The Four Winds

From Pirates, to Fathers, to Puzzles

The Four Winds reunited in Quiet Thunder and quickly headed to Westgate using magical transportation provided by Essodren. They entered the abode of Pirate Bardabadoes and found out he was a vampire cursed by Elowyen Derigos, back during the Warlock Lords time. Despite this the party vanquished Bardabados and returned to Cormyr. Once there they tried to hunt down and kill Thefick Treber, CCs bastard father. They only half succeeded at this task and found out he had a contingency on that teleported him when he got too hurt. Thefick put an arrow through Sunnys skull but he got better. At this point the party went looking for the test of magic that was hinted to Damian in his fathers cell from the Loviator temple. The party found the puzzle laden testing grounds and arrived at the end with a treasure of two wishes to be granted. One for Damian, another to someone yet to be named.

Temple of Pain

The Four Winds decended into the hidden temple of Loviatar and Damians mother, Shalisa Mordiki. The group learned that Shalisa was trying to put Damians soul into a wholly magical golom construct that would greatly increase Damians power, yet make him a eternal slave to his mothers evil whims. The Four Winds destroyed the goloms, all the followers, and eventually Shalisa herself. They freed the captive villagers of Quiet Thunder and Sunny Underhill lead the villagers out. The rest of the Four Winds pressed on and found that there was another level under the first.

They found their way back cut off by none other then Loviatar herself and only Banes god Dumathion, Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain, kept the group alive by the goddesses wrath. THe group found some sort of strange man named Pontwork, who seemed some sort of “everman” his blood was a key ingrediant to the magic Shalisa was working as it seemed that Pontwork couldnt die. Or at least not for very long. After destroying the labratory and finding a hidden vault to Dumathion, the group rested up to face Shalisa again. This time her soul was entombed inside an adamantium golom almost thirty feet tall!

The golom was fed by the pure fires of the Weave, much to CInders dissapointment. The group fought long and hard, despite the loss of their halfling captain and the dwarfs disinterest. In the end CC landed the final blow and Essodren watched Shalisa soul obliterated. Cursing her son was her last thought of existance.

The ruined temple fell apart around them but Dumathion reached up to shelter them from the cave in, and silently lead them to a tunnel that would return them to the surface.

The Cataclysm

The party of the Four Winds helped out a stranded kender named Ferret Snitchwhistle. He “borrowed” a few artifacts from the city of Istar days before the Cataclysm struck and was stuck in a recurring paradox. He needed someone to recover the items he stole and return them to him at the World Serpent Inn. However the portal he lead adventurers too lead to Istar three days prior to the Cataclysm. After the fiery mountain struck, the portal would reset and the paradox would repeat itself.

The Four Winds braved the dangers and recovered the artifacts. Returning at the last second before they were also crushed by the fiery mountain. Ferret was convinced to return the artifacts and face his destiny as yet another casualty of the Kingpriest arrogance.

The last child of Istar was returned, and the curse was broken.

Xul_Jarek round two.

After the adventure at Mithral Hall, the Four Winds returned to Cormyr. Bane once again went to his beloved Thunderholme to see how things were progressing and Essodren went to see his people in the Vast Swamp.

Damian, Arylin, and CC all went to Suzail to put in the Whispering Wind for the repairs and upgrades it would need for whatever Khelbon Blackstaff needed. They knew that their beloved ship would be unreachable for the next month or two. CC went to the ranger station to report, Damian went to see how the book was coming along, and Arylin stayed with the ship to make sure it was taken care of properly. Whether from the Cormyrian shipwrights or the two gnome engineers is unclear.

Arylin quickly learned that the Flitter had been confiscated somehow and was missing, she went to inform CC and they quickly found it on the docks under the care of Eltibald Lastlight, who was using it as a stool to do his fishing. He said that their was a note on the ship and it was free for him to take. Especially since he had to drop a friend off in Teziir.

CC meanwhile had received word from his friend Avisdad that neogi had been spotted in the area near Teziir and apparently were buying up slaves from the multiple thieves guilds. The two companions took the Flitter and zoomed over to Teziir to investigate.

What happened in the city is unclear but the two left about five days later with the town in the middle of a small crises amid destruction and screams and some bizarre creature raining death from above. Somehow along the way, they had picked up Gren Razorclaw as a passenger.

Arriving at Suzail they found Essodren at the city gates trying to send word in. He had trouble to report at the Vast Swamp with Sembia heavily interested in the Orvaskyte Ruins. Also Bane sent him with a message that strange plague ridden orcs were attacking Thunderholme in small droves. So far the dwarves had driven them back easily but their numbers were increasing and their were only so many dwarves.

