The Four Winds

The beggining

Sunny, CC, Zendros, and Shiney all meet each other for the first time in the sleepy village of Quiet Thunder. Zendros was looking for help to investigate the strange plant blight in the area and CC was tracking a group of orcs that came nearby. Sunny seemed happy to join and Shiney had total amnesia. The four became a party that would later become the basis of the Four Winds.

They meet the day before the Harvest Festivale, a local contest done every year to determine the best of the best in certain skills. The Four Winds won the contest and the trophy cup. A minor magical device that would allow healing twice per day. That night however the village was attacked by a scouting party of orcs. CC found signs of Goreth Stoneeyes, son of Kord.

Zendros convinced the party to see his mentor, the great druid Starhawk. Zendros lead the party to the sacred Druid grove in the Hullack Forest. However, other then Zendros, there were no druids to be found. They were all up north trying to find the source of the blight. However Zendros soon learned the great tree itself had a task for them and the Four Winds ventured into the very tree to clean out the corruption. They were successful and were giving a gift of a powerful druid shield which CC ended up possessing.

Party tracked the orcs to Thundergap Fortress, a fortress that was abandoned a few years ago when a white dragon was terrorizing the region. Finding it occupied by orcs they cleared them out and discovered Frosttail. Frosttail was a very young dragon only about five years old. Turns out it was his mother that had been terrorizing the fortress those years ago. She had to stay in Cormyr until she laid her eggs. Once Frosttail was a few years old, she flew off to colder climates. Frosttail was much to young and weak to make the flight, so he stayed behind.

The Four Winds cleared out the fortress and made an allie in the young dragon. They also learned the reason the fortress was so lighty guarded was because Goreth had taken his main force and marched on the now empty Druids grove.

The Four Winds had a druid with them and moved much faster. Knowing they could move faster then an orc horde through an unfriendly forest they quickly returned to Quiet Thunder to inform Ormid, the town mayor. They meet Ala of Tymora and Polk the Teamster while in town. Both of which quickly decided to join the group and head to the druid grove. One proved more helpful then the other.

Goreth meet some local centaurs, treants, and other protecters of the forst that could whittle down Goreth’s numbers and by the Four Winds some time. The group fortified the clearing and laid as many traps and barriers as they could. Near the end, Zendros somehow performed a druidic ritual and fused with the tree itself.

The battle was long and fierce. The Four Winds used every trick and power at their disposal, including their friendship with young Frosttail. But in the end Goreth Stoneeyes died and his horde was crushed. A friendship with the centaur people was forged, although Zendros missed the entire incident as he had slipped into a magic induced coma.

Threat from Sembia

After talking to the local centaurs that came to help, the chieftains son Yarel, puts the unconscious Zendros on his back and helps lead the group back to Quiet Thunder. The chieftain Therin Thunderhooves, will patrol the forest and mop up any survivors of Goreths horde.

Upon reaching Quiet Thunder, the group finds it under attack by orcs. It seems that Gorath left orders to his scouting troops to attack the city should the assault on the druid grove fail. The Four Winds combine their might with the rough Havies brothers and send the orcs packing. Having broken the last of the orcs strength in the region, the town of Quiet Thunder feels much safer and more secure now.

Donny Havies, the youngest of the brothers, comes to Ala about a problem with finances. He has enough money to buy his fiance a great wedding ring or new farm equipment they will need to grow more crops faster. But not enough to do both. Ala comes up with an alternative that has him enter a gambling tournament down in Wheelon, where if he wins he will have enough to do both and more besides. Thats what you get for asking a cleric of luck for advice.

Ormid the mayor ask a favor of the Four Winds. He ask CC to scout the surrounding area and make sure there are no more orcs nearby. He ask the rest to accompany him to nearby Thunderstone to meet with the kings taxman so he can tell him about the recent troubles and hopefully gain soldier reinforcements. As for Zendros, they put him in a farmers basement until he can regain consciousness.

It should also be noted that it was this night, that Shiney and Sunny meet a rather cold character for the first time. Shineys familiar Woody, was less then pleased.

Donny Havies leaves town to the south to enter a tournament. CC heads east to scout, Zendros stays unconscious in Quiet Thunder, and Sunny, Shiney, Polk, and Ala head to Thunderstone to protect Ormid.

The first thing CC does is travel to his small ruined home and bury his wife Kayana and their baby girl. During this time, CC finds traces of orcs fleeing the area, as well as a human coming down from the Thunderpeaks. Following the tracks he meets Tim the Paladin of Torm and Cinders the Hell Hound Pelt. The meeting ends with CC having Cinders and a very upset Tim. This will have far reaching consequences.

Upon reaching Thunderstone Ormid talks to Hurm Thiodor, the clerk of the crown in the city. He says that a mage is scheduled to show up soon and collect all axes for the year as well as hear the annual reports from all the village mayors. However the person that shows up is none other then King Azoun the Fourth himself!! Ormid isn’t sure why the king would show up but he is even more confused by the kings request.

King Azoun ends up asking for volunteers. Young fighting men from the villages. He keeps it private and only tells Ormid what he wants these men to do. Ormid refuses the king, who then angrily teleports away. Ormid then proceeds to drink heavily. Sunny, Shiney, and Ala eventually get him to say what the king wanted.

He wanted men to dress up as Sembians and attack other Cormyrian villages!! He wanted to start a hatred of Sembians to help wiht recruitment. He said it was the lesser of evils and that it had to be done.

While Ormid is explaining this, the mage shows up to collect the taxes. When Ormid ask about the king, the mage claims to have just teleported away from the king less then an hour ago, from back in the palace. Meaning that the real king had been in the palace the whole time.

Realizing they had been talking to a fake, the Four Winds hurry back to Quiet Thunder as fast as they can.

They are too late.

The town is being smashed by a group of warriors dressed in Sembia uniforms. CC shows back up and Zendros regain consciousness during this time. However neither get there in time to stop the slaughter and a entire house fell on top of the basement door Zendros had been in. The Four Winds, led by Porkchop, find Zendros and quickly give chase to the riders. With CCs excellent tracking they find a group of about twenty Sembians gathered in a field with a mage. The mage opens a teleportation portal and the riders start going through.

The Four Winds try to intercept and manage to take on the last couple of soldiers. They dont get any verbal information by they do find a symbol that they later identify as the Iron Throne trading coster.

