The Four Winds

Fall asleep, get a hammer

After returning from the swamp and reuniting with Talindra and CC, the group head back to the Druid Grove in the Hullack Forest. Zendros has manage to acquire the items needed for his goal of turning into a true shifter. Along the way however they see a large angry black dragon flying right at them. Not nearly as big as the red that died in the Thunderpeaks, but the group doesnt have a shaking mountain to save them this time.

The dragon turns out to be a female named Dyspair. She seems to have trouble entering the Hullack Forest itself, it seems the forest protects its own. But she hovors right out side the tree line screaming curses and promising pain and retribution for the stealing of her dead child. Finally she gives up for now and retreats back to her lair in the swamp.

Continuing on, the group arrives at the Druid Grove where Zendros undergoes a strange druid ritual that turns him into a shifter. He ceases to be an elf and now is the same as a doppelganger. He also leaves behind the name he carried for over a hundred years and becomes Talon.

The group is asked to deliver a message to a ranger station in Arabel. The group agrees and does so. However upon leaving they stumble across a treasure map. Following the map they head north just over a day to a rather ordinary looking rock. using some clever techniques they manage to discover that there is a long forgotten dungeon beneath this rock. They quickly see they are the first living creatures to be here in centuries.

The group explores the dungeon, which has some undead dangers as well as ancient traps that are still deadly. They find a chapel to Oghma, god of knowledge as well as an ancient lich. The group manage to appease the lich and it departs this world with peaceful look on its face. It leaves behind a book for each adventurer. Before leaving the group discover a secret door behind the chapel that contains a dagger made out of solid gold. The group later learn this is Deathsend, a dagger that is one of four parts to the ancient Kingsword, a ancient relic of Cormyrs past that is known only to sages.

Bane is so tired by this discovery that he finds an old couch and goes to sleep. He sleeps so long that he completely misses the ensuing ambush that his friends have to fight. Turns out the treasure map was put in their hands so that hey would clear out the dungeon, but a group from Sembia called the Puppetmasters, tries to kill them and loot their corpses when they leave.

Bane wakes up later to find that he is giving a dwarven throwing hammer as his share of the loot of a fight he wasnt even there for. Oh well, what are the odds that hammer will really ever come into play?

Meeting Bane, killing Kord

After meeting up with Talindra and heading out to find the missing nobles of Tilverton, they quickly find the route to Xul Jerak, the fortress home of Kord the Red Orc King. The party meets a talking raven near the outskirts which they quickly realize belongs to Kara Calaudra, a moon elf wizard and one of the missing nobles. The raven quickly becomes attached to another caster, the half elf Shiney, who now has a raven and weasel on his shoulders.

The team stealthily sneak into the fortress and disable the guards. During this time they discover signs that alot of the weapons and armor of the orc army were supplied by the Iron Throne.

The Four Winds make their way further into the fortress, killing or evading guards as they go. Talindra proved her worth in combat again by killing the wyvern with a well placed arrow through the eye! In the main throne room the group discovers that this band of orcs worships Yutrus much more then Grumnsh, the traditional god of orcs. A huge statue of Yutrus with a large ruby in one eye is put in a place of honor in the center of the throne room. The ruby was cursed that any non orc touching it would be plagued by the gods, but by the luck of halflings, the Four Winds were able to remove it.

They discovered tanureeks, a breed of devil orcs as well. After a poorly executed plan by Zendros, the party ended up resting up in a magical demiplane provided by Shiney. Several sections of the Story Section deal with this time period.

After coming back out fully rested and recovered, the group head on to stop a bizarre ritual that was designed to bring Yutrus fully to this plane of existence. The Four Winds charged the room, killing Kord and his elite guards in a brutal fight. They freed the Tilverton nobles, their friend Ala (who had been kidnapped when Thunderferry was destroyed, after the Four Winds left it) and a dwarf named Bane Hammerstriker.

After freeing the nobles, Bane, and their friend Ala, the group explored through the fortress and into the Thunderpeaks themselves where they found a pool of pure putrid magic. Zendros waded into the pool and forced the evil magic back into the avatar statue so that it could be sealed up. However due to the fact that the gem had been removed, there was a leak in the statue. The very essence of putridness started leaking through the fortress. The Four Winds continued on unaware.

A few miles further they figured it out. They stumbled onto a cavern of a great red wyrm. The giant dragon was curious about them and only demanded a tribute of everything they owned to not be eaten. Before the dragon could collect the tribute however the mountain shuddered. Soon chunks of earth were falling all around. The great red dragon would not give up its amazing horde without a fight however and pushed his back up to support the weight of millions of pounds of stone.

