The Groupies

A bunch of Twighlit loving teens


A group of six young teens that loved the Twighlit plays that Paven Tapers wrote and put together. They are normal human teens that have no levels, powers, or special abilities. They are evenly split between three woman and three men.

Recently their numbers have grown. It still seems evenly split between men and woman, though it is no longer all the goth emo crowd. It has become a strange mix of usual loners and popular kids thrown together as the group now seems to have reversed posistion on vampires and no longer finds them attractive. They are still all young humans with no particular skills, powers, or abilitys.


A group of teen kids about 17 that loved Twighlit. However more recently they are trying to spread the word about devils not being as bad as originally thought. They try to show the virtue of obeying the rules, never lieing, and using whatever loophole is provided to get ahead. Despite their very passionate charismatic attitude, they are making little headway in a country that hates devils more then any other creature.

Very recently they have added quite a bit to their number as they have seemed to have switched posistions and are now promoting the new play “Suck This” which is about brave Cormyrian Purple Dragon soldiers fighting and killing nests of vampire cabals. This is a direct turn of how the young kids originally thought and is generally met with much approval from older townsfolk. Due to their turnaround, “Suck This” is going to be quite a hit. Time will tell if it can generate the kind of popularity that the original Twighlit did however.

The Groupies

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