The Four Winds reunited (except Sunny still MIA from the parade) and decided the orcs were the more immediate threat. They went off to Xul-Jarek and found that Kords younger living brother Adrack (aka Pukeface) had concocted a ritual to put Kords soul in a stone golom of disease and rot. Becoming a minor avatar of Yutrus’s will. History repeated itself with the group fighting their way down to the depths of the disease filled fortress, CC fighting Kord till almost the bitter end when Bane stepped in and got the final kill. Kord had kept his strength and put up quite a fight, that Arylin learned to her dismay, but in the end the three of them took down the quasi god while Essodren and Damian fought Adrack in a magical battle.

After the battle Essodren apparently saw something near the avatar that had recently housed Kords soul and drifted into the spirit world. He was gone a long while but returned with a grim look (even for a lizardman). He would not say what transpired in the Ethereal Plane.


This is just a quick post to help remind everyone where we are. Hopefully Jack and Chad will finish their recaps soon and we can post something better then this. Chad, remember that Jacks goes first chronologically, so wait till he post before putting yours on. Also there is no spellcheck on Obsidian Portal, so write up elsewhere, then copy paste it here.

The Last of the Iron Throne.

CC, Essodren, and Arylin went to Arabel looking for rumors that the last leader of the Iron Throne of Suzail, Phamdrick, was still alive. They had a lead he went under the name Xanadu Zeb and was posing as a minor crime boss. The group found him and Essodren accidentally killed him during questioning. Using divinations, the Purple Dragons tracked the group down and arrested them.

Eltibald Lastlight was hired as their lawyer for a 10% fee and the group quickly found itself freed, as it became clear that Phamdrick was responsible for the plague that had gripped Cormyr recently. The Four Winds were hired to to examine all possible leads to cure the plague. Searching through Phamdricks notes lead them to the Kings Forest in the west of Cormyr. They found a magical animated rock that seemed to be a doorway, however only authorized Iron Throne personal could enter.

Learning from a local dryad that there was an old human man entering, the group went off to investigate. The old man was in the wilderness on the west side of Sembia. CC tracked the man down and it was none other then Thefick, his father and rapist of Talindra. The man was almost dead of plague but refused any cure, magical or otherwise, until he was pardoned by King Azoun himself. The party had no choice but to bring him before the king. Should be noted that Thefick continued to insult and degrade all things elven the entire trip. Thefick also learned that CC was his son, and didnt seem to know how to take that. When brought before the king, he was pardoned and granted asylum before he gave up the code that would allow entry.

Curing the Plague.

The Four Winds were rejoined by Damian Mordiki and Sunny Underhill as they went back to the Kings Forest to investigate. The code worked and the group soon found itself fighting fiendish orc vampires, remnents of Longtooth who was himself a remnent of Belwar, a evil orc vampire from Cormyrs past. The group found the plague to be caused by the twisting of a captured deva named Trias. He had been held and captured by Kenowor, one of the four generals of the Warlock Lord. Kenowor was in a state of suspended animation, it seemed both Phamdrick and Thefick had decided to leave him like that. The party released Kenowor so they could kill him and free Trias. Trias rewarded the party as he thought appropriate and set about undoing the plague.

The Four Winds returned to Suzail and told the king the news. They were rewarded and given a large part in a parade to their honor.

See I Love a Parade

Mithral Hall

After the parade, CC was sent to the north to see how farspread the wild magic glitch had been. Zena was worried about her people and returned to them. Sunny was still nowhere to be found. The rest of the group went with Bane and Terra Firerock to Mithral Hall on the Whispering Wind. There they returned the old king of Thunderholmes soul to one of the largest gathering of dwarven clerics assembled anytime this century and freed the kings soul to Dwarfhome. There Bane voluntered the Four Winds to help Bruenor Battlehammer and his army retake Mithral Hall.

The Four Winds composed a strike force opposite Drizzt DoUrden and Wulfgar. They struck hard and fast, cutting off druegar communications. However on the way back they encountered a strange demon that seemed remenisant of Demogorgon, some sort of offspring perhaps? The party defeated the creature and returned to Mithral Hall. There Bane put the name of Thunderholme and Hammerstriker on the plaque that would read forever the name of forces that retook Mithral Hall.

Dark Sun, Dark Tempers

I’ll take a stab at the write up. This would be my journal entry and would therefore be player knowledge only.

For once in my life I decided to tell the truth. CC had spoken to me recently about the contract I have and offered help. I can’t believe that I actually believed that he would be willing to help. I know not to make that mistake again. This whole good and evil thing confuses me more than ever before.

I teleported to the Worlds Serpent Tavern in order to speak with one of the Planeswalkers that I was supposed to complete a task for. My goal was to get a lesser planar book published in order to accomplish a couple of things. For one I would make some money on the side and the second reason was to get in contact with some planeswalkers that may be able to advise me of the contract I signed. I was informed that I needed a group of adventurers who were willing to travel to the Dark Sun and retrieve a dragon scale. The scale wasn’t attached to the dragon anymore and there was some bounty hunter after it.

