Woody is a weasel. Id like to say he is a ferocious weasel, or a devious weasel, or even a extraordinarily cunning weasel. But he is just an ordinary weasel. Yep. Eseribob, Nothing unusual going on about this weasel at all. Nope. Dont know what your talking about.


About Woodys background? Man you ask alot of questions. Well since you went through all the trouble to click on this page. With the one click of the mouse and all, I guess I can answer your question.

Woody showed up on the road running towards a young confused half elven sorcerer named Shiney on the eve before the Harvest Festival in the small town of Quiet Thunder.


No! Damn your greedy.

Well I dont really know where Woody came from before that. Whats the point? Just some mages familiar after all. Lets try some divination……………

Hmmm… What does “Error, this spell has performed an illegal operation and needs to shut down. If you think you have reached this answer in error please try your casting again. If problem persist please consult your nearest Weave provider.” mean?


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