Famous Dead

So far the Four Winds have racked up some impressive kills. Here is a list of some of the big name villians that have fallen.

Name Final Blow Description
Dyspair: Cinders Dragon follower of Shar.
Goreth Stoneeyes: Sunny Son of Kord and Warleader.
Kord the Red Orc King: Bane (twice) King of the orcs.
Ichiro: CC The only human general of the Warlock Lord.
Lavok: Marjul Mad mage of the planer sphere. Past crimes were hideous.
Larissa Sathra’tanage: Damian High Drow Priestess of Lloth.
Gandegar Armstrong: Bane Dwarven mercenary who betrayed his own people.
Longtooth: Ala Powerful orc vampire.
Durpaxtion: Sunny Deadly drow assassin.
The Great Depron Listig: Talindra Green Star Adept artificer for Iron Throne.
Norn Bucklefeet: Sunny A halfling who was more then he seemed.
Lushan: CC A insane Night Mask assassin armed with a very chaotic weapon.
Laplo Rufra: Sunny One of the Four Lords in the Night Mask guild. Lord Diamond.
Ramdagar and Oghilisis Coalfire: Bane/Sunny Father daughter fire giants.
Shaalabhak: Sunny Mind flayer renegade that worked with Dyspair.
Buzzant: Damian A hivemaster druid with a trillion soldiers to fight Cormyr.
Kenowor: Arylin A powerful Gelegun devil general of the Warlock Lord.
Izacharr: Arylin A powerful tiefling devil general of the Warlock Lord.
Shalisa Mordiki: Bane/CC The High Priestess of Loviatar in Sembia, and Damians mother. CC killed her soul in the adamantium golom
Bardabados: Essodren The vampire pirate lord in Westgate.
Chezzago: Damian A titan size hydra from ancient times.
Blibelborrow : Bane A weaker quasi-god from a fling the kua-toa goddess Blibdoolpoolp had with a kraken eons ago.
Dishthinter: Bane A bladeling Thorn. Highest ranked during his time.
Cax’taxtin: Arylin A mutated frogoloth kua-toa crossbreed with strange magical and psionic powers.
Leon Justice: Arylin A deranged celestrial lion with powerful magic.
Earth Lord: Essodren A bizzare earth elemental that healed by contact with earth.
Junthruk: Damian A titan orog of ancient times.
Tyrankalis: Sunny A titan hybrid of neogi and rakshasa. Technically he is trapped, not killed.
Scraz: Essodren A powerful lizardman warrior vying for control of all the tribes.
Slazritheion: Frosttail A Old Red Dragon.
Gazebo: Sunny Fearsome lurking monster of patience.
Alhoon: Sunny A illithid that reached lichhood.
Buserickim Cloudcaster: Sunny/Damian Ambassador from Everske and abjurationist.
Belin Firerock: CC Exiled noble dwarf from Thunderholme.
Caspian: Sunny Long lived pirate lord of Fearun. Ex-Horseman
Yuforoth: Sunny A pit fiend general of the Warlock Lord.
Marjul Derigos: Sunny A kyton bodyguard of the Warlock Lord.
Warlock Lord: Sunny The darker side of Damian Mordiki.

Along the way some good people have died however. Here is a list of the fallen.

Name Final Blow Description
Walzashion Rangeweaver: Suicide Damian’s father, took his own life to thwart Shalissa Mordiki’s plans.
Vivick: Warlock Lord Head ranger of Cormyr, killed on the last day of the Warlock War.
Brulis: Goreth Stoneeyes Zendros brother, killed by Goreth Stoneeyes.
Ormid: Erevis Cale Old mayor of Quiet Thunder, murdered by Night Mask.
Elvetria Shadowstep: Suicide Mentor of Talindra, took her own life to thwart Dyspairs plans.
Gandick: Phamdrick Old storyteller of Quiet Thunder, died by the sickness plague.
Bashif Hammerstriker: Talon Banes father, killed when the Great Fall struck.
Orlenstar Thirton: Erevis Cale Druid of Gods Grove in Wheelon, murdered by Night Mask.
Kami Derigos: Ogre Wife of a tortured man, killed by ogre in small battle.
Dawnmaster Bolob: Buserickim Cloudcaster High priest of Lathander in Suzial, killed for helping “elven” causes.
Damian Mordiki: Tyrankalis Member of the Four Winds. Fortunately Damian got better.
Sunny Underhill: Bane Hammerstriker Killed by trust. Fortunately Sunny got better.
Sunny Underhill: Thefick Treber Killed by a well placed arrow to the head. Fortunately Sunny got better.
Sunny Underhill: Ikidrom Killed by ritualized forced disembowelment. Fortunately Sunny got better.
Damian Mordiki: Suicide A final act of courage and sacrifice to try and save Woody.


Famous Dead

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