Torm worshipping paladin


First mate of the Blue Vengeance. Steelribs is a trident weilding breastplate wearing sailor who is unforgiving to evil on the high seas. He was really the only one to hold his own when compared to the physical might of the Four Winds during a sahugin invasion. He single handedly held a section of ship during the fight against Caspians fleet at the battle of Marsember.


His real name is Strimblin Drodrick from house Drodrick of Westgate. He figured his prowess would be more usefull in combat on the high seas then in political battles in the courts of Westgate. He joined the pirate hunting Blue Vengeance and quickly worked his way to First Mate. He swears worse then any other sailor on board and is quick to anger, though never enough to break his paladin code.

He is nicknamed Steelribs because of his love of eating the hottest, spiciest, or biggest dishes Pig can whip up. He is a national eating champion of the local region and has competed internationally. Coming up with something nondangerous that he wont eat is a challenge Pig is still trying to to conquer.

He went with the Four Winds in space against the neogi fleet. He was one of the strongest fighters other then CC to stay on board and hold the ship for the rest of the Four Winds to finish the job.


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