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Alot of this information comes from the Ruby Swords themselves, which shows just how dangerous this monster really is, considering the Ruby Sword adventuring group from Sembia has destroyed every other monster they have tried to collect the bounty on.

This creature is made of earth and water it seems, and likes it just find in the swamp. It doesnt seem to like much of anything else however. At approximatly 10 feet tall and probably weighing about 11,000 lbs, this elemental like creature has fought everything its come across……. and won. Even the dreaded Titan Hydra Chezzegor (recently defeated by the Four Winds) lost when it tangled with this unnamed creature. Though Chezzegor lived to run away.

The creature seems to only be able to sense creatures either touching the ground or water. The monster is completly blind it appears and uses some sort of Tremersense to know where its foes (which is anything) are. It attacks by swinging its powerful fist in hammerlike strokes to drive its opponents into the ground. The creature shows no fear nor much intelligence about its attacks and will usually just attack the clossest target.

In case you have read this far and think you have a strategy about fighting this creature, THINK AGAIN! There isnt a huge bounty on this guy because he has a few quirks, this guy is seriously bad ass! Maybe you should pick on something a bit easier, like the Ginormas Hounds of Hell or something. So far to record, nothing has been able to hurt this creature. Fire, Ice, Acid, Poison ….. None of it worked. Yeah yeah we tried Sonic, and while it did technically hurt him, he healed it up instantly. I am only calling it a he for pronoun purposes, I think its an elemental and has no gender but anyway smart guy ….. which one of us is the scholar and which one of us is the retarded adventurer with a death wish? Thats what I thought, so shut up and let me talk!

No weapon has been able to scratch him and no spell to date has hurt him. True, not that many recorded fights against him are on record so its more then possible SOMETHING out there must hurt him, but divinations dont seem to work on this creature unless its withen line of sight. The creature has some sort of Antidivination field that makes scrying impossible. And the only way to track it is the old fashioned way. Better bring a ranger. Or at least someone that knows the swamp.

Oh. And one more thing. The creature seems to be able to dispel flying enchantments at will. It is a theory the creature can dispell any enchantment at will but doesnt bother with anything but the flying. Nothing else bothers it.

So there ya go. Good news = Creature blind, only has tremer sense in ground and water. Stupid as a rock.

Bad news = Seems completly invulnerable, Armor like a dragons, ignores magic, even if it gets hurt it instantly seems to heal all damage. Oh yeah, and it hits like a horse carrage at full gallop.

Happy Hunting!


unknown 7

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