Ship Upgrades

for Whispering Wind


Ship Upgrades. Read bottom for info on gnomes doing the work. In case you havent noticed about this site (obsidian portal) the text does not allow for any spacing. As such I am having trouble getting the columns to line up and it is a little hard to read.

Armor Plating HP added AC Hardness Cost Technoligy Days
Darkwood 10HP +1AC +1HARD 30k(gp) DC35 30days
Iron 20HP +3AC +3HARD 60k(gp) DC35 60days
Mwork Iron 25HP +4AC +4HARD 75k(gp) DC40 75days
Mithral 30HP +6AC +6HARD 90k(gp) DC45 90days

Hull Fortifications: An extra 1200gp per time. Adds 20 extra hp that falls off when demolished. Craft DC 30. 12 days

Masterwork Controls: 4800gp +2 bonus to all sailoring checks made by the pilot (Captain) Craft DC 40 5 days

Masterwork Jammer: 5k gp same as Masterwork Controls, but for the Spelljammer Helm (only gnomes can do)

Featherwood: 8k gp allows the ship to float like a feather when no one is at the helm and in atmosphere. Craft DC 35. 8 days
Already upgraded. (you already have this feature, this is just how it would work to put it on another ship)

Buoyant Hull: 12k gp Never slowed no matter how heavy cargo is in water, cannot sink until ship is totally destroyed (0hp)
Craft DC 45. 12 days

Treated Wheel: Grants bonus to the captain (or whoever is steering) stacks with Masterwork Controls.
Bonus Cost DC Time (in days)
+5 8k 30 5
+10 20k 40 20
+15 45k 50 45

Fireball Catapult 37,650gp This is a +2 Catapult that can also turn its boulder into a meteor 3/day. Still must hit target and it does an additional 8d6 fire damage on top of normal damage. If fired at a creature and misses, a reflex DC14 saving throw is still required for half damage. Craft DC45. 37 days

Storm Ballista 20,800gp This is a +1 ballista that can also fire Lightning Bolts 3/day. If aimed at a ship or other structure, use ballista rules to determine a hit. If used on living creatures, treat as the lighting bolt spell. Travels 150’ doing 5d6 damage. Reflex DC14 half. When used in this manner, a normal ballista bolt is not used. Still takes a full round of charging up to fire and still needs a operator (but not a caster). Craft DC 30. 20 days

Rod of Repair 45k gp Can repair constructs and structures 5d8 points of damage per day. Craft DC 42. 45days

Now you have some of the best engineers in the buisness under your employ. Might as well put them to work. If the gnomes work on this then the rules work as follows. First it only takes half the listed cost for the gnomes to build it. In addition they can scavange for materials, making it even cheaper (see below for scavange). Second they have another class skill called Cobble which speeds up the process immensly. The problem is, at the end of the time period he has to make a Craft Tech check. If he succeeds then you have your item or upgrade the same as if you paid full price. But if he fails then you lost all the money and time he put into it.

Scavange is normally roll a search check equal to the Craft DC +10. If successful then a free 50gp/2 levels. Epecet has a feat that increases this to 75gp/2 levels. So at 13th level (I think thats what he is) that would be a free 450gp worth of materials on a successful check. He also has a class skill called Coolness Under Fire, which allows him to take ten on any search or craft check (actually it allows him to take ten on any d20 roll, even attacks and saves). Oswald can help, either by making his own search check and the two of them pooling their resources, or adding half his ranks on search check on to Epecets roll. Must decide before rolling the first.

Cobble decreases the amount of time it takes to build something tremendously. From shortest to longest= round/minute/hour/day/week/month/year/decade/century/mellenium. So if something is supposed to take a month or less, he can do it in a week. If it takes a week or less, he can do it in a day, from a day to an hour, and hour to one minute, etc, etc. So if he wants to build a Storm Ballista (20 days) he can use cobble and try to make it in 7 days. If he tries the Fireball Catapult (37 days) he can use Cobble once and reduce it from a month (30 days) to a week. After that week he will have 7 days left, he can use another cobble and reduce that down to one day. So by using cobble twice he can reduce 37 days to 8.

All this can be found in the Tinker section.


You dont have to remember what Scavange, Coolness Under Fire, or Cobble all do or exactly how it works. This is just in case you were curious how the system works and that Im not making it up on the spot. The prices came out of the magazine where I found all this stuff. The DCs are actually just 10 harder then the Profession Shipbuilding DCs listed in the book. Craft technoligy is very vague and very flexable. As such it can be used to cover just about all technoligy checks, its just ten harder then the specific ones. Also Epecet and Oswald can do the work of an entire shipwrights crew in the same amount of time, by themselves.

Ship Upgrades

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