any creature withen 30’ that is not a follower of the same deity, though they get a save and SR applies.

Unluck Cleric of Misfortune 5th Close 1rnd/ 2 levels Will negates SR:YES
Victim gets a save. If failed then every roll by the victim must be rolled twice, always taking the worse result. Clerics of misfortune are immune. Does not matter who the target worships.

Toughness of Faith: 1st, 4th, and 7th level. Touch 1rnd/level Clerics only.
Grants DR that stacks with any other DR. May only have one version of Toughness of Faith on any one creature at a time. 1st=1point, 4th = 3points, 7th= 5points

Entropic Shield: 1st, 4th, and 7th level. Touch 1round/level Cleric only.
Grants a X% divine miss chance against any physical attack, even elemental. May only have one version of Entropic Shield on any one creature at a time. 1st=10%,4th=30%, 7th=50%. Note this overrides the 1st level Entropic Shield in the PHB.

Helms Protection 4th Close 20’ 1rnd/level 1creature/level
This spell puts all nonchaotic allies in a group protection with extra hit points. Roll 1d10/level (max 15d10). Any damage done to anyone in the group comes off this hp pool first. This spell will not accept a thief of any sort (even non-rogues).

Helms Blessing 6th Personal 1rnd/level
This spell heals the caster 1d8 + 10hp after they take damage from any source. This spell only activates 1/round and only if they took damage that round. It takes place instantly after the first damage that round is dealt. Cannot go above max hp.

Wild Magic

Sorry guys, still a secret.


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