They return to Quiet Thunder to report what they learned and help the villagers. Ormid calls in Gandrick, Father Feldis, and the Four Winds to council him as they decide if they should rebuild or move to Thunderholme until the problem is dealt with. The eventually decide to move the citizens to Thunderstone. The Four Winds will accompany them and then find a way to send word to the king that the attacks are not actually the fault of Sembia.

However that night Ormid is murdered in his sleep and a domino mask left on his corpse. Most recognize it as the calling card of the Night Mask, a powerful thieves guild in Westgate. They learn a young man named Erevis Cale had been in town asking about an Atheb Firewine. The young man was gone the next morning and it was thought he was the assassin. Sunny Underhill took possession of the mask which turned out to be enchanted. Though why an assassin would leave such a valuable item behind as a calling card wasn’t really clear.

Also that morning Tim the Paladin showed up in Quiet Thunder and ended up taking over the duties of leading the citizens to Quiet Thunder. CC stayed out of sight while he was in town.

So instead of leading the citizens they started to make there way to the capitol of Suzail. A fierce winter storm hit, stronger then any of the storms so far, and drove them to seek shelter in a hidden orcish stronghold they stumbled across. While exploring the small dungeon, they found information on a Shrine of the Eye that apparently was well hidden to the north, right next to the small halfling village of Thunderferry.

Deciding Thunderferry would also need to be informed, the group made a slight detour. They learned that the halflings were having problems of their own. Apparently wolves lead by a winter wolf (a creature not normally found in this climate) have been attacking the town. The group manage to track the wolves down, despite conflicting information between the ranger and druid as to where the wolves were. And the party got to see that Zendros was quite violent with wolves, druid oath not withstanding.

After helping out the group went to purchase supplies, Shiney meet an enterprising halfling merchant named Eltibald Lastlight but decided against investing his money. The group traveled from there to a hidden shrine of Temple of the Eye. An interesting shrine because it praised both Correlion Latherion and Grumnsh. This shrine seemed dedicated to the eternal struggle between orcs and elves. After solving some riddles the party took on the test of the eye. They handled the intelligence and combat test easily enough, but failed to overcome the physical obstacle test. Despite this CC ended up with a elven sword that seemed to respond more to his elven blood.

After returning to Thunderferry they hear news of more hamlets being attacked by Sembian troops and quite a few locals are infuriated. The small eastern lands of Cormyr are more then willing to go to war against Sembia at this point. Though why the Iron Throne would want to start a war is unknown. They also hear of an adventuring competition taking place down in Wheelon.

Figuring that Wheelon, the biggest city they would have visited so far, would be a great place to inform a higher ranking official about the bogus charges against Sembia, the group heads down there. They move even faster when Polk claims he will have to find another group to tutor.

Meeting Talindra

The group arrives in Wheelon and immediately get caught up in the commotion. Dozens of adventuring company’s are in attendance, for more then are going to compete. This is a get together for adventurers and a socializing center. Lord Patric Thistle is in attendance to oversee the competition. All rooms are booked but CC and Zendros make friends with Orlenstar Thirton, the druid in charge of Gods Grove in Wheelon. One of the few druids not up north fighting the blight. Orlenstar lets them stay in the Gods Grove, which is an honor since they are the only ones. He also promises to guard their equipment while they compete, since nothing is allowed to be taken inside.

The group competes and they meet again with Tim the Paladin, who has formed his own Adventuring Group called the Golden Gauntlets. He is furious with CC when he sees him again but CC is not wearing Cinders and the paladin has no proof. Tim demands that the ranger turn him over or there will be Torm himself to pay. CC shrugs him off and a enmity is formed.

Going on to compete the group needs to come up with a official name to enter the roster as well as finally fill out a charter. They do so and officially become known as the Four Winds. Although there were technically five of them since Polk found his way on the charter. They pay the charter price and pay the entrance fee.

They are very competitive and do quite well in the course, but failing to finish the last obstacle they fall from first to fifth. To make it worse, the Golden Gauntlets win the contest. However the celebration is short lived as during the after party, Lord Patric Thistle makes a emergency announcement. Word had just reached him (magically) that Tilverton was soon to be under attack and under siege. Tilverton was not technically part of Cormyr, but they were right on the northern border and calling for aid. The army was already being mobilized but it is known that adventures could move faster. Most of the adventurers immediately sent out north, whether out of duty or out of adventure itself, who could say.

A noble by the name of Damaris Rowanmantle receives word from his home of Tilverton that his son was kidnapped. Greatly worried he ask around the adventures and offers 300 gold pieces to whomever will protect him and escort him directly home. The Four Winds are just one of three companys to accept his offer and they all travel by ship up to Tilverton.

Getting there after the orcs have broken through the siege and are in the town itself is chaos. The Four Winds arrive in the thick of the fighting and start escorting Damaris to his house, Rowanmanor. Along the way they end up fighting skirmishes of orc warriors and learn that these orcs are much better armed and trained then the ones they fought in Quiet Thunder. The other two groups get swept away in the fighting. Still they arrive at Rowanmantle and find it one of the biggest buildings still standing.

But not without its fair share of hits. It looked like a few stray siege weapon shots had hit it and there was a group of orcs trying to break in and loot the place. Rowanmantle had good security and his guardsman were holding a solid line but it was close to breaking. The Four Winds arrived and attacked from the flank, sparing the mansion from harm.

The rest of the night is described in the Story Section section for each individual. But the next morning Damaris calls them all in and ask them to search for his lost son. He gives them what information he can. He also tells them that Kord the Red Orc King himself was never in attendance in last nights battle and it is believed that he never came to Tilverton. Damaris is worried that the entire siege is only a feint for something else, though he has no idea what.

Following the information they have, the Four Winds soon learn that the young Rowanmantle was part of a adventuring company comprised completely of young Tilverton nobles. They were young and thought that banding together they could unite Tilverton itself. However they had yet to do anything more then purchase supplies and had never gone out to adventure. This apparently was going to be their first and they had picked a big target, they had set out to kill Kord.

During their investigation the group meets Talindra Starflower, who joins up with them. Figuring that an elven swords-woman, archer, spellcaster was bound to be very useful in a fight.

Meeting Bane, killing Kord

After meeting up with Talindra and heading out to find the missing nobles of Tilverton, they quickly find the route to Xul Jerak, the fortress home of Kord the Red Orc King. The party meets a talking raven near the outskirts which they quickly realize belongs to Kara Calaudra, a moon elf wizard and one of the missing nobles. The raven quickly becomes attached to another caster, the half elf Shiney, who now has a raven and weasel on his shoulders.

