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You guys remember Shanger? The female half elven merchant girl that you guys have run into a few times. Anyway you guys have bought from her on several occasions and she keeps an eye out for some high end magical gear. She doesnt have any of these on hand when you meet her in Quiet Thunder but she has a list of some high gear magical items that she can get her hands on if you guys are interested.

She knows you guys are good for it, so she doesnt ask for any money up front. Just your promise that once she gets it to you, you will buy it. The prices include all tax, delivery, and the discount she always gives you guys.

Spellarmor: Elven chainmail +3 Magic eating (every successful save vs magic heals 1pt/level of spell cast. Includes spells stolen, even harmless ones) and Ghost Ward (adds the +5 of the chain mail to Touch AC). No arcane spell failure if wearer is elven or halfelven. 36,000gp. (Arylin Starflower bought this)

Mithral Chain of Freedom +3. Permanent Freedom of Movement effect. 36,000gp

Neverfall: a suit of elvenchain +4 that grants +5 to Reflex and Fortitude saves and balance checks. Also grants Mobility. 58,900gp.

Juggernaunt: Studded Leather +5, all damage is halved. 80,000gp

Spelldodger: Breastplate+4 with SR 17. 42,900gp

Barbaric Breastplate: +4 with Fearsome Grapple 2/day and Death Armor 2/day. Also allows another rage/day. 47,900gp

Gloves of Arrow Snaring 60,000gp

Ring of Wizardry 1st: 19,000gp

Rings of Feather Falling: 2,200 (counts as perm. self only)

Ring of Electrical Resistance 10: 3500gp (perm)

Ring of Substanance: 2500gp (perm)

Ring of Counterspell: 4000gp (perm)

Rod of the Python: 15,000gp

Amulet of Natural Armor +5: 40,000gp

+3 Guantlets: 1100gp

Staff of illumination: 61,000gp 3charges/day

Helm of Underwater Action: 39,000gp

Rod of Lesser Empower Magic = 13,000gp

Wands (fully charged)

knock = 5000

Mir Image= 5000

Levitate = 5000

Bull St = 5000

Cure LW = 2200

Hold Person = 9000

Magic Missile = 4000

Color Spray = 2000

Shatter = 5000

Daze Monster = 2900

Finally any potion or scroll (other then Cure Disease) of 3rd level or lower. Including a potion of Love for 450gp!

And of course any weapon or armor up to +2 enchantment if any of you want that.


Shanger is also in the characters tab. Visit there if you want more info on her personality, backstory, and apperance.

Shanger's current stuff

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