I brought this news back to the party and then was interrogated. The end result of this interrogation should play out in an interesting way. CC did most of the questioning. He wanted to know why I need to travel to the Dark Sun and didn’t want to go. I told the truth and said it was for a planar handbook. The idea was to make a little extra gold on the side. He further asked if I was doing work for the devils, which I may be, but doubt it. That would mean that Planeswalkers are working with the devils which just doesn’t seem right. Some of them may be, but whatever. I brought CC to Rethib and he questioned him about the job. At first the group wanted 50% of the profits from the book and then upped it to 100% after all fees are taken out. I agreed because Ikidrom taught me how to agree to contracts. The party also agree to pay 15,000 gold to Lord Rynn in order to buy him out of his investor rights. The Planeswalkers want to keep the whole deal as quiet as possible so that was all the information I could give. They still didn’t seem satisfied. They kept saying they thought it was for something evil and then tried to extort me. I guess that’s good, didn’t think so though.

We went through a portal in the inn and arrived in Dark Sun. It was extremely hot (150 degrees) and there was virtually no plant life. All metal, besides rings and arrow tips disappeared. Spells were a bit odd. Essodren sucked his own life when he cast spells and Arilyn and myself would kill off whatever plant life there was. Luckily my gifts didn’t require life to cast. This is where things became clear to me. I offered Stoneskin and CC and Arilyn bocked at it. CC asked if it was a devil power and then accepted it once it wasn’t. Arilyn wouldn’t take it and she paid for it in the first fight. In the future I know not to protect the group with my devil powers. The next spelljamming battle should be fun. I’ll make sure not to use my gifts to save the ship.

They act like I’m super evil which is annoying. I have sacrificed a lot to help them. I believe their idea of good is a bit odd and it makes me rethink being good. Here is what I don’t understand about good people. These actions don’t make sense. Oddly enough, the others are ok with these qualities, so this is what good people must do.

1. Has the chance to save innocent souls from hell by giving up his medallion and refuses.
2. Carries a demon on his back and claims he’s against all evil. Really?
3. Extorts people as their way of helping them. I wonder what I’d have to give him to help me out of the contract. Not sure I really want to know.

1. Uses a sword that has negative powers. Justifies this by claiming she doesn’t know what they do.
2. Has a reward out for her. I guess good people have rewards on their head.

Atheb aka “Sunny”
1. Has a reward out for his head. Again this is a sign of good.
2. Has a dragon as a pet. I thought they were evil.
3. Stole the crown and a war between humans and elves is about to begin. Won’t turn it in to stop the war.
4. Deals with pirates. How else would he get the hats?
5. Has a goblin on board the ship that steals from others.
6. Pulls fast ones on the party. He bought a ring for 14k gold. I doubt it cost that much. What is he really doing with the gold?
7. Signed the spelljammer over to himself.

We were all glad CC was there since he led us around and kept us on track and safe. After about 8 hours we arrived at a small oasis that was taken over by a caravan. Vren was the leader of the town and really wanted the caravan to leave. He also noted that a local druid had been giving them trouble. After a while a local came us to us and asked us to get rid of the caravan. We obliged and a small fight started. We made sure not to drain the life of the oasis, but the caravan wasn’t so nice. The druid came because the oasis was defiled and fought us. CC wanted to capture him, but his elementals were killing the villagers, so I killed him to stop the elementals.

The local (9 fingers) led us to the scale. We travelled for 2 days to a area that had a large skeleton. The skeleton was of a serpent that was around 1000 feet long. The area was said to be haunted. We dug up the scale and other treasures and were then attacked by some large creature. I couldn’t believe my eyes because Arilynn actually did a lot of damage to a creature. She slowed it down and we killed it right as it arrived. Zena was quite disappointed because she was ready for a fight.

We traveled back to the oasis to find a bunch of dead villagers. The bounty hunter had killed everyone. We decided to take 9 Fingers with us and leave this dreadful planet. We were ambushed by the bounty hunter and his minions and 9 Fingers was killed first. The battle didn’t last too long and we left the planet the same way we came in. The Planeswalker was pleased with the scale and bought some of the currency off of us.

It sounds like we’re going to check out the orcs now.

Killing squids and bugs

The group did some soul searching and temple hoping after Marjul’s disappearance. CC was called away at ranger HQ and asked to volunteer for a secret mission. He accepted and the group lost contact with him.

The rest of the group pushed through the pain of losing Marjul, especially when a special messenger of Starhawk sent warning that Cloudside was in trouble once again. The group went back to the dwarven outpost to see it in danger of falling to Ramdagarr Coalfire. The mighty leader challenged Belin to single combat but the diplomat cleverly arranged it so that Bane would have to face the giant or face the shame of cowardliness. Bane faced the huge fire giant in single combat and emerged victorious. Belin however took advantage of the situation and made himself out to be the peacekeeper while making Bane look to simply be a rather unintelligent warrior.

