Lesser Deity of Hunting

Malar is god of the hunt and wild beast. His followers are savage huntsman and woodsman usually more then just a little cruel. Malar believes a hunt should be a challenge and it is an insult to hunt something that cant properly defend itself, run or hide. He is an original god, before Lloth fell from the races of the Seldraine or Gruumsh lost his eye. His history is lost in the antiquity of time. However he is a live for the moment type of personality. Last he is one of the four Gods of Fury.

His specialty clerics are actually druids. They follow normal druid restrictions. They spontanous cast Summon Natures Ally but animals only, not elementals.

They can upgrade their animal companion at 4th level and every even level thereafter. It starts as a CR 1 creature, then CR 2 at fourth, 3 at sixth, etc. If the animal dies the cleric may attempt to call another with a month of prayer and sacrifice.

Bonus for a druid you could use Wildlore as your Stealth and Perception checks if withen your natural terrain (for you that would be jungle). Also your assumed to have the Track feat if withen your natural terrain. This is normal for all druids.

A specialty cleric of Malar gets some other things. First pick three domains from the clerics list and can cast spells from that list as well as get the one extra domain spell per spell level just like all clerics. Pick from Earth,Air, Fire, Water, Death, Healing, Trickery, Darkness, Evil, Sun, Travel, Madness, Luck, Chaos, Freedom, Strength, Destruction.

If you memorize Summon Natures Ally then any animal you summon automatically shows up with Max possible hit points. Elementals roll HP normally.

Any time you roll a Skill check on/against a natural animal you add your level to the roll. This includes Dire,Celestrial,Fiendish versions of the creature as well. As long as the base creature either does or did exist on earth you get this ability. There may be a few exceptions to this rule but they would be very rare.

You can still Turn/Rebuke undead as normal for a cleric.

I dont have any hard in game rules for this yet but normal creatures that are usually hunters you would have a chance at avoiding the encounter or having them join you for a short time. Creatures trained against you (like guard dogs or something) you would have a chance at having them abandon the fight.

Basically normal creatures either are afraid of you or think of you as leader of the pack. Alot of priest of Malar end up going feral and giving up on humanity and civilization altogether. They are that kid raised by wolves sort of thing.


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