Seeing an exit on the far side that lead to daylight, the Four Winds dashed towards it. Sunny stayed behind to cut a large red dragon scale off the great creature (who was in no position to stop him) and ended up tobogganing down the mountain along with a landslide.

Zendros got blown clear off the mountain and a hundred feet out into the open air, only his ability to shapeshift into a bird saved him. The others ran out the cave and immediately turned, hugging the sides.

The entire group lived through the ordeal and slowly made their way back to Tilverton, where they were all rewarded by the various noble familys. The group stays to rest for a time when a message arrives for Zendros. It is from Yarel and is asking for him and his friends to please come help.

After being rescued by the Four Winds, and determined to find the Iron Throne for reasons he doesn’t discuss, Bane Hammerstriker joins the Four Winds. Talindra and CC get separated, but Polk points out that they cant get in much trouble in a city recently freed by siege, they head off without them and tell them to catch up. Ala stays behind to help the many wounded.

See Story Section for what happened to CC and Talindra during separation.

The next part is covered in Fire Giant Recap and tells how the party meets up with Zena of the Lightningpeaks. This fills out the Four Winds Roster to eight.

This session ends where the recap ends, with the party entering, and subsequently leaving, the Vast Swamp.

Meeting Talindra

The group arrives in Wheelon and immediately get caught up in the commotion. Dozens of adventuring company’s are in attendance, for more then are going to compete. This is a get together for adventurers and a socializing center. Lord Patric Thistle is in attendance to oversee the competition. All rooms are booked but CC and Zendros make friends with Orlenstar Thirton, the druid in charge of Gods Grove in Wheelon. One of the few druids not up north fighting the blight. Orlenstar lets them stay in the Gods Grove, which is an honor since they are the only ones. He also promises to guard their equipment while they compete, since nothing is allowed to be taken inside.

The group competes and they meet again with Tim the Paladin, who has formed his own Adventuring Group called the Golden Gauntlets. He is furious with CC when he sees him again but CC is not wearing Cinders and the paladin has no proof. Tim demands that the ranger turn him over or there will be Torm himself to pay. CC shrugs him off and a enmity is formed.

Going on to compete the group needs to come up with a official name to enter the roster as well as finally fill out a charter. They do so and officially become known as the Four Winds. Although there were technically five of them since Polk found his way on the charter. They pay the charter price and pay the entrance fee.

They are very competitive and do quite well in the course, but failing to finish the last obstacle they fall from first to fifth. To make it worse, the Golden Gauntlets win the contest. However the celebration is short lived as during the after party, Lord Patric Thistle makes a emergency announcement. Word had just reached him (magically) that Tilverton was soon to be under attack and under siege. Tilverton was not technically part of Cormyr, but they were right on the northern border and calling for aid. The army was already being mobilized but it is known that adventures could move faster. Most of the adventurers immediately sent out north, whether out of duty or out of adventure itself, who could say.

A noble by the name of Damaris Rowanmantle receives word from his home of Tilverton that his son was kidnapped. Greatly worried he ask around the adventures and offers 300 gold pieces to whomever will protect him and escort him directly home. The Four Winds are just one of three companys to accept his offer and they all travel by ship up to Tilverton.

Getting there after the orcs have broken through the siege and are in the town itself is chaos. The Four Winds arrive in the thick of the fighting and start escorting Damaris to his house, Rowanmanor. Along the way they end up fighting skirmishes of orc warriors and learn that these orcs are much better armed and trained then the ones they fought in Quiet Thunder. The other two groups get swept away in the fighting. Still they arrive at Rowanmantle and find it one of the biggest buildings still standing.

But not without its fair share of hits. It looked like a few stray siege weapon shots had hit it and there was a group of orcs trying to break in and loot the place. Rowanmantle had good security and his guardsman were holding a solid line but it was close to breaking. The Four Winds arrived and attacked from the flank, sparing the mansion from harm.

The rest of the night is described in the Story Section section for each individual. But the next morning Damaris calls them all in and ask them to search for his lost son. He gives them what information he can. He also tells them that Kord the Red Orc King himself was never in attendance in last nights battle and it is believed that he never came to Tilverton. Damaris is worried that the entire siege is only a feint for something else, though he has no idea what.

Following the information they have, the Four Winds soon learn that the young Rowanmantle was part of a adventuring company comprised completely of young Tilverton nobles. They were young and thought that banding together they could unite Tilverton itself. However they had yet to do anything more then purchase supplies and had never gone out to adventure. This apparently was going to be their first and they had picked a big target, they had set out to kill Kord.