Disgusted with dwarven politics, the Four Winds headed off into the Vast Swamp to cure Zena of her nightmares and free all the prisoners Shaalabhak had gained. Heading into the swamp they learned it was much tougher navigating around without a ranger or druid guiding them. They got completely lost at least once and ended up meeting some of the local plantlife. But they survived and manage to make it to the Sharptooth lizardman tribe, that previously had been led by Gathen.

Using some strategy with potions brewed by the gnomes and stealth tactics the fight against Shaalabhak went about as smooth as possible. His hidden tricks had been discovered, even his bodyguard Talon had been disabled. Bane however used his more traditional methods of dealing with underdark races and after what he went through with the drow in Thunderholme, was in no mood to deal with drow in the swamp.

The party killed Shaalabhak, freed the prisoners, though that involved killing most of the orcs and drow. Meet a lizardman shaman named Essodren and lead the barbarian people out of the swamp. Essodren accompanied them.

Once out the group parted ways with most of the barbarian people, who returned north to head towards their mountain home. The Four Winds made a side stop to Wheelon to pick up some supplies of Captain Sunny before heading to Cloudside as well. The entire place was under attack by swarming insects, though Starhawk had shown up to defend the place as well as he could. Swooping to Cloudsides defense for the third time in a month

the Four Winds engaged the insect swarms and with Starhawks help, drove them off.

At Cloudside they found the place in a uproar with many supporting the Hammerstriker clan over the Firerock. There was quite a split in the people as many were unsure about their previous choice of Belin. However Bane was also questionable with his tendancy to be around outsiders and on a flying ship, next he would go in water!! Still it was Bane who had befriended the druid, and the druid had just saved them. Others thought Bane was using the druid as treachery to make his position seem stronger. After all he hung out with elves, he couldn’t be trusted.

His older Uncle Ebert was a much more suitable candidate and it was decided through council that another vote would be held soon. Belin was furious and called the council "flighty as elves’ but the decision stood. Not going to rush things this time, each candidate would have time to come up with their campaign strategy and views.

While the dwarves talked about this, the Four Winds, along with Starhawk and a still woozy Talon, traveled to where they thought the heart of the swarm was, Quiet Thunder. Sure enough they found monstrous bugs, incredible swarms and a druid controlling the entire thing. The druid was half insect himself and some sort of insect maniac. His army out numbered the Four Winds over a million to one, but it was still a almost even battle.

Before being driven to the ground by Damians magic however, the druid Buzzant manage to send a colossal megapede northwest towards the town of Thunderstone. After saving Quiet Thunder the Four Winds had no time to celebrate as they raced after the one hundred ton behemoth.

The battle was a bit different, as they werent being attacked back. But fighting at almost forty miles an hour trying to keep up with a insect with a single minded purpose to destroy anything in its path. It was like shooting arrows at a freight train. The Four Winds used every weapon and spell at their disposal on the Whispering Wind to finally bring the huge creature down, less then half a mile away from its target.

Calming down after the battle, the Whispering WInd flew over Thunderstone to make sure everyone was ok, and seeing they made it untouched, headed back to Quiet Thunder. They meet up with Dony Havies, Shanger, and Father Feldis. Celebrating a little bit before heading back to Cloudside to see how the dwarves fared.

It was there that Ebert asked Banes opinion on certain issues, since Bane had more knowledge of the local surface world then any other dwarf. Terra Firerock asked Sunny to take her and the old Kings soul to Mithral Hall were Bruenor Battlehammer was retaking the hall from Druegar with about three dwarven armies.

And Damian was visited by a strange flying magical gargoyle of sorts. It seemed the Four Winds had several task ahead of them, and many places still to go. They also learned that if they wanted to explore the Orvaskyte Ruins they had discovered so long ago, Arylin Starflower would have to come a better spellthief and Talon would have to regain some of this former control.

And that is where the campaign currently sits. Up until now I have been going very quickly over the campaign, sometimes entire sessions cut down to a few sentences. But I will try to have a little more detail from now on. I am hoping to alternate responsibility for the adventure logs between the players after this.

I hope that you enjoyed the logs up to this point although I realize they would be quite confusing for someone who hasn’t played through the campaign. I tried to write over a years worth of adventures in a week, so it had to be skimmed down a bit.

Reclaiming Thunderholme

The Four Winds decided to split up and go their own ways after the events of the battle of Marsember. They all had many personal issues to deal with and responsibilities they had left unchecked for far too long. The below list is what they said they would be dealing with along with what it was later discovered they were up to, but is by no means complete. In alphabetical order.

Ala went back to her temple to find any new relevant information about the missing Purple Crown, her original mission. But with all the problems plaguing Cormyr, she found herself swept up with many other clerics healing sick and injured people, using her spells trying to help people out. As the sickness and insect problems started to spread, she found herself so busy that even her adventures with the Four Winds started to fade. She hasn’t been seen in some time.

