Terra Firerock

Daughter of Belin Firerock, stoneteller priestess


The second highest achieving dwarf of Thunderholme, second only to Bane Hammerstriker. She is a stoneteller, a priestess that can speak to the very rock itself. She is very powerful considering her young age of 48.


It is rumored that she has much respect for young Bane, to her fathers disappointment. She is loyal to her family but still a bit young and naive. She brought great honor to her house when it was discovered her gift with talking to the stone. She saved many lives during the great fall.

The rift that has torn the dwarven people in two between the Firerocks and Hammerstrikers hurts her deeply. It is unknown if she will side with her family, Bane, or convince the two of them to mend their ways. Considering the stubbornness of dwarves, the last seems unlikely.

Updated 12-7-11

Went to the lost Thaig of the Shadowbeards looking for the staff Drathgara. She found it near the opening of the city but was attacked by several powerful moonbeast. She couldnt see them and ended up fleeing into the palace. She used her earth magic and made her way further and further in until she locked herself in a room with a bat nightstalker. She managed to hold it at bay with her clerical powers for a few hours. She would have eventually lost the battle but the Four Winds showed up and saved her. She gave the staff to Bane Hammerstriker for his safekeeping and is enthralled with him.

Terra Firerock

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