Thefick Treber

CCs father Ranger of the Iron Throne


Very dangerous ranger who clearly despises elves. He apparently has several items specifically against elves as well as his favored enemy bonus’s. He has only been encountered twice. Once he fought both Talindra and CC at the same time, with very bad results for the Four Winds. The second time he took on a Blademaster of the elven embassy and left the blademaster dead. He seemed sick last time he was spotted however.

He was recently encountered a third time, almost dead from the plague. Despite his prediciment, he showed no remorse for what he had done to Talindra, CCs mother, or many other elves before them. He was however stunned to learn that CC was his son. He still hadnt entirelly come to terms with it during the trip back to Suzial.


It is known that Thefick raped CCs mother and killed her husband. It is just another of a long line of crimes he has committed against the elven people. It is unknown where this hostillity against the fey folk come from but it runs deep.

When he faced CC in Sembia, he showed no recognition that he was facing his own flesh and blood. It is unknown if that knowledge would have slowed his hand or driven it further.

He used to work for the Iron Throne but they have been shut down for over half a year now. He was seen in the Thunderpeaks working with both the Lightning Peak clan and the dwarves of Cloudside until Zena and Bane warned their people of him. However Thefick seemed to treat the nonelves in good faith. He was most recently spotted in Suzail, in poor health but still very dangerous.

He was recently found by the Four Winds on his death bed, almost completly overcome by the plague. Only his fortitude and incredible ranger training allowed him to survive long enough to be found and taken by the Four Winds to King Azoun IV for information, which he only gave after being healed, pardoned, and granted asylum. During the entire trip he continued to insult and degrade elves, bragging about his conquest, both martial and otherwise, over the elven people.

He is currently being held as a guest at the palace in Suzial until such time as he sees fit to leave. He left the care of the palace while the Four Winds were in Mithral Hall. He was escorted to the old Iron Throne building and went inside the private vault contained withen. His escorts were apparently killed by a giant black globe of darkness that obliterated anything it touched. Neither Thefick, nor the globe of darkness have been seen since. However, many rumors put him at the church of Lathander at the time of Dawnmaster Bolobs death.

He apparently got himself some fancy new arrows, a wand of monster summoning, and managed to hide out in the Hullack Forrest until CC and Essodren combined their talents to track him down. He was fought and defeated by the Four Winds, but a Contingency in place teleported him away before the job could be finished. He will be more prepared next time.

He also seems to have something against Sunnys hat.

Thefick Treber

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