The team stealthily sneak into the fortress and disable the guards. During this time they discover signs that alot of the weapons and armor of the orc army were supplied by the Iron Throne.

The Four Winds make their way further into the fortress, killing or evading guards as they go. Talindra proved her worth in combat again by killing the wyvern with a well placed arrow through the eye! In the main throne room the group discovers that this band of orcs worships Yutrus much more then Grumnsh, the traditional god of orcs. A huge statue of Yutrus with a large ruby in one eye is put in a place of honor in the center of the throne room. The ruby was cursed that any non orc touching it would be plagued by the gods, but by the luck of halflings, the Four Winds were able to remove it.

They discovered tanureeks, a breed of devil orcs as well. After a poorly executed plan by Zendros, the party ended up resting up in a magical demiplane provided by Shiney. Several sections of the Story Section deal with this time period.

After coming back out fully rested and recovered, the group head on to stop a bizarre ritual that was designed to bring Yutrus fully to this plane of existence. The Four Winds charged the room, killing Kord and his elite guards in a brutal fight. They freed the Tilverton nobles, their friend Ala (who had been kidnapped when Thunderferry was destroyed, after the Four Winds left it) and a dwarf named Bane Hammerstriker.

After freeing the nobles, Bane, and their friend Ala, the group explored through the fortress and into the Thunderpeaks themselves where they found a pool of pure putrid magic. Zendros waded into the pool and forced the evil magic back into the avatar statue so that it could be sealed up. However due to the fact that the gem had been removed, there was a leak in the statue. The very essence of putridness started leaking through the fortress. The Four Winds continued on unaware.

A few miles further they figured it out. They stumbled onto a cavern of a great red wyrm. The giant dragon was curious about them and only demanded a tribute of everything they owned to not be eaten. Before the dragon could collect the tribute however the mountain shuddered. Soon chunks of earth were falling all around. The great red dragon would not give up its amazing horde without a fight however and pushed his back up to support the weight of millions of pounds of stone.

Seeing an exit on the far side that lead to daylight, the Four Winds dashed towards it. Sunny stayed behind to cut a large red dragon scale off the great creature (who was in no position to stop him) and ended up tobogganing down the mountain along with a landslide.

Zendros got blown clear off the mountain and a hundred feet out into the open air, only his ability to shapeshift into a bird saved him. The others ran out the cave and immediately turned, hugging the sides.

The entire group lived through the ordeal and slowly made their way back to Tilverton, where they were all rewarded by the various noble familys. The group stays to rest for a time when a message arrives for Zendros. It is from Yarel and is asking for him and his friends to please come help.

After being rescued by the Four Winds, and determined to find the Iron Throne for reasons he doesn’t discuss, Bane Hammerstriker joins the Four Winds. Talindra and CC get separated, but Polk points out that they cant get in much trouble in a city recently freed by siege, they head off without them and tell them to catch up. Ala stays behind to help the many wounded.

See Story Section for what happened to CC and Talindra during separation.

The next part is covered in Fire Giant Recap and tells how the party meets up with Zena of the Lightningpeaks. This fills out the Four Winds Roster to eight.

This session ends where the recap ends, with the party entering, and subsequently leaving, the Vast Swamp.

Fall asleep, get a hammer

After returning from the swamp and reuniting with Talindra and CC, the group head back to the Druid Grove in the Hullack Forest. Zendros has manage to acquire the items needed for his goal of turning into a true shifter. Along the way however they see a large angry black dragon flying right at them. Not nearly as big as the red that died in the Thunderpeaks, but the group doesnt have a shaking mountain to save them this time.

The dragon turns out to be a female named Dyspair. She seems to have trouble entering the Hullack Forest itself, it seems the forest protects its own. But she hovors right out side the tree line screaming curses and promising pain and retribution for the stealing of her dead child. Finally she gives up for now and retreats back to her lair in the swamp.

Continuing on, the group arrives at the Druid Grove where Zendros undergoes a strange druid ritual that turns him into a shifter. He ceases to be an elf and now is the same as a doppelganger. He also leaves behind the name he carried for over a hundred years and becomes Talon.

The group is asked to deliver a message to a ranger station in Arabel. The group agrees and does so. However upon leaving they stumble across a treasure map. Following the map they head north just over a day to a rather ordinary looking rock. using some clever techniques they manage to discover that there is a long forgotten dungeon beneath this rock. They quickly see they are the first living creatures to be here in centuries.

The group explores the dungeon, which has some undead dangers as well as ancient traps that are still deadly. They find a chapel to Oghma, god of knowledge as well as an ancient lich. The group manage to appease the lich and it departs this world with peaceful look on its face. It leaves behind a book for each adventurer. Before leaving the group discover a secret door behind the chapel that contains a dagger made out of solid gold. The group later learn this is Deathsend, a dagger that is one of four parts to the ancient Kingsword, a ancient relic of Cormyrs past that is known only to sages.

Bane is so tired by this discovery that he finds an old couch and goes to sleep. He sleeps so long that he completely misses the ensuing ambush that his friends have to fight. Turns out the treasure map was put in their hands so that hey would clear out the dungeon, but a group from Sembia called the Puppetmasters, tries to kill them and loot their corpses when they leave.

Bane wakes up later to find that he is giving a dwarven throwing hammer as his share of the loot of a fight he wasnt even there for. Oh well, what are the odds that hammer will really ever come into play?

Murdered at his own Party

After leaving the dungeon with a new hammer, dagger, and reading material, the party take it easy for a little while and take a calm relaxing boat ride down to Suzail where they have been invited for the kings birthday. Originally the party was full, but the Puppetmaster group never returned their RSVP so a spot opened up. After the mandatory near death encounter with a titanic squid creature, the group arrived in the capitol.

The party did some shopping around, researched a few things in the library and eventually made their way to Thistleflame Manor, home of Lord Patrick Thistle, in charge of the adventuring chartering deployment of Cormyr. The party went off fine, despite Polk, Lord Rhyn Mournsoul, and saving the life of the bard Mendryll Brandyfire. Poor CC learned he had indeed lost a bet made with fellow ranger Rickard Steelshield and started to grow a beard as only a young half elf can. Until everyone was accused of murder. It seems someone killed Lord Patrick Thistle in his sleep after the party.

After some brilliant detective work by a solider named Ravenheart, they narrowed the list of suspects pretty much down to the Four Winds group. The Four Winds had to do some of their own detective work to prove their innocence. While it is remotely possible that one or two of the Four Winds group could have done something illegal in the past, they were innocent of this particular crime.

