Anything you could imagine with a yellow scar over his left eye and white scar on his thigh.


Once known as Zendros he and his brother were young elven druids in training. One day he found his brother dying from a plague infested wound caused by Kord the Red King’s son’s sword (Goreth Stoneeyes). There was no chance of survival so his spirit joined into Zendros’ body. This is how he cast spells despite his lack of talent to cast spells. Zendros was more talented in the physical world, dealing with animals, tracking, etc. Neither could become a druid on their own but as one made a complete druid. Eventually, he became a master of shapeshifting and was known for the animals he could be. He even saved the druid grove on 2 seperate occasions. The first time he became one with the great tree and took on several of its traits. He then got captured by a mind flay and got overtaken by it. He now has many mental issues to deal with after that event.

Talon recieved instruction from the great druid tree to help plug the gaping hole in the Vast Swamp to the plane of Minarous. He went with his former companions one last time and in the end sacrificed both himself and his brother Brulis to form a barrier in the portal itself between the swamp layer of hell and the prime material. It is a sad fate that he must stand forever as a door that hopefully will never be opened.

Later it was discovered by other explorers that a large family of warthogs, led by a monstrously strong female, has made that tree their home. They are the only known warthogs to voluntarily inhabit a swamp.


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