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A powerful bladeling spellthorn. Spellthorn is much like an elven bladesinger in that they ruthlessly blend magic and melee into one vicious art.

Named Dishthinter, this bounty hunter dissapered eons ago on this planet chasing a neogi fugitive. The details of the fugitive are unknown but it is known that Dishthinter was the most powerful bounty hunter of his time when he disappeared. The bounty for Dishthinter stands at 7000gp and Vangerdhast himself will be interested in some of ancient magic items he may be carrying.

However there have been no actual takers for Dishthinters bounty. Not so much because of his powers (which are formidable) but because further search into bladeling lore reveals that the only way to advance in rank amoung the spellthorns is to kill someone of higher rank. At the time of his disappearance, Dishthinter had the highest rank possible. Since his dissapearance the rank of ultimate spellthorn has been passed to others, but the chance to defeat one of the heros of their legacy may be too much fr a bladeling to resist.

If a native of Fearun defeats Dishthinter then they will have some of the most powerful spellthorns in the galaxy looking for them to prove themselves. And it is believed that both melee and magic have been advanced amoung their training since Dishthinter roamed space over 2000 years ago. So the bounty hunters now are even more skilled then Dishtinter was.


Dishthinter has been defeated by the Four Winds Corymrian Adventuring Chartered Company. The bounty has been paid and contract completed. However this may cause problems for the Four Winds in the future as stated above. The Four Winds should be aware that the most dangerous bladeling assassns in the multiverse will target them, trying to gain Dishtinters prestige.


unknown 15

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