They eventually found it to be the work of the Emerald Swords lead by Gandegar Armstrong, a known and wanted felon from Thunderholme. Turns out the murder was misinformed as it was a doppelganger that was killed and Patrick Thistle had just been kidnapped and left in his family crypt. The Four Winds cleared their name and saved a high lord at the same time. Not to mention finding the Seal of Iron on one of the Emerald Swords. The Seal of Iron was yet another piece of the Kingsword that had been missing for years. The Four Winds “forgot” to include the seal in their report to the Purple Dragons. It should be noted that Bane cut the beard off of Gandegar and earned his eternal wraith, as this was the gravest insult a dwarf could do.

The next day Lord Patrick Thistle calls them in to congratulate them on a well done mission. He ask if they are willing to take on another assignment and mentions the Church of Mystra being built in Wheelon. The group saw the church being built when they passed through and it looked like it still had at least a year of construction to go, that wasn’t even counting the incredibly fierce winter that had assaulted the region. But apparently using magic the church was already up, running, and causing concern. Thistle ask the group to go examine it. He happened to mention the name of Elvetria Shadowstep

Talindras former mentor whom she had not seen in four years. Talindra agrees to take the case and apparently speaks for the whole group.

But other matters came first, and that was the assault on the Iron Throne. Bane found out that the Iron Throne had a headquarters right there in Suzail and asked the group to accompany him while they went to have a “chat.”

When the group arrived they found that the entire headquarters was packing up. Apparently all the bad press the Four Winds had spread about them to the authority had paid off and the trading coster was heading out of town. Bane didnt want to miss his chance to hear their side of the story and listened patiently as he began a one man killing spree.

Most of the rest of the party joined him except for Talindra who randomly, wildly, chaotically, went to get the cops for help. She made it to Thistleflame Manor and informed Lord Thistle what was going on and to send the Purple Dragons. Then she borrowed a horse and rushed back to the compound.

Where the rest of the group was already on the second story throwing guards over the balcony. The place was amazingly well armed for people who were supposedly moving out. The group was on the third story by the time Talindra physically caught back up with them. Despite Bane asking as politely as he could, no one would stop screaming and dieing enough to give him a straight answer as to why they sabotaged his peoples metal and doomed them to a mountain tomb.

Arriving on the fourth floor they meet the bigwigs. Four members that were in charge of this chapter and three people from the other. Winksi Perorate an older wizard, Rietler the head of the Iron Throne, and a little boy about ten that was simply called Kovaras. Winksi teleported Rielter and the boy away after activating the command word to the Stone Goloms to kill every living creature they could find. He didnt make an exception for his fellow Iron Throne coworkers.

Sure enough the stone warriors went on. One of the Iron Throne high ups went splat by the guardian statue. Another sought mercy by the Four Winds and went splat by Banes hammer. The third made it to the roof.

The battle was long and hard fought. Talindra learned that the diamond dagger could slice the stone warriors like soft butter ……. if she was chaotic enough to use it. She also learned not to step between a golom and its druid when she tried to help out Talon. After the battle the Four Winds tried to question the only remaining member of the Iron Throne but Banes hammer slipped ….. twice. And there was no one left to talk to. They did learn through investigation that there was a fourth member of the Iron Throne that had manage to get away. A man named Phamdrick that was apparently in charge of the Underbelly dealings the Iron Throne had with any thief or assassin groups. He is still at large.

They went to explore the basement and found it is where the Iron Throne put prisoners they wanted to keep alive for later. They freed a couple of Banes clansman and Bane learned that almost a thousand dwarves got out of Thunderholme and where trying to live on the surface, but the brutal winter wasnt making it easy. They found a Purple Dragon soldier with a foul mouth, and Dony Havies. He had come to accuse the Iron Throne and made the mistake of not telling anyone where he was going. Also down here was a heavily locked and trapped room that contained alot of very illegal or odd items. The most extreme of which was a globe of absolute destruction that floated in the middle of the room. They also found a strange obsidian globe with alot of gem flakes attached to it in a random pattern and a stump of wood that seemed to be a crude map.

The Purple Dragons arrived then and the Four Winds were quickly found innocent. Rash, foolhardy, but innocent. Patrick Thistle personally speaks on their behalf and bumps up their charter to level 1 clearance, allowing them to buy previously unattainable items.

As they finish preparing for a boat journey to Wheelon they finish up a few task. Some had research to do about a few things found on the journey, Zena passed up the deal of a lifetime by Eltibald Lastlight, and Sunny ended up selling the diamond dagger.

The group gets on the ship and departs for Wheelon. The storms die down and winter gives a slight break and it seems like smooth sailing. Until the flying ship of death hungry space monsters showed up.

A spelljammer of Githyanki show up and demand to have Starflower. However they are looking for Arylin, Talindras little sister! A battle ensues and the party faces psionics for the first time. It sends Shiney, Zena, Porkchop, and Talon almost a mile inland and separated from the party.

The remaining Four Winds manage to fight them off, thanks to the brave efforts of the two most valuable members, Polk and Woody. The ship barely manages to limp into port. Hoping to catch a break and get some healing, the group rest a day to prepare them to see what is going on at the temple of Mystra and what has become of Elvetria Shadowstep.

Tearing of the Weave

The party, well half of them at least, examine the temple of Mystra and soon find that all is not as it seems. After some investigation (and a incident in a public shower that several members vowed never to speak of again) the party learns the temple is a fake and actually a temple dedicated to Shar. Using a minor artifact called the Starry Gnosis the priest try to hypnotize the party into becoming docile slaves. It seems the temple is interested in any supplicants they can get, especially those with magical aptitude.

The Four Winds overthrow the compulsion and clean out the false temple, including the hidden dungeon underneath it. They learn that the hypnotized slaves are going to to someplace called The Last Refuge, which lies somewhere in the Vast Swamp. Luckily they have a map. They also learn that the god Bane is somehow involved.

The party reunites after the temple incident and heads to the swamp. They meet a tribe of lizardman called the Sharptooth tribe and learn about quite a number of their people and other tribes missing. They even joined forces with their natural enemies, the Blackscale and Poison Dusk tribes to try and survive. Any lizardman, regardless of tribe that gets caught by the followers of Shar turns into some kind of magic draining undead called the Shadowscales. While talking to the temporary chieftain they are attacked by the shadowscales and a floating Grell.

The four winds take on the undead lizards while Sunny tries his luck at riding a Grell. In the end they win the battle and are shown the way to the Last Refuge. They are asked to look for their lost shaman and chieftain Gathen.