Bane Hammerstriker found himself stuck with Polk as he went to Cloudside. He left some momentous for his friends and hoped to see them again in six months as they planned, but wasn’t sure. Indeed it was he who came across trouble first when his old capitol was finally uncovered and sent out the call for aid.

CC traveled the land trying to determine the sources of the many problems bothering Cormyr and what could be done to stop it. He also tested the Flitter and took it with him on his ranges. He meet a elf woman named Errin who accompanied him. Actually her name was much longer but settled for Errin by non elves. He eventually meet up with the group in Thunderholme itself.

Damian Mordiki and Marjul Derigos traveled together. They went to investigate the hidden temple of Loviator that apparently knew something of Damians past. After about 3 months of investigating they meet back up with Sunny Underhill to exchange some equipment. Then the two went to the Vast Swamp to examine the Orvaskyte Ruins. They meet up with the group in Cloudside.

Sunny Underhill said he would stay with the ship which he wanted to repair, repaint, and rename. He actually accomplished all this during the six months. It was determined later he traveled to Westgate as both Epecet Whirlywhistle and Gren Razorclaw hail from there. After about three months he was back in Suzial to do some additions to the newly fixed spelljammer and meet up with Damian and Marjul. After meeting a fellow halfling investor in Westgate, Sunny looked into opening an account at a dwarven run bank but ended up not making any deposits. Finally he traveled to the Thunderpeaks and seemed to forge some sort of bond or pact with Frosttail, the very young white dragon. He rejoined the group in Cloudside.

Talindra and Arylin Starflower were arrested for treason and spent the entire six months held captive in an elven embassy. During this time Talindra ended up giving birth to a child got on her by Thefick Treber, a after effect of his assault in Selgaunt. Arylin escaped with most of Talindras equipment but got separated. She ended up back on the Blue Vengeance for a time until Sunny picked her up and they went off to Cloudside.

Zena of the Lightningpeaks rejoined her clan and was happy again for about two months before she disappeared. Here whereabouts were unknown until she stumbled back into Cloudside with her mind in tatters. It was later determined that Shalabhaak got ahold of her and her brother, along with several other kinsmen and were held captive. Zena manage to get away though not unscathed. She rejoined the group in Cloudside though fell into a state of mental shock at first.

All these can be found in much more detail in the Story Section

After the group, or most of them regathered they beat back a fire giant incursion and then pressed on down into Thunderholme. The group cleared out the half destroyed city eventually, including a horrific attack of drow in the palace itself. It seemed that a powerful drow priestess named Larissa Sthra’tanage had found a means to turn dwarves into driders. If this information would have gotten out then the drow might discover a way to turn even more races into driders thus creating a army of incredibly powerful and dangerous slaves. Luckily the Four Winds put a stop to it. During the fight both Arylin and Sunny were magically expelled from the mountain and found themselves in Marsember.

The rest of the group finished clearing out the palace and found a long secret shrine of Dumathion by deciphering a ancient codex found in pieces throughout the castle. He ended up becoming a favored of Dumathion and gained supernatural powers as well as his hammer increased in might even more. They also found Shalabhaak himself behind solid stone where he had made a lair. The mind flayer teleported away before the Four Winds could engage him.

As for Arylin and Sunny, they ended up stopping the Twighlit play and saving the town from what became known as Night of the Undead. How they did this neither of them are quick to say. It should be noted that Arylin herself was never seen fighting undead or even around Suzail.

The two of them took the Flitter, which they had somehow come into contact with, and flew back to Cloudside and rejoined the group in Thunderholme. They found a small hideout of dwarves that had barely manage to survive that including some more of Banes own kin, including his Uncle Ebert, Bashifs younger brother. They lead the dwarves to the safety of the surface.

The Four Winds finished clearing out Thunderholme end restored the Thunderforge and Thunderhammer. Erbert insisted that Bane keep the shield, it would do better in his hands then sitting in some vault. The group knew that they would have to chase down the mind flayer that got away and assumed he was somewhere in the Vast Swamp.

But first they went and checked on Starhawk in the druid grove to give him a druidic artifact they had uncovered and off to Wheelon to buy some supplies and sell excess loot they had gathered from dead enemies. The party was still upset that Bane had given the entire fortune the drow had gathered that they had found in the palace to the dwarven people, but none thought to say anything to Bane about it.

While in Wheelon the group was attacked by another neogi ship looking for Arylin. It seems they are getting closer. After the battle during the night CC had an encounter with a very strange little girl that was later determined to be Marjuls daughter. This resulted in Sunny and CC talking to Marjul and the discussion turned ugly. Marjul ran out the ship looking for his daughter in the spot CC had last pointed out.

During the discussion Xanthx was sent to get Damian and the sorcerer appeared not long later. Damian ended up stepping away from the group by almost a good mile before he was able to summon Ikidrom. The devil man appeared and Marjul and CC ran over to him. They learned that the devils had twisted Marjuls own words around on him over seven years ago and he had condemned his whole family to Hell.

