Major Deity Goddess of Magic

The current goddess of magic was originally a mortal named Midnight who adventured with Kelemvor (God of the Dead), Ceric (God of Strife), and Adon (High priest of Mysta). She was involved along with the others in returning the Tablets of Fate that were somehow stolen from Everwatch. She had a love relationship with Kelemvor as a mortal that rekindled briefly when they rejoined as gods but Cyric put a stop to that during his trial. She now spends most of her time convincing new mortals to follow her, a difficult task after the devastation of the Time of Troubles, and repairing the damage of that calamity.

She is the fourth being to hold the title of the deity of magic. First was Mystral, who was the third goddess ever created after Selune and Shar, who was killed by Karsus. Karsus was quite possibly the most powerful archmage who ever lived on any planet ever, as he killed a goddess and took her mantle with a single spell, however he could not contain all the power in his mortal form and turned to stone withen seconds of the act. The next was a demigod Mystra, who transferred her powers right before she was killed by Helm during the Time of Troubles. Midnight was granted them by Lord AO himself in his first and only appearance in Fearuns history.


Mystras specialty clerics do not wear armor or use any weapon of any kind. Their weapons and armor are magic. They may use any magic device whether arcane or divine (but not druidic) in nature. They keep two separate list of spells, one arcane that they must study their spellbook for like a mage, and pray for spells like a cleric at dawn. They do not get any bonus spells for either Int or Wis, nor do they get any domain spells and may not specialize as a mage.

Limited on max level of spell cast by Int and Wis per normal. So a 15 Int is needed to cast 5th level magic spells and 15 Wis for clerical.

May not spontaneously cast.


May cast both arcane and divine spells, count as being a equal level caster of both cleric and mage

Metamagic feats and Craft feats taken count for both sets of types of magic.

May turn or rebuke undead normally


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