Captain Melwreck

Halfelven Captain of the Blue Vengence


He is a mid level sorcerer, great negotiater, and fantastic sailor. He is a good person that is trying to form a pirate hunting vessale and calling hardened adventurers to his deck.

The Blue Vengence is his pride and joy. He is allways saving up trying to outfit her with better armor and armorment. He is currently on hire to keep watch in the Dragonmere to watch Cormyrs southern border. Especially from either Sembia or Westgate, though Teziir may try something as well.

While well decorated in several smaller skirmishes, the Blue Vengeance hold distinction as as being only one of two ships (the other being the Whispering Wind) to foil the attack on Wheelon and immediatly sail on to Marsember to fight off pirates and sahaguin almost singlehandedly holding the waters till the Cormyrian navy and Purple Mages could arrive.


Everyone onboard the Blue Vengeance has a nickname and the Captain is no different. He is called Threefeet because he is always doing at least three things at the same time. A captain sometimes gets real busy calling all the orders and checking on the entire ship but Melwreck has taken it to another level and is always multitasking. Some of the crew thinks he even multitasks in his sleep.

He has good relations with the Four Winds, whom he has worked with on several occasions. Especially Arylin Starflower whom they have pulled from the icy waters at midnight on two seperate occasions now.

He went with the Four Winds in space against the neogi fleet. He acted as Captain when Sunny Underhill went into the depths of the main citidel to confront Tyrankalis. He is the reason the Whispering Wind was still functional and waiting for the Four Winds to return.

Captain Melwreck

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