CC was given a ultimate choice with no right answer and made his decision. Which resulted in all four of Marjuls immediate family to suffer an eternity in Hell. Marjul was deemed a failure and told his time on this plane was done. Both he and his daughter Ellowyen suffered the worst fate, being sent to Hell alive!

Sphere and Spelljammer

The copy of the Fane of Shadows worked to bring forth a Planer Sphere. Talindra manage to activate the device. Ala had come with the group again from Thunderstone and they went through the Planer Sphere together.

The group went into the sphere, meet some knights of Solamnia who had bad dealings with halflings apparently and were scared and angry at Sunny. They found a hologram map room, a room filled with water and sahugin, and a supply room with several goloms. In the hologram map room was a crystal ball that beeped a light at Talindra no matter where she stepped. Finally succumbing to temptation she touched the crystal ball and promptly fell into a small coma.

Ignoring most of it they moved on to the only way left to go and ended up facing some very feral creatures that only vaguely resembled halflings. Still they manage to beat back the cannibalistic creatures and moved on. The learned the creatures used pieces of clay that looked like jigsaw pieces as currency and drew the lifesource out of the very plants around them to channel their magic. The group decided to take a breather and head back to the main room with the knights.

At this point Polk started to say some very interesting things about the values of bravery in the face of intelligence. This enraptured CC, Ala, Zena, Damian, and all three of the knights. Managing to break free from the aura of thoughtlessness that was the teamster, Bane, Marjul, and Sunny slapped Talindra awake and kept going. Their exploits are detailed in Planer Sphere Recap. After the group joined back up they went to the crashed spelljammer and fought some neogi for control of the ship. Then they went to fight Lavok the powerful insane archmage. The archmage would have been alot stronger had he used any kind of tactics for the fight but spent the whole time just randomly choosing targets and spells. When Marjul wrapped him up in chains and Sunny stabbed him in the kidneys (a favorite trick of the halfling!) he finally went down.

The group spent the next several days learning about the sphere, fixing the spelljammer, and in Talindras case, looking for a book she had misplaced. Marjul made sure to stay clear of Talindra while she was looking. They discovered a alien creature named Xanthx in the spelljammer that could move at amazing speeds, insult anyone he came into contact with, and took a liking to Marjul for freeing him.

The group finally got the ship patched up and took it for some test runs. That can be found in the Story Section the first couple of tries didnt go so well. Once they got the thing Xanthx and Woody powered, Ala flew it out into outerspace for the first time. They went over to a giant spelljammer run by Arcane. Arcane are a race of 12’ tall three jointed blue skinned humanoid merchants. The group participated in a shopping trip that almost killed them.

After the shopping trip and several near disasters and death threats, the group was running for its ship along with all the other customers as neogi were sighted in the area. Everyone else flew away from the infamous monsters, the Four Winds went right towards them.

The neogi Deathspider ship was already damaged from a fight but the elven Warswan they were fighting was even worse, just drifting in space about to fall apart. The Four Winds on the ship that would become the Whispering Wind lept into the fray. Well they more of crashed into the fray but they made it there nonetheless. After a fierce fight where Marjul put his frost wand to good use and Bane fell in love with the cannon, the elves were rescued and Arylin Starflower meet the group.

The ship limped back into the Planer Sphere as a dozen more Deathspider warships appeared in view. The Four Winds sealed themselves in the impregnable sphere and set about repairing their ship. They landed the sphere, which is now on the edge of the Hullack Forest in Cormyr and flew the spelljammer out of there.

From their vantage point they could see trouble almost one hundred and fifty miles away in Wheelon. They sped down as fast as they could, Talindra borrowing spells from Ala to fly and Sunny taking over the role of captain (a decision the rest of the Four Winds would later regret). Arriving in Wheelon they could see the place attacked by sahugin both on the shore and the Blue Vengeance, the only ship on Cormyrs side still fighting back. If that wasn’t bad enough three pirate ships, all bearing the flayed man of Dread Pirate Caspian were firing siege weapons at the town unmolested.

The Whispering Winds flew over the ships and started bombarding them with magic and siege fire. It was working quite well, the cannon was especially effective but soon Sunny decided to jump overboard and take the fight to the ships in person. Polk was cheering him the entire time. Sunny would land, cause some havoc and kill any casters, captains, or siege operators he could. Then he would put himself in a catapult and launch himself at another ship, using his ring of jumping and boots of levitation to guide his path.

CC sniped from above to provide some cover, and Sunny ended up with a very nice pirate captain hat, if you dont count two arrow holes in it. Once the ships were dealt with Sunny ended up with Damian aboard the Blue Vengeance helping Steelribs, Bory, Tory and the others fight off boarders. The ship sailed under Marjuls guidance over the town and Zena and Bane disembarked to take the fight to ground level. CC dismounted a moment later as backup with his bow.

