unknown 4


A weird creature that rose out of the shallow water area near the new crater of Marsember. The creature was seen only once and the town was lucky that the the leader of the Golden Gauntlets, Tim the Paladin was there. He faced the creature in single combat and despite the the weird and terrible magics it threw at him, destroyed it easily.

On the chance that this creature is not unique it should be noted that the creature is very vulnerable to holy magic and spells that affect evil creatures. Also protections against the concept of Evil seem to ward off many of its possibly more devastating attacks.

According to spectators, if the creatures opponent hadent been a mighty paladin, the battle may have gone an entirely different way. A statue of Tim is planned to be erected when the pier is rebuilt in honor of the brave paladins valor.

The reward for such creatures is only 500gp a head. Due to the misprint on the wanted poster, half your research money will be returned.


unknown 4

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