Zenas sickly brother


A tall but broken man, Voons tale is a sad one. Once a promising young warrior, now physically broken and mentally scarred from an encounter with a creature man was never meant to face.


Voon was a very powerful warrior not to long ago. But he talked with a dwarf named Gandegar Strongarm and was convinced that he could take down the monster of the mountain. He traveled into the mountain of the Thunderpeaks and quickly became captured. Turns out the monster of the mountain was Shaalabhak, a mind flayer.

A week later his sister Zena followed trying to find and rescue him but only ended up getting herself captured. They were however freed by dwarves looking for Gandegar.

Voon was forever changed from this. Shaalabhak had nothing to feed humans so the creature cut out Voon’s own muscles and fed them to him. He also ate portions of his mind rather then the entire brain and Voon is now a disabled cripple. However he does have visions that allow him to see the future.

His life as a warrior is over, but he has become a seer of sorts among the Lightning Peak clan. He later saw that Zenas fate resided in the lowlands and would be meet in the Hullack Forest. He also forsaw that he would never be able to talk his protective sister into leaving his side. He snuck away but left a trail to follow that led down to the Hullack Forest, where he let himself be captured by a Fire Giantess that was trying to build a mineshaft in the forest.

Zena couldn’t talk the superstitious menfolk of her tribe to find her brother so she once again set out to rescue him. There she meet the Four Winds and brought their number up to seven. Voon stayed behind in the care of Starhawk the druid and Therin and Yarel the centaurs.

Voon is currently with his clan with his sister Zena and chief Tu’Doran. Also right here is the easter egg that will grant one limited wish to whomever finds it and points it out to me first.


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