They explore the Last Refuge and meet a couple of shadowdemons, possessed mages, crazed Half dragon daughter of Dyspair, and even a evil shadow druid. Despite all obstacles, and Bane getting so lost he wandered into another plane of existence, the Four Winds over come all obstacles and free the prisoners. Gathen however decides that his worth will never be restored until he has personally killed Dyspair. So he joins up.

The party travels through the portal (Bane for the second time) and now fight there way through the Vast Swamp from the Shadow Planes perspective. A good rendition is done by Sunny Underhill in the Shadow Swamp Recap basically it ends with the Four Winds traveling through a portal to a different area of the Shadow Plane.

The different area turned out to be several floating islands miles in above the ground. Actually the group was just assuming the ground was there since none could see it. They were not there for long when Dyspair herself showed up, looking a bit different from last time. She had covered herself with glowing black (yes black can glow) runes. She promptly caught Talon, who tried to fly away in a little black dragon form and put one of her runes on him by carving it into his chest with her talon. Then she surprisingly dropped Talon back among the group and flew away. Why Dyspair was letting them go so easy was a little mysterious, but the group didnt argue.

The group had to fight there way through each one of the islands and it quickly became apparently what the rune did. After every battle ended, the rune would flash and Talon would lose all memory of what just happened. He couldnt remember a thing about the fight (he couldn’t get xp) so he couldnt learn from the experience.

Polk and Gathen leading, the lizardman proved why he was the chieftain and survived almost all the way up to the fight with Dyspair, dieing to a powerful Demon right before the final showdown. Along the way the group meet a mind flayer that apparently Zena had meet before. A alternate version of the fight is written in the Alternate Universe Recap. But it ended wiht Shaalabhak free falling down into the mist with two tentacles cut from his face and frostburn searing the left side.

But Dyspair was another matter altogether. The group found three prisoners captured and put in cages that were powering some sort of device. One of the prisoners was Elvetria Shadowstep. Shadowy images of the prisoners came out and fought the Four Winds and Shiney learned how bad it was to be stabbed by a experienced spellthief. The group did note that Dyspair fought from a distance and used hampering spells, not harming ones.

Talindra tried to save her mentor but Bane put his hammer through the shadowy image. This released the shadows hold on her and Elvetria regained control of her body once again. She smiled as winked at Talindra and willed herself to die, as only elves can do.

With Elvetrias life essence no longer available to power the machine, it starts to fail and the islands start to fall. However it is Dyspair who has the last laugh. Apparently with Bane killing Elvetrias shadow, he unknowingly completed another ritual that would allow Dyspair to enter the Fane of Shadows. A mysterious place full of dark power. It seemed that Dyspair and Shar had a backup plan. Either the ritual would succeed and they would tear a hole in the Weave above the Vast Swamp and allow shadow magic to rule. Or they would fail and Dyspair could enter the Fane of Shadows to become a goddess by Shars side.

The Four Winds would need to find a way to enter the Fane of Shadows themselves and stop her once and for all. But first they needed not to day on the Shadow Plane. Once the ritual was broken however, Mystra could send an avatar to the group and protect them, which is exactly what she did. Neither Shar nor Dyspair had counted on the group receiving divine intervention.

Upon placing the group safe and sound back on the Prime Material Plane, just a few days outside of Selgaunt in Sembia. She has a talk with all the Four Winds individually. All this is covered in the Story Section In addition she takes Talindra under her wing and allows her to complete her wizard training basically in a time bubble. Every year for her was a second to the party, so it seemed to only take he sixteen seconds although Talindra had lived through every day of the sixteen year time gap.

The reason Mystra dropped them off outside of Selgaunt is she had made a barain with Bane to help him by protecting his people and getting his vengeance. The Iron Throne headquarters was in Selgaunt and Bane knew they had a date with his hammer.


The group heads into Selgaunt by various means, Talons being the most interesting (see Story Section ), but eventually manages to all meet up. The group buys rooms at an inn at exorbitant prices due to the problems withen the city and the massive overcrowding. Then Bane gets into a bar fight that wrecks half the inn and the group is forced to pay even more at another place. Luckily they waited until after Banes second bar fight and he was arrested before purchasing their second inn.

Shiney talked to a young woman about news of her father out near Amn on the Sword Coast, Talon tries to seduce Sunny but it doesnt end up so well, and Zena manages to not be arrested along with her companion in bar demolition. After Bane sleeps it off in jail and pays a massive bail, the group investigate the temple of Oghma that Mystra sent them to about the Fane of Shadows.

In the temple of Oghma in Selgaunt they meet a Chosen of Oghma, possibly the only chosen. A man named Sephris who is obsessed with mathematics. He uses them in every answer and sees everything as a math equation. It seems there is nothing in the universe he doesnt know or cannot solve. He looks at the obsidian orb the Four Winds obtained from the Iron Throne of Suzail and quickly discerns its purpose. It is a key to the Fane of Shadows and even says when it will appear. All the individual gem flecks represented stars and planets in the night sky. He could look at all of them and mathematically figure out the next time the sky would match up exactly to what the globe showed.

He also answered a question for each member, but he answered it in mathematics and its quite possible noone understood their answer. Talindra thought hers had something to do with her sister, Zena with her brother and their negative contributor, Sunny had something to do with infinity, Talon would have to take his thousands and reduce them down to one, Shiney was only half of one, and Bane something about his hammers potential and his negative father (negative in life terms, not disposition).

Of everyone, CC understood his the clearest. His father was very close. Sephris even gave him exact coordinates which turned out to be less then two miles away. Quickly consulting a sextant from the church, the group determined the coordinates to be the exact address of the Iron Throne headquarters of Seglaunt. Everyone remembered Sephris strange expression that seemed his reason to explain all things. 2 + 2 = 4.

They eventually go in through the sewers and find a group of vampire spawn guarding the way!! Pretty tough security for a trading merchant company! They manage to sneak into the compound and Bane goes all dwarf up in their grill. Underthunder represent!

Winksi Rietler and the child manage to get away. The head of security is none other then an infamous general of the Warlock Lord named Ichiro that the group manages to bring down, CC getting the last blow with the dagger Deathsend. They soon learn that Ichiro had retained all of his infernal powers. It should be noted that Polk distracted Shiney in the floor below so that Shiney and Ichiro never meet.

