Zena of the Lightningpeak Clan


A rather powerful female barbarian warrior. She has gone through severa increasingly powerful weapons in her travels and her most recent is nonother then the Sword of War. A +3 Bastard sword with the unique power to be able to crit anything. Whether or not it should be critable. She protects herself with an almost equally powerful shield Mysteries of the Dead. A +4 large shield that makes her immune to instant death attacks. She has powerful rings, armor, and other gear to go with this.


Her backstory is a sad one and can be found in the Stories section. In a nutshell she tried to rescue her brother from the clutches of the Mind Flayer Shaalabhak and only succedded in getting caught along side him. She was eventually saved by a group of dwarves from Thunderholme and returned to her people.

She returned to Thunderholme not long after to train in the art of fighting by Brameth Hornhelm since non of her kinsmen would teach a woman fighting. Not many dwarves would either but Brameth was a woman herself and felt a heartship towards young Zena. Upon returning to her clan later she learned that her brother Voon had again set out on his own and manage to get himself caught by a Fire Giantess. She set off to rescue him.

She arrived in time to scout out the capsite and was trying to figure out a way to sneak in and free her bother when a druid blundered in and disrupted the entire thing. This was her introduction to the Four Winds.

She journeyed with the group for some time and had many adventures. Traveling through the kingdom and into Sembia. Fighting monsters, humans, and conspiricies. Even a black dragon follower of Shar on the Plane of Shadow. However after defeating Shaalabhak and freeing some of her tribesman from the evil creatures clutches, she decided it was time to retire from this life and return to her people of the Lightningpeak Clan. Her friendship with the dwarf Bane Hammerstriker left a long lasting influence about the positive relationship between the barbarian people and their subteranean dwarven neighbors. She is currently struggling with her clan to survive the constant surprises Cormyr keeps throwing at her, but her people are glad for her strong sword arm and worldly ways.

There is even rumors that after Tu’Doren, the current chief, steps down that Zena will be wanted for the next one. She would be the first woman in all the Lightningpeak Clans history to be made chief.

Welcome to motherhood Vel!!!! Hope you enjoyed playing with us.

Zena of the Lightningpeak Clan

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