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Without a doubt the saddest of all the new monster cases. This lionlike creature was once known as Faxthaxinthrical. It calls itself Leon Justice now and only speaks Celestrial. This creaute is a type of celestrial being from the upper planes that apparently found itself trapped in some sort of spell when the Obrasker Fort became the Obrasker Ruins. Something happened to Faxthaxinthrical. It may have been some Infernal influence that radiates from the Ruins. It may have been Shar who seems to have taken a keen interest in the Vast Swamp. Or it may be something else altogether.

The fallen celestrial seems to be trying to clean up all “sins”, which seems to include everyone an everything. No one is pure enough in Leon Justice’s eyes, and all must be cleansed. Leon seems to want to be Olympus’s sword on this plane.

Not to sound callow but the ideal solution would seem to be to let the creature alone and let him fight the true evil creatures roaming the swamp. Leon has already slayed several that we didnt even know about till we found the corpses. The solution seems simple, either Leon kills all evil in the swamp and we deal with him then. Or a evil monster kills Leon and we never have to deal with him.

This scholars opinion aside, if you DO decide you want to try your might against a celestrial champion, Be aware that it is a powerful Celestrial with all the powers one might expect from a Lantern or Solar deva. Leons exact race is unknown so what his potential is, is also unknown. It can be assumed he has extra powers for killing those magic judges more evil on the cosmic scale, and likewise has a weakness against evil.

I would recommend doing more indepenant study on celestrial beings in general before trying to find Leon. As a last note, I would add that killing a celestrial, even a confused one like Leon, just cant look good on the resume when facing your fate in the Afterlife.


unknown 19

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