Leader of the Druidgrove


A wise calm powerful druid. Highest level druid of the region with much magical might and allies to call on. Was Brulis’s and Zendros’s mentor.


Starhawk has had a busy year. First he lost an apprentice (Brulis) to a strange withering plague affecting all plants, then had to gather up all the nearby druidic might to go battle a strange power gathering in the northern Thunderpeak mountains. The battle raged for months and the druids were dropping one by one slowly as the tried to contain a horrible presence from entering our world. The presence was Yurtrus, orcish god of rot and disease. He was actually stopped by Zendros with the help of the Four Winds. The backlash of sealing Yurtrus away caused a massive earthquake that shook the Thunderpeaks and had far reaching consequences.

Starhawk then spent the next several months trying to put the land right again so crops could once again be planted and do what he could to help the forest recover. However it soon became apparent that winter was going to be harsh this year and he helped the forest prepare to deal with a prolonged cold snap. The winter turned out to be unnatural and possibly never ending. Faced with a terrible desicion of destroying the Druid Tree or letting his only apprentice face the unknown presence that resided withen, Starhawk let his student risk his life. The storm that followed was horrendous and delivered a major blast to anything withen 500 square miles. But when it was all said and done the tree was healed and nature could resume.

No sooner was that problem dealt with then his precious Hulluck Forest, already imperiled by the blight, winter, and storm, was now being deforested on both sides by the dwarven people and the Cormyrian government. Both needed lumber to rebuild and his please for patience fell on deaf ears. He almost got through to the dwarves, as he seemed to have an allie in Bane Hammerstriker, but when Belin Firerock accended the throne instead, the dwarves came again with their axes.

It is thought that the insect plagues that sweep the countryside are his doing, and indeed it has affected the Cormites on the western edge of the forest badly as well as driven off the dwarves from the east. He claims innocence but says nothing about the druid assassin that has been preying on Cormyrian nobles. Especially anyone who has contracted logging rights.


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