After Banes questioning tactics, the group finds out very little from prisoners. Other then butlers fly as good as secretaries when hit with flung warhammers. The group does figure out that the Iron Throne seems to have a secret worship of Bhaal, god of murder. The child’s real name was reversed and is Saravok, apparently son of the god of murder himself. The Iron Throne poisoned the iron of the dwarves trying to create a formula so they could promote a war between Cormyr and Sembia. They were trying to fulfill a prophecy of Alaundo the Sage about the spawn of Bhaal.

But the three members had to retreat to somewhere far in the west and the ones that remained behind were to be dealt with. Reitler was the one in charge of day to day operations and he fled. Ichiro, head of security was killed. That left two others. Longtooth a orc vampire that handled the underbelly operations and Thefick Treber, CCs father and a ranger in charge of scouting operations and news of the outlaying areas. Also was a barbarian from Zenas clan with greenish skin.

The group went down to take them on and Thefick immediately used a portable hole to get away. But CC and Talindra were quick and right on his heels. The rest of the party attacked Longtooth. The vampire was quite tough and drained the life force of both Talon and Bane, but with Shineys help, they manage to get him to retreat to his coffin. Zena took ok her one time clansmen and dropped him.

The group couldn’t get to where Longtooth had retreated but they did free a group of dwarves that had come to complain about what happened to Thunderholme. They had been kept prisoner to build an escape tunnel beneath the city to outside. Rietler thought they would need it once the food hunger went on a bit longer. The tunnel was nowhere near complete but they had plenty of explosives they had been using in minor doses to help them dig faster.

With Banes advice they set up the charges in one big bang around the buildings support structures and rigged the charges to blow. Hoping that CC and Talindra were far away, they set the charges and ran out the door.

Where they were meet by the Scepters, the police patrol in the country of Sembia. They were stopped and questioned. But that didnt last long because of a huge explosion that rocked half the city. As everyone took shelter of raining pieces of Iron Throne the group was arrested and hauled off to jail.

CC and Talindras adventures are covered in the Story Section

The rest of the Four Winds were found guilty of murder, breaking and entry, and international espionage. They were sentenced to hang. Sure enough they found themselves on the gallows, though minus CC and Talindra. But when the lever was pulled and the trap door dropped, the rope snapped! All the members fell through the hole where a priest of Oghma was waiting. The place had been erected near a sewer grate and the whole group climbed in. They were still all attached by ankle chains so they were forced to stay together.

The group ran through the sewers in a twisting maze. Bane and Sunny were ok but the rest had to duck to move. Poor Zena was almost bent in two trying to move in the tight spaces. They eventually came up several blocks away where a crate with priest robes had been stashed. The group each got a robe and timed it perfectly as a religious procession passed by. In fact it was a religious procession of Oghma! The coincidences were staggering.

The group fell in with the rest of the priest, who seemed to be expecting this as they made way to let them in the center. They walked at a slow steady pace that the chain gang adventuring group could easily keep up. At the end of the march they ended in front of the church of Oghma where Loremaster Cantos gave a stirring speech about the enlightenment of the thinking person. After the speech was over, the peasants went back to their homes and the acolytes went into the church. From there Cantos had their chains removed and they were once again sent in to see Sephris.

Sephris explained (in mathematical terms) that the whole thing had been arranged for them to escape. Six years ago he had someone put a chemical in the plants that would eventually be used to create the rope that was to hang them. The chemical weakened the ropes so that any amount of force would break them. Since it was done at such and early stage (six years prior) none suspected anything. He also had manage to convince the city to put another sewer grate below the gallows so collect any blood in case of a fight. Again this had been years previous. Turns out he even started the yearly religious pilgrimage for the simple reason that the Four Winds would need it on this day.

He had foreseen everything that had happened years before the Four Winds had even meet and accounted for every possibility. He even had a follower become a Scepter and get the position of evidence keeper. Which he proved when Viz, the man in charge of holding evidence of convicted felons, came in the room with several chest containing all the groups equipment.

The Four Winds wondered why they were so special and Sephris seemed surprised. In truth he was preparing for hundreds of people at all times. He had just sent out a acolyte to give a child four blocks over some food and a kitten because in fifteen years that girl would remember this kindness and help another little girl who in turn twenty years after that, would become a great paladin and save the town of Ravens Bluff. And it didnt end there, there was someone in Ravens Bluff that would be saved and in turn do great important things on their own. Sephris was involved in a thousand designs stretching a thousand directions for a thousand years. And he was keeping up with every one of them.

They could tell however that the powers of divinity in a mortal form were taking there toll. Sephris couldn’t talk in a mathematical format and his hands couldn’t stop writing equations, even when he slept, which was rare.

However he had already established contact with the Blue Vengeance which would lead the Four Winds back to Cormyr where they were needed back at the church of Mystra.

The church snuck the Four Winds out dressed as followers and along the way Sunny ended up running into Dony Havies and saving his life from a food riot. They took Dony with with them aboard the Blue Vengeance. They all went aboard hoping this time would be the one that they finally went on a ship without having problems.

Stopping Storms

The group sailed out on the Blue Vengeance , fought a group of sahugin, arrived in Wheelon, fought a shadowy avatar of Dyspair, and promptly meet up with CC and Talindra. A little more detailed version can be found on the Scardie Cat Dwarf Recap

After meeting back up with the group they got a little information about big events happening in Thunderstone. The group decided to head up that direction, bringing Dony Havies with them.

The weather was completely miserable. Summer should have started by now, but there was at least three feet of snow on the ground. Spring had been skipped completely and even the most ignorant person knew something was wrong at this point. Blizzard cold and gailing winds were quite common across the entire region. Still the Four Winds pushed through and up to Thunderstone.

Arriving in Thunderstone they dropped off Dony Havies, restocked with Father Feldis and Shanger, and got the local news. Apparently there was trouble in Cloudside, the town that the dwarves and barbarian people had built together to ward off the weird weather. There were conflicting reports about which side started what argument, but everyone agreed that neither were getting along and supplies were running out.

The group also got wind from Mendryll Brandywine of a strange dungeon that had appeared nearby with a group of adventures from Zhentil Keep in the area. They were asked by Hurm Thiodor to check it out. The group did so and found the dungeon randomly teleported people to different places as soon as you stepped through the doorway. They were each given a small red token (apparently by magic as it appeared in their hands) and told that this would grant them the ability to summon two of their allies to their aid. Also they might grant a tiny bonus in knowledge (xp) if they went through the dungeon without using them.

