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This monster is known as Chezzagor. It is still unknown if that is the name of the species or the individual monster. It can be assumed it is the individual monster mostly because no more then one at a time has never been reliably witnessed. However there have been times when Chezzagor was seen in two different places that were far apart withen a very small timeframe. Because if this there may indeed be more then one or Chezzagor may have some sort of powerful teleportation magic.

Chezzagor is gargantuan, at least 190’ from one of its snouts to the tip of the tail. The creature is powerful, protected by scales far stronger then normal steel plate armor, and apparently has the ability to vomit up a stream of acid out of any of its multiheads. The number of heads has never been reliably counted.

The creature is powerful enough to knock over buildings almost by accident but only basic animal intelligence. The creature is evil and vindictive however and likes to kill for sport. The creature seems to have total immunity to poison and acid, as well as ignores charm and illusion spells. It is unknown if Chezzagor is immune to them or just to stupid to respond to them. It should be noted that Chezzagor has never been seen out in a thunderstorm and doesnt seem to like them. A few times it has been reported that Chezzagor broke off of a fight it could have easily won when a thunderstorm broke out.

Finally the creature hates music played by any sort. Chezzagor will try to kill or destroy any music source to the exclusion of anything else unless presented with a truly dire threat.


The creature was miracuasly defeated by the Four Winds Corymrian Adventuring Chartered Company. The bounty has been paid. A celebration broke out amoung many swamp neighboring communities such as Quiet Thunder, Cloudside, Thunderferry, and Thunderstone. On a side note there is a legal matter regarding a halfling selling “where were you when Chezzagor died?” tunics that made a small fortune but did not have the offical documentation of the local magistrates permission. The great hydra is forever dead. The mysterious entrupenor halfling is still at large.


unknown 8

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