Almost the entire campaign takes place withen Cormyr and I try to stay very cannon. One of the reasons is this: if you want to know something about Cormyr, look it up!

Ok that may be a bit lazy, but alot of writers much more talented then I have already spent countless hours writing up anything you’d want to know about several famous places and people in the Forgotten Realms country of Cormyr. Just remember that the year is from 1356 to 1357, so it has to fit withen this time period. If your source of information doesnt seem to say, then just try to find out if it is before the Time of Troubles or not. If it is, then your most likely good.

There are a few added people and places. Lord Patrick Thistle in Suzail, Kara Calaudra in Tilverton, and Starhawk of the Hullack Forest. But for the most part any information you want on any particular place in Cormyr that appears on the map can be looked up.

A few places cannot however because they are small and I have incorporated them into my campaign. So here is the information on the following places.

Quiet Thunder
Blue Vengeance
Whispering Wind
Planer Sphere
World Serpent Inn

There may be more places to follow and they will be updated as necessary, or as I get around to it. :]


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