Of course they all hung onto the tokens for dear life, sacrificing health and safety for the promise of this pitiful reward. The dungeon contained some very rare and unique treasure however. A Elixir that could restore a corpse to life, a suit of plate mail that would alter size and weighed no more then regular clothing, and a Rod of Magic that allowed a caster to cast two spells at the same time. Also ended up with a very chaotic diamond pendant from Tork Shason Kinifyen, the same man who once owned the diamond dagger.

During the exploration there was a oiled womans wrestling match quickly followed by a “fun with science chemistry hour”. Where Talindra, armed with just enough knowledge to be dangerous, aided by a barbarian and a shapeshifting druid who couldnt tell phosphoric chloride from a hole in the ground, messed around and made some potions.

The dungeon seemed to be places as some sort of monument to Tork and was constantly filled with strange traps, weird monsters, and odd riddles.

Having finished it however the group went on to Cloudside where Bane and Zena tried to talk some sense into the dwarves and barbarians. Zena did ok but Banes diplomacy was less then ideal. However he did better then CC who was chased away with crossbow bolts fired after him. And Frosttail had been making a nuisance of himself, killing cattle, roaring in the middle of the night, and trying to throw ice chunks from very high distances at little peoples heads. Talon shifted into a white dragon form and went to talk to him.

The group lost track of Talon and after cooling down the residents of Cloudside, went to the Hullack Forest trying to find Starhawk in the druid grove to see if there was anything that could be done about this eternal winter. It was during this trip that the Fury Storm

hit. The ferocity of this storm could be felt over 200 miles in every direction.

After the storm the group is rejoined by Talon and they head back to Cloudside to see how the dwarves held up. They learn that the storm missed them completely, even the landslide. The dwarves praised Moradin, the barbarians Talos, but the Four Winds secretly thought it was Mystra. Though unpopular with both barbarians and dwarves, she had made a deal with Bane and seemed to be honoring it. The group was rejoined by Ala and the group made camp for the night at Cloudside. Bane and Ala stayed with the dwarves, the rest outside with the Lightningpeaks. Talindra made a great friend of TuDoren, leader of the Lightningpeaks, when she gave a powerful Orcslaying shortsword.

That night however both groups were attacked by vampire orcs. Lots of vampire orcs. More then fifty of the undead came out and attacked the two camps, bringing swarms of bats and packs of wolves with them. The group jumped up and help defend the attack.

Normally attacking camps of armed dwarves or barbarians is crazy. Much better to attack peasants or farmers. But the vampires were immune to most of the warriors weapons and charmed the defenders into killing their allies. Including Zena unfortunately. Bane would have suffered a similar fate but Ala was there to help. The orcs were lead by none other then Longtooth. The vampire was fast and powerful, but no match for Ala’s holy faith. She blasted him to dust. Most vampires either retreated or where turned gaseous and had to flee. The fled back up the mountain to their hidden crypts.

CC tracked the wolves back to where the vampires came from and put stakes in the hearts of all vampires they found. They even found a hidden cave where the barbarian warrior with green skin had stayed when alive. Talindra found a journal that seemed to be related to the strange piece of wood the group had found in the Iron Throne compound in Suzail along with a small amount of Starmetal.

The group returned victorious and rested again in Cloudside. After leaving the temporary city they went back to Thunderstone to see how that small area had survived the storm. It was during this trip they came across the Emerald Blades lead by Gandegar Armstrong. The group set up a ambush and manage to take out the high powered group fairly easily. Gaining some powerful items in the process and getting justice for all the wrongs Gandegar had committed.

The group arrived in Thunderstone and found that the city was both good and bad. Good that the city was unharmed by the storm, apparently the thunder stone was lucky after all. Bad because all the outlying areas werent so lucky. The city was filled with people. Not enough food to go around, no place for anyone to stay. Robbery and fights were high. Moral was low. Talon turning into a devil cat and Bane starting a brawl in the Furniture’s Fate didn’t help either. In the end, a town meeting was called.

Sunny Underhill had given Dony Havies some advice and he took it. Trusting Sunny after knowing him so long and being saved by him at least four or five times, he did what Sunny suggested and asked several people to come away with him and rebuild Quiet Thunder. Once the Four Winds assured that the threat of Sembia was solved and the winter was over, several started to agree.

Bane made a good speech about the dwarves helping out and relationships between dwarven and human traders improved. Zena didnt do so well with the barbarians here and was almost booed offstage. Talon communicated to Therin Thunderhooves the centaur and convinced the fey (without words) to try to help the poor villagers and the Hullack Forest would prosper because of it. However it was noted that Sunny didnt even try to address all the halflings in the village, mostly from the destroyed town of Thunderferry. Instead Shiney gave the speech and manage to stir them to help. The halflings helped out in their own way, but quite a few gave looks of sadness or disgust to Sunny Underhill, the halfling who had turned his back on his own kind. Talindra had the hardest job of all, keeping Polk from the podium.

The group heads back to Suzail, knowing they have about two weeks until they need to be in the Fane of Shadows and stop Dyspair before they miss their chance forever. Arriving quickly in Suzail the group splits up and goes its own ways. It should be noted that the city was still cleaning up from the Fury Storm, which left this place a disaster scene.

Talindra meets Oswald Fiddlebender in Have Alchemy, will Travel, Shiney meet Eltibald, Sunny heads to the library to talk to Kara Calaudra, CC heads to ranger Steelshields and grabs a bow Rick had picked up for him, Talon stays lowkey in the big city, missing his warthog, Bane finds a bar that caters specifically to dwarves in Bane gets a Lesson from his Father, Zena tries to keep the entire town from killing Polk upon meeting him.

The group stayed the night in Thistleflame manor because all rooms in all inns were full.

Several party members have bad dreams this night and the next morning Shiney insist that everyone call him Damian Mordiki from now on. The entire group is ok with this and the issue never comes up again, or it was a huge deal that dragged on for months and months, I forget which.

The group also notices that Bane is not carrying his favored hammer, in fact he seems to have lost it. Whenever anyone comments about this Bane mumbles something about “Shut yer face oril shutit ferya.”

And with such cheery thoughts, and armed with potions made by a gnome who crashed an airship during a calm cloudless day, the group head off to an ancient temple of shadows from an ancient time to stop a dragon from becoming a goddess.

Polk is so proud!

Fane of Shadows

There is a little bit of activity with the temple of Lathander and apparently insufficient security the night before the Four Winds leave. Sunny Underhill knows nothing about this. Why do I point out Sunny in particular? No reason………

The group went through the Vast Swamp and with little problems due to Talon and CC. On the way Porkchop sees several other wild hogs in a group. Talon takes Porkchop aside and in a way says his goodbyes. They both realize that it is time for Porkchop to leave behind the adventuring life and be a normal (if very strong) wild sow.