During their investigation the group meets Talindra Starflower, who joins up with them. Figuring that an elven swords-woman, archer, spellcaster was bound to be very useful in a fight.

Threat from Sembia

After talking to the local centaurs that came to help, the chieftains son Yarel, puts the unconscious Zendros on his back and helps lead the group back to Quiet Thunder. The chieftain Therin Thunderhooves, will patrol the forest and mop up any survivors of Goreths horde.

Upon reaching Quiet Thunder, the group finds it under attack by orcs. It seems that Gorath left orders to his scouting troops to attack the city should the assault on the druid grove fail. The Four Winds combine their might with the rough Havies brothers and send the orcs packing. Having broken the last of the orcs strength in the region, the town of Quiet Thunder feels much safer and more secure now.

Donny Havies, the youngest of the brothers, comes to Ala about a problem with finances. He has enough money to buy his fiance a great wedding ring or new farm equipment they will need to grow more crops faster. But not enough to do both. Ala comes up with an alternative that has him enter a gambling tournament down in Wheelon, where if he wins he will have enough to do both and more besides. Thats what you get for asking a cleric of luck for advice.

Ormid the mayor ask a favor of the Four Winds. He ask CC to scout the surrounding area and make sure there are no more orcs nearby. He ask the rest to accompany him to nearby Thunderstone to meet with the kings taxman so he can tell him about the recent troubles and hopefully gain soldier reinforcements. As for Zendros, they put him in a farmers basement until he can regain consciousness.

It should also be noted that it was this night, that Shiney and Sunny meet a rather cold character for the first time. Shineys familiar Woody, was less then pleased.

Donny Havies leaves town to the south to enter a tournament. CC heads east to scout, Zendros stays unconscious in Quiet Thunder, and Sunny, Shiney, Polk, and Ala head to Thunderstone to protect Ormid.

The first thing CC does is travel to his small ruined home and bury his wife Kayana and their baby girl. During this time, CC finds traces of orcs fleeing the area, as well as a human coming down from the Thunderpeaks. Following the tracks he meets Tim the Paladin of Torm and Cinders the Hell Hound Pelt. The meeting ends with CC having Cinders and a very upset Tim. This will have far reaching consequences.

Upon reaching Thunderstone Ormid talks to Hurm Thiodor, the clerk of the crown in the city. He says that a mage is scheduled to show up soon and collect all axes for the year as well as hear the annual reports from all the village mayors. However the person that shows up is none other then King Azoun the Fourth himself!! Ormid isn’t sure why the king would show up but he is even more confused by the kings request.

King Azoun ends up asking for volunteers. Young fighting men from the villages. He keeps it private and only tells Ormid what he wants these men to do. Ormid refuses the king, who then angrily teleports away. Ormid then proceeds to drink heavily. Sunny, Shiney, and Ala eventually get him to say what the king wanted.

He wanted men to dress up as Sembians and attack other Cormyrian villages!! He wanted to start a hatred of Sembians to help wiht recruitment. He said it was the lesser of evils and that it had to be done.

While Ormid is explaining this, the mage shows up to collect the taxes. When Ormid ask about the king, the mage claims to have just teleported away from the king less then an hour ago, from back in the palace. Meaning that the real king had been in the palace the whole time.

Realizing they had been talking to a fake, the Four Winds hurry back to Quiet Thunder as fast as they can.

They are too late.

The town is being smashed by a group of warriors dressed in Sembia uniforms. CC shows back up and Zendros regain consciousness during this time. However neither get there in time to stop the slaughter and a entire house fell on top of the basement door Zendros had been in. The Four Winds, led by Porkchop, find Zendros and quickly give chase to the riders. With CCs excellent tracking they find a group of about twenty Sembians gathered in a field with a mage. The mage opens a teleportation portal and the riders start going through.

The Four Winds try to intercept and manage to take on the last couple of soldiers. They dont get any verbal information by they do find a symbol that they later identify as the Iron Throne trading coster.

They return to Quiet Thunder to report what they learned and help the villagers. Ormid calls in Gandrick, Father Feldis, and the Four Winds to council him as they decide if they should rebuild or move to Thunderholme until the problem is dealt with. The eventually decide to move the citizens to Thunderstone. The Four Winds will accompany them and then find a way to send word to the king that the attacks are not actually the fault of Sembia.

However that night Ormid is murdered in his sleep and a domino mask left on his corpse. Most recognize it as the calling card of the Night Mask, a powerful thieves guild in Westgate. They learn a young man named Erevis Cale had been in town asking about an Atheb Firewine. The young man was gone the next morning and it was thought he was the assassin. Sunny Underhill took possession of the mask which turned out to be enchanted. Though why an assassin would leave such a valuable item behind as a calling card wasn’t really clear.

