Sunny Underhill

"This? I found it! ...on the ground. ...over there."


Sunny Underhill is the typical Halfling. Just over 3’ tall, his innocent smile eagerly displays his true inner self: simple, fun loving, prizing adventure over all other pursuits.

When in Cormyr Sunny typically wears his ornate full platemail armor that is decorated with his personal crest – a sun resting below rolling hills. He is also fond of his fancy Cormyrian captains hat, complete with a Diva feather! Unlike most halflings, he typically wears boots. He has a dagger at each hip, a mace on his left hip and a longsword slung from his back. He wears a good deal of jewelry too, including rings, badges and multiple necklaces.

Recently Sunny has been known to wear a strange set of black studded leather armor, especially when adventuring. The styling of the armor is very strange, possibly from lands far from Cormyr (the Oriental lands).


In the year 1335, a Halfling wine merchant named Jake Firewine was traveling into the city of Westgate to sell some of his wares. As he approached the city, he discovered a Halfling baby lying beside the road. He searched the area but found no sign of any caretakers nor how the child arrived there. He didn’t want to leave the defenseless child alone, so he took the child into the city. During the next several weeks Jake looked for the parents of the child, but was unsuccessful. He named the child Atheb Firewine. Soon it came time for him to move on and he still hadn’t found any parents or anyone that knew anything about Atheb. Fearing that a child so young would not fare well with life on the road, he made a heart wrenching decision to give Atheb over to a Halfling pipeweed merchant in town known as Old Pete. Old Pete cared for Atheb for some time, but soon gave him over to one of the orphanages in Westgate. As Atheb grew up, Old Pete served as a father figure for Atheb. Growing up on the streets of Westgate was a rough childhood for Atheb, but he learned how to survive, thrive and even developed a grand sense of adventure!

When Atheb was 18, he was given the chance to become an official member of the Night Mask thieves’ guild. In order to become a member, he needed to travel to Suzail in Cormyr and perform a simple robbery. He would receive help from two other guild members, a Dwarven locksmith named Latch and a Half Elf lookout named Sethis. Latch was able to break into a bakery where Atheb was to perform the robbery, but unfortunately Atheb was having trouble locating the item that he was to steal. After a few hours Sethis the scout called out for Atheb to flee because the city guards were coming. Atheb fled for his life and somehow managed to avoid the Purple Dragon city guard and a host of magical support that was sent to capture him. Miraculously he lost his pursuers and hid in a crate on a boat. From there he overheard several voices, including those of Sethis and Latch discussing the successful robbery that had been performed; the theft of the royal crown of Cormyr! They also mentioned that Atheb had been fingered as the thief, so their plan was a success. From what Atheb could hear, they were loading something into some nearby crates and before long the voices faded off into the distance. Atheb crept out of his hiding location and after investigating the crates that they were working on, he discovered a crown inside! Angry and wanting revenge for being setup, he took the crown, wrapped it up and proceeded out of Suzail. Knowing that the Purple Dragons AND the Night Masks would be looking for him, he buried the crown near a tree about a half days walk out of town. He couldn’t go back home and he couldn’t go back to Suzail, so he headed East for Sembia…and so his real adventures began.

Sunny Underhill

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