During this time Starhawk shows up, flying in eagle form till he lands. He watches his former pupil saying goodbye to his companion and friend for the last three years for a moment, then turns to the rest of the group. Speaking with CC he thanks them for all they have done and offers a gift in exchange, something to help with the fight ahead. He gives CC a acorn from the Druid Tree. He explains that the tree produces one acorn every 100 years and that this time it was given to him. While it has the potential to grow another tree, it can be used to power up CC shield even when no forest life is around. It is a great sacrifice for such a small thing, but if it can tip the tide of this battle with Dyspair, then it will be well worth it. In this way, nature itself sides with the Four Winds.

The night before they were attempt to enter the Fane of Shadows all made peace with their respective gods. It is speculated Sunny prayed to Yondalla, CC to Angharradh, Zena to Tempus, Bane to Dumathion, Talindra to both Mystra and Elliestree, and Talon to Silvanos. Damians time is speculated but not as known.

The group descends into the water and despite their best efforts, Polk comes with them. Near the bottom they see the Fane of Shadows, a giant black powerful shadowy castle from eons ago, with a multicolored portal in front of it. The Four Winds step through.

They are divided up into four teams to pass a series of challenges and test that they dont understand why they were put in at first. Sunny with Bane forming Team Short. Talindra with CC forming Team Elf. Damian with Zena forming Team What-Kind-Of-Decisions-Have-I-Been-Making-With-My-Life, and Talon forming Team …… well …… Talon. Interesting to note that by random chance this was the same teams they had when divided up to face Zargons lair.

Some teams doing a little better then others, the group makes it through the challenges and at the end of each series of obstacles is a portal. Several members ended up grabbing some treasures …….. of one sort or another. And all of them ended up with a quarter circle of some sort of rune.

The group recapped and started going through the Fane of Shadows. The place was true to its name and there were shadows galore, the kind that attacked you and drained life energy! But Sunny had acquired a dagger and sword that worked great fighting these things. In addition to a mace of disruption that Zena was wielding and Bane ended up with the golden dagger Deathsend, and not all the thrilled about it.

They faced several traps, combats, challenges, and puzzles. They learned the rune and several other items found in the obstacle portion were necessary to continue. Even the century old dead baby corpse Bane ended up with. This was originally a temple to Amauntar, a long dead and almost forgotten God of the Sun that ruled long ago and started to fade long before the fall of Netherial Empire. But this temple was originally a monument to his religion and the test were for those mortals that would be a monk in his service. However long ago Shar had tricked Amauntar and subverted the temple to her own purposes. It was even rumored that the human god of thieves Mask had entered this temple as a mortal and left a god.

Anyway, the group eventually found a room that to continue on involved pushing pillars while avoiding shadows and promptly got their ass kicked. Several members where crawling at the end of it. Polk saved the day with a bucket of soapy water, though other members remember it differently. The group limped back to a holy area of the fortress and had a interesting conversation about the different aspects of dragonslaying. You can find it at War Room with Punch and Pie. After this the group went through a few more traps, fights, and puzzles until taking on Dyspair herself.

The battle started with Talindra pulling out a hidden wish spell she didnt know she had. This saved the entire group from being Disjuncioned and allowed Bane to call in his hammer from Dumathion himself. The hammer was now a mighty heirloom weapon. The fight was long and brutal, several of the companions almost died on numerous occasions and poor Bane and Talon got drenched with acid that destroyed a few things.

When the battle was over Damian almost ran to the globe and used the power that Dyspair had spent the last several days building up. Dyspair wanted to use it to become a god. Talindra (and pretty much everyone else in the Four Winds) wanted to use it to break the temple from the cycle of shadows. Basically giving it back to Amauntor. But Damian used it to ….. open a door? He spoke in Internal, apparently because the fortress was beyond ancient and for it to understand, the person had to speak in a language that had been around for at least 40,000 years. But he used the power to open The Door of Fate in the realm of Everwatch. Some knew that Everwatch was the domain of Helm, god of guardians, but what the Door of Fate was, no one knew.

Fulfilling its task of granting one epic wish per showing. The Fane of Shadows expelled the companions and shrunk down, leaving existence another another black hole appeared somewhere else in the multiverse. It did two things before it vanished however. It sent another obsidian sphere with the calender date of its next appearance out to the planet it would appear on (roughly 48,000 years from now) and left behind a shadowy image of itself on this plane, right in the middle of the swampy lake. The image was only a few inches tall.

The group would have drowned right then. Or at least be crushed by the pressure. But of all the gods and goddesses the group had prayed to before going in, it was Elliestree the drow goddess who answered. The group was saved by naked female drow that had been prepared and waiting for them almost half a mile under the surface. They cast spells on the Four Winds to let them breath and survive the depths and took them to the surface.

The leaders name was Colette and there was a druid named Sesoram. Probably the only drow druid in five hundred miles. Anyway the group rested up and healed, Sunny teleported away back to Suzail, promising to come back. He took the items he seemed to have acquired to fight undead with him. Some of the group thought it was to return them, and some though it was to get away from an angry Zena, who’s love potion had finally been dispelled.

However it worked out, the group made a deal with the drow. The drow would find Dyspairs horde and take the majority of the money, but any truly valuable gems or items the Four Winds could use, they would deliver to them. The groups parted ways and Talon ended up staying behind.

The group arrived in Thunderholme to find Sunny had beaten them there. Sunny had two interesting pieces of information. One was that Talindra was being looked for by some elven ambassador, and the other was Marjul Derigos. Marjul was a hexblade that asked to join the group when he learned they would be heading to outer space. Apparently he had been enslaved by illithids before, and resulting in ebony black hands and hollow pupils. The group agreed and went off to Cloudside.

Bane had fulfilled his obligation to Mystra, he had gone into the Fane of Shadows and stopped Dyspair. He had even managed to keep Talindra alive in the process, though Moradin knew how hard that was! Still, after arriving in Cloudside he begin to miss his own kind. Three elves and not other dwarves to talk to was rough. He was beginning to get used to an open sky above his head and that scared him. Finally he wasnt all that thrilled with the idea of going into outerspace.

Still when he learned that the group expected it to take less then a week before they would be back, Bane figured he was good for one more adventure before making his farewells with the party. He would help Talindra find her sister and then hopefully say good riddance to elves, and halflings, forever.


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