Female half elven merchant


A young resourceful woman who has run across the Four Winds several times. She tries to keep her eyes open for information or items they would buy from her. She has several rather rare and unique items that she can get ahold of if she knows the pay is forthcoming.


She is determined to make it in the world and is starting at the bottom of just traveling from villige to villige trying to make a profit and a name for herself. So far her biggest success and sales have come from the Four Winds as a constant source of income. She has ran across them by chance several times and both sides came away happy.

Recently she was doing quite good as a premiere merchant when dealing with the dwarves of Cloudside, but when Bane lost the throne to Belin, her fortunes changed. She was forbidden from showing back up and hasnt been seen in weeks.

She showed back up a little later in Wheelon, trying to wait out the plague and offered the Four Winds some items she could get her hands on if the pay was good. So far Arylin Starflower and Damian Mordiki have been the only ones to take advantage of it but others are interested.

Once the plague died down she went back on her trading route to Suzail and up to Arabel to resupply and make some money. On the way back she was ambushed by Thefick Treber who forced himself upon her after killing her guards. She only escaped death by a Contingency she had been unable to activate during Theficks vile act.

She showed back up in Quiet Thunder depressed and emotionally fractured. The Four Winds tried to comfort her and are now hunting down Thefick. It is unknown if she will come out of this.


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