Marjul seemed to suffer some sort of battle madness during the fight and Talindra had to take decisive action trying to regain control of the ship. Anyway the town was saved although off in the distance they could see the swamp town of Marsember, about 100 miles away was under attack as well, only by alot more ships! Wheelon was a feint!

The group got Marjul under control thanks to some new gloves by CC and they sailed off to Marsember. They learned the hard way that Caspian himself was there and he had mages as back up. The ship took an amazing hard hit from a barrage of spells. They levitated up to discuss strategy. Arylin took over piloting the ship and Talindra went out on deck. This time when they went down it wasnt to fire siege weapons, but for the Four Winds to drop on board the deck Errol Flynn style. And of course they choose Capians ship itself.

Damian, Talindra and Bane stayed behind. Sunny shot like a comet of death, taking out a wizard upon landing, CC pulled a amazing maneuver with his rope to save both him and Zena from going splat on the deck. With them at counterweights, Zenas heavier weight brought her down to the deck as it brought CC up to the crows nest. Marjul just went splat on the deck and lay there hurt.

Marjul went insane with battle rage again and layed about him with no concern for anyone safety, not even his own. Zena cleared the deck and Sunny assassinated and vanished. CC got a bead on Caspian himself and put an acid arrow through his head.

From above Bane could see the cannons firing from the main ship to the town. The town itself was being protected by a horde of undead! Both human and sahugin. Someone down there was raising them by the hundreds to attack the fish monsters of the sea. Bane ignored that and used a ring of teleportation borrowed from Damian to transfer himself in Caspian’s ship in the cannon deck. Smiling that he had wood surrounding him on all sides so he couldnt fall in the water, he laid about him with his hammer. After finishing the loaders he fired a cannon blast into any of Caspians own ships he could reach, sending a few of them to the bottom. He had saved the last shot for Caspians own ship, planning on sending it straight through the hull from the inside and teleporting away, but at the last second Sunny came running in and informed him that the ring only worked once per day.

The ship was won and the pirate fleet was retreating. The Blue Vengeance was on its way in picking up stragglers and taking on all comers, Melwreck at its wheel. The body of Caspian was never found though CC and Sunny looked. Marjul kept his battle rage up fighting Zena and Bane until the dwarf hit him a little to hard and killed him. Only a little bit though as a heal potion brought him back before he could completely cross over.

The ship went into Marsember where they learned that Drethren Erevet the Deadmaster was a local necromancer that had raised the undead to defend the town. This was meet with mixed reviews but at least he allowed all human undead to return to peace while he sent the now zombie sahugin after their living kin. Damian spent some time talking to him.

Sunny ended up talking to a Purple Dragon Sergent and ended up being named official captain and owner of the Whispering Wind. Polk was proud of most of his group, but Talindra and Damian needed some work about facing danger more bravely.

Maybe this Arylin girl would respond better to his training?

Fane of Shadows

There is a little bit of activity with the temple of Lathander and apparently insufficient security the night before the Four Winds leave. Sunny Underhill knows nothing about this. Why do I point out Sunny in particular? No reason………

The group went through the Vast Swamp and with little problems due to Talon and CC. On the way Porkchop sees several other wild hogs in a group. Talon takes Porkchop aside and in a way says his goodbyes. They both realize that it is time for Porkchop to leave behind the adventuring life and be a normal (if very strong) wild sow.

During this time Starhawk shows up, flying in eagle form till he lands. He watches his former pupil saying goodbye to his companion and friend for the last three years for a moment, then turns to the rest of the group. Speaking with CC he thanks them for all they have done and offers a gift in exchange, something to help with the fight ahead. He gives CC a acorn from the Druid Tree. He explains that the tree produces one acorn every 100 years and that this time it was given to him. While it has the potential to grow another tree, it can be used to power up CC shield even when no forest life is around. It is a great sacrifice for such a small thing, but if it can tip the tide of this battle with Dyspair, then it will be well worth it. In this way, nature itself sides with the Four Winds.

The night before they were attempt to enter the Fane of Shadows all made peace with their respective gods. It is speculated Sunny prayed to Yondalla, CC to Angharradh, Zena to Tempus, Bane to Dumathion, Talindra to both Mystra and Elliestree, and Talon to Silvanos. Damians time is speculated but not as known.

The group descends into the water and despite their best efforts, Polk comes with them. Near the bottom they see the Fane of Shadows, a giant black powerful shadowy castle from eons ago, with a multicolored portal in front of it. The Four Winds step through.

They are divided up into four teams to pass a series of challenges and test that they dont understand why they were put in at first. Sunny with Bane forming Team Short. Talindra with CC forming Team Elf. Damian with Zena forming Team What-Kind-Of-Decisions-Have-I-Been-Making-With-My-Life, and Talon forming Team …… well …… Talon. Interesting to note that by random chance this was the same teams they had when divided up to face Zargons lair.