Also that morning Tim the Paladin showed up in Quiet Thunder and ended up taking over the duties of leading the citizens to Quiet Thunder. CC stayed out of sight while he was in town.

So instead of leading the citizens they started to make there way to the capitol of Suzail. A fierce winter storm hit, stronger then any of the storms so far, and drove them to seek shelter in a hidden orcish stronghold they stumbled across. While exploring the small dungeon, they found information on a Shrine of the Eye that apparently was well hidden to the north, right next to the small halfling village of Thunderferry.

Deciding Thunderferry would also need to be informed, the group made a slight detour. They learned that the halflings were having problems of their own. Apparently wolves lead by a winter wolf (a creature not normally found in this climate) have been attacking the town. The group manage to track the wolves down, despite conflicting information between the ranger and druid as to where the wolves were. And the party got to see that Zendros was quite violent with wolves, druid oath not withstanding.

After helping out the group went to purchase supplies, Shiney meet an enterprising halfling merchant named Eltibald Lastlight but decided against investing his money. The group traveled from there to a hidden shrine of Temple of the Eye. An interesting shrine because it praised both Correlion Latherion and Grumnsh. This shrine seemed dedicated to the eternal struggle between orcs and elves. After solving some riddles the party took on the test of the eye. They handled the intelligence and combat test easily enough, but failed to overcome the physical obstacle test. Despite this CC ended up with a elven sword that seemed to respond more to his elven blood.

After returning to Thunderferry they hear news of more hamlets being attacked by Sembian troops and quite a few locals are infuriated. The small eastern lands of Cormyr are more then willing to go to war against Sembia at this point. Though why the Iron Throne would want to start a war is unknown. They also hear of an adventuring competition taking place down in Wheelon.

Figuring that Wheelon, the biggest city they would have visited so far, would be a great place to inform a higher ranking official about the bogus charges against Sembia, the group heads down there. They move even faster when Polk claims he will have to find another group to tutor.

The beggining

Sunny, CC, Zendros, and Shiney all meet each other for the first time in the sleepy village of Quiet Thunder. Zendros was looking for help to investigate the strange plant blight in the area and CC was tracking a group of orcs that came nearby. Sunny seemed happy to join and Shiney had total amnesia. The four became a party that would later become the basis of the Four Winds.

They meet the day before the Harvest Festivale, a local contest done every year to determine the best of the best in certain skills. The Four Winds won the contest and the trophy cup. A minor magical device that would allow healing twice per day. That night however the village was attacked by a scouting party of orcs. CC found signs of Goreth Stoneeyes, son of Kord.

Zendros convinced the party to see his mentor, the great druid Starhawk. Zendros lead the party to the sacred Druid grove in the Hullack Forest. However, other then Zendros, there were no druids to be found. They were all up north trying to find the source of the blight. However Zendros soon learned the great tree itself had a task for them and the Four Winds ventured into the very tree to clean out the corruption. They were successful and were giving a gift of a powerful druid shield which CC ended up possessing.

Party tracked the orcs to Thundergap Fortress, a fortress that was abandoned a few years ago when a white dragon was terrorizing the region. Finding it occupied by orcs they cleared them out and discovered Frosttail. Frosttail was a very young dragon only about five years old. Turns out it was his mother that had been terrorizing the fortress those years ago. She had to stay in Cormyr until she laid her eggs. Once Frosttail was a few years old, she flew off to colder climates. Frosttail was much to young and weak to make the flight, so he stayed behind.

The Four Winds cleared out the fortress and made an allie in the young dragon. They also learned the reason the fortress was so lighty guarded was because Goreth had taken his main force and marched on the now empty Druids grove.

The Four Winds had a druid with them and moved much faster. Knowing they could move faster then an orc horde through an unfriendly forest they quickly returned to Quiet Thunder to inform Ormid, the town mayor. They meet Ala of Tymora and Polk the Teamster while in town. Both of which quickly decided to join the group and head to the druid grove. One proved more helpful then the other.

Goreth meet some local centaurs, treants, and other protecters of the forst that could whittle down Goreth’s numbers and by the Four Winds some time. The group fortified the clearing and laid as many traps and barriers as they could. Near the end, Zendros somehow performed a druidic ritual and fused with the tree itself.

The battle was long and fierce. The Four Winds used every trick and power at their disposal, including their friendship with young Frosttail. But in the end Goreth Stoneeyes died and his horde was crushed. A friendship with the centaur people was forged, although Zendros missed the entire incident as he had slipped into a magic induced coma.


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