Shalisa Mordiki

Priestess of Loviator


A very powerful head priestess of Loviator. Not only powerful in her own right, but with an entire temple, tons of resources, and a small horde of minions to do her bidding. She is looking for her lost son Damian Mordiki.

She was killed in combat against the Four Winds. Essodren buffed up the group to even greater heroics, Bane and Sunny methodically took down all of her guards and withstood her onslaught of spells. Damians magic had the biggest impact, negating enough of her enchantments so that she could be hit and blunting the worst of her assaults. Bane Hammerstriker got in the final blow.

However that was not the end of the evil of Shalisa Mordiki. Her soul was captured by the goddess she served and forced into a adamantium golom, a prison she had been reserving for her son. The Four Winds ventered down and destroyed the golom host as well, forever killing the wicked cleric. CC struck the last blow Shalisa ever felt.


She is evil and cruel to the extreme. Loviator is the Mistress of Pain and Shalisa is a duitiful follower. She ruined every aspect of Damians wretched young life and apparently wants to finish the job.

Dead by Bane Hammerstrikers hand.

Loviator trapped her soul in a adamantium golom that had been ment for Damian as punishment. She would have had to spend