These are the goals of the Four Winds that the entire group is aware of. There are other goals that that only some members are planning and yet a third group that the Four Winds are as of yet unaware.

The neogi are still going through an insane amount of trouble to find and capture Arylin Starflower. They have started a almost holy crusade to get her.

Find Atheb Firewine and recover the Purple Crown. Not only will this ease tension between Cormyr and the elven people, but save Talindra Starflowers life. (Note, Talindra Starflower is no longer in danger. Tensions have calmed a bit but the crown still needs to be recovered)

Khelbon the Blackstaff has asked Vangerdhast if he knows anyone with a spelljammer for a “special assignment.” You guys are being asked to volunteer.

For some reason, no one thinks they have seen the last of Thefick Treber.

For some stupid reason, people think they have seen the last of Buserickim Cloudcaster.

Tim the Paladin is hotly looking for CC, claiming he stole something of his.

Thunderholme has been reclaimed. Now can they reclaim Underthunder?

Gramble Sureshot still has a bitter animosity with Arylin Starflower.

Dread Pirate Caspian have sworn vengeance on the Whispering Wind. And apparently they have a Vampire Kraken in their employ.

The Orvaskyte Ruins seem to hold some key from ancient times. Or maybe not so ancient. Plus Sembia seems very interested in them.

The Four Winds hold two of the four lost parts of the ancient Kingsword. Can they find the other two?

The oceans were greatly disturbed……………………. something stirs…….

The neogi are still hovering around Toril, looking for Arylin Starflower.

Damian Mordikis family on his fathers side seems to have an ancient vault but it requires that he finds five worthwhile companions and passes a series of test.

Find out the truth of Damians lost past. And the secret of his weasal familiar Woody.

And somehow, despite all these task ahead of them, deep in the background of the supposed safety of Cormyr. The shadow the Warlock Lord, dead these last four years, hangs over them all.


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