Walzashion Rangeweaver

Elven peasent


A common male elf with no exceptional skills or abilites. Son of a powerful wizardess and skilled ranger. Deceased. Willed himself to die to avoid spawning children for Loviators ilk.


Walzashion Rangeweaver may not have had much in the ways of skills or abilites, but he made up for that with the power of his love and sheer willpower. He fell in love with a human female named Stramya Rain and planned to marry. Stramya accompanied Walzashion and the rest of his small village when they were making their way from the Cormanthor Forrest to the Sword Coast, where the rest of his people would sail onto Evermeet. Stramya and Walzashion planned to settle in the Sword Coast for awhile, probably the end of Stramyas natural life, before Walzashion would move on.

However they ran afoul with priestessess of Loviator led by Shalissa Mordiki. The whole story can be found in the story section under Damians Wish, Take 2

This information was hidden from the Four Winds until Damian Mordiki used a wish spell specifically asking about Walzashion Rangeweaver.

Walzashion Rangeweaver

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