Some teams doing a little better then others, the group makes it through the challenges and at the end of each series of obstacles is a portal. Several members ended up grabbing some treasures …….. of one sort or another. And all of them ended up with a quarter circle of some sort of rune.

The group recapped and started going through the Fane of Shadows. The place was true to its name and there were shadows galore, the kind that attacked you and drained life energy! But Sunny had acquired a dagger and sword that worked great fighting these things. In addition to a mace of disruption that Zena was wielding and Bane ended up with the golden dagger Deathsend, and not all the thrilled about it.

They faced several traps, combats, challenges, and puzzles. They learned the rune and several other items found in the obstacle portion were necessary to continue. Even the century old dead baby corpse Bane ended up with. This was originally a temple to Amauntar, a long dead and almost forgotten God of the Sun that ruled long ago and started to fade long before the fall of Netherial Empire. But this temple was originally a monument to his religion and the test were for those mortals that would be a monk in his service. However long ago Shar had tricked Amauntar and subverted the temple to her own purposes. It was even rumored that the human god of thieves Mask had entered this temple as a mortal and left a god.

Anyway, the group eventually found a room that to continue on involved pushing pillars while avoiding shadows and promptly got their ass kicked. Several members where crawling at the end of it. Polk saved the day with a bucket of soapy water, though other members remember it differently. The group limped back to a holy area of the fortress and had a interesting conversation about the different aspects of dragonslaying. You can find it at War Room with Punch and Pie. After this the group went through a few more traps, fights, and puzzles until taking on Dyspair herself.

The battle started with Talindra pulling out a hidden wish spell she didnt know she had. This saved the entire group from being Disjuncioned and allowed Bane to call in his hammer from Dumathion himself. The hammer was now a mighty heirloom weapon. The fight was long and brutal, several of the companions almost died on numerous occasions and poor Bane and Talon got drenched with acid that destroyed a few things.

When the battle was over Damian almost ran to the globe and used the power that Dyspair had spent the last several days building up. Dyspair wanted to use it to become a god. Talindra (and pretty much everyone else in the Four Winds) wanted to use it to break the temple from the cycle of shadows. Basically giving it back to Amauntor. But Damian used it to ….. open a door? He spoke in Internal, apparently because the fortress was beyond ancient and for it to understand, the person had to speak in a language that had been around for at least 40,000 years. But he used the power to open The Door of Fate in the realm of Everwatch. Some knew that Everwatch was the domain of Helm, god of guardians, but what the Door of Fate was, no one knew.

Fulfilling its task of granting one epic wish per showing. The Fane of Shadows expelled the companions and shrunk down, leaving existence another another black hole appeared somewhere else in the multiverse. It did two things before it vanished however. It sent another obsidian sphere with the calender date of its next appearance out to the planet it would appear on (roughly 48,000 years from now) and left behind a shadowy image of itself on this plane, right in the middle of the swampy lake. The image was only a few inches tall.

The group would have drowned right then. Or at least be crushed by the pressure. But of all the gods and goddesses the group had prayed to before going in, it was Elliestree the drow goddess who answered. The group was saved by naked female drow that had been prepared and waiting for them almost half a mile under the surface. They cast spells on the Four Winds to let them breath and survive the depths and took them to the surface.

The leaders name was Colette and there was a druid named Sesoram. Probably the only drow druid in five hundred miles. Anyway the group rested up and healed, Sunny teleported away back to Suzail, promising to come back. He took the items he seemed to have acquired to fight undead with him. Some of the group thought it was to return them, and some though it was to get away from an angry Zena, who’s love potion had finally been dispelled.

However it worked out, the group made a deal with the drow. The drow would find Dyspairs horde and take the majority of the money, but any truly valuable gems or items the Four Winds could use, they would deliver to them. The groups parted ways and Talon ended up staying behind.

The group arrived in Thunderholme to find Sunny had beaten them there. Sunny had two interesting pieces of information. One was that Talindra was being looked for by some elven ambassador, and the other was Marjul Derigos. Marjul was a hexblade that asked to join the group when he learned they would be heading to outer space. Apparently he had been enslaved by illithids before, and resulting in ebony black hands and hollow pupils. The group agreed and went off to Cloudside.

Bane had fulfilled his obligation to Mystra, he had gone into the Fane of Shadows and stopped Dyspair. He had even managed to keep Talindra alive in the process, though Moradin knew how hard that was! Still, after arriving in Cloudside he begin to miss his own kind. Three elves and not other dwarves to talk to was rough. He was beginning to get used to an open sky above his head and that scared him. Finally he wasnt all that thrilled with the idea of going into outerspace.

Still when he learned that the group expected it to take less then a week before they would be back, Bane figured he was good for one more adventure before making his farewells with the party. He would help Talindra find her sister and then hopefully say good riddance to elves, and halflings, forever.


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