Whispering Wind

Gnome built spelljammer


90 foot long = 6’ ram, 66’ boat, 12’ paddle wheel, 6’ rudders
55 foot tall = 2’ weight, 6’ lower cabin, 3’ crawl space, 6’ upper cabin, 38’ mast
22 foot wide = 22’ widest area of main deck, sails stretch 30’ wide.
4 foot draw in water under almost no load. 7 foot draw under normal max load.

Max 145HP, 5 Hardness*, AC12*, 25SR, Maneuverability F in water, D in Air.

Maneuverability is how well ship handles from A – F. F being the worst. A= hummingbird, F= Zeppelin

  • this is the hardness and AC of the ship itself, not counting the Helmsman’s and Captain’s Piloting and Sailor checks.

A captain can get bonus’s to his roll depending on how well the crew is working (skill and morale). You need skill more then morale. No matter how happy a crew is, if they dont know what they are doing when sailing (like your companions) then they are ineffective. Morale only comes into play with NPCs, players decide how happy their characters are.

Skill Levels: Unskilled, Barely Trained, Normal, Well Trained, Old Salts and give -2, -1, 0, +1, +2 respectively. So you guys were actually at minus two that whole battle vs the Neogi (I had already calculated it in) if you have a mixed crew of various training levels we just go with the majority.

Morale: Mutiny, Unhappy, Normal, Happy, Till Death: each -2 , -1 , 0 , +1 ,and +2 respectivly.

Speed= three modes: Normal, Speedy, Tactical.

Normal = Speed also available when on water and no Helmsman. Moves about 18 mph with the wind in good weather under full speed (22 with oars). When flying this can go as much as 50mph with only gentle turns. Cost 1 spell level/turn+PR.

Speedy = Only available outside a planets atmosphere. Assumes the Helmsman is also keeping the air bubble active and gravity stable. Moves a little less then the speed of light.
Cost 1 spell level/turn+PR,

Tactical = Increases maneuverability dramatically to shift and change for combat or sharp narrow turns. Pretty much a sitting duck if trying to fight in another Speed mode. Can be used inside or outside planets atmosphere. Inside gravity the Helmsman must take on the weight of the ship, but no longer has to worry about the air bubble or gravity, vice versa if used in space. Either way cost is 1 spell level/round no PR. If ever in a atmosphere and Helmsman still has to maintain airbubble and/or gravity then twice that cost.

PR = Piloting Ranks. Skilled helmsman usually have Profession Piloting (not a knowledge check) and can add their ranks and stat bonus to their time in Speedy or Normal modes. For example a mage with 8 ranks in piloting and a +3 Int only needs to spend 1 spell level for every 21 minutes of flying in Speedy or Normal mode (10 normal +3 for Int +8 for ranks = 21). This is how lower level casters can maintain Helming for so long. If you dont have any ranks in Piloting then you only get 10 minutes per spell level no matter how good your stat bonus is.

If that was a bit confusing, just reread it. If nothing else dont worry about it because Mike understands the mechanics. Damian just needs to put 1 rank in Piloting to double his effectiveness. Finally please note that there are three different skills in play during a ship battle. Profession Piloting (the Helmsman), Profession Sailor (the Captain), and Knowledge Engineering (firing the siege weapons).

To operate the ship in combat the Helmsman automatically wins first initiative and the Captain automatically has second. The rest of initiative is determined normally. Neither the Helmsman nor the Captain can do anything else while operating the ship in combat except Free and At Will actions. It counts as their full round action just to make the skill checks.

Both Helmsman and Captain roll skill checks Profession Pilot and Profession Sailor respectively. For every 5 points they get, they add 1 point to the crews attack bonus, the ships AC, and the ships Hardness. In addition, anyone firing the siege weapons rolls a Knowledge Engineering check and for every five points, adds 1 to their attack roll. If they dont have any ranks in knowledge engineering then they skip this part and go straight to their attack roll. Attacks are 1d20 + any bonus from the engineering check, + whatever bonus the captain and helmsman provided this round.

10 Cannon Balls/ 20 Ballista Bolts/ 4 Catapult Rocks = 1 ton each category

Most ships carrying extra lumber, nails, rope, tar, and other supplies to repair at sea. I’m going 30gp = 1hp worth of repair. And 20HP = 1 ton of space. Every square of unused space = 1 ton worth of storage .


The backstory of this item can be found in the Places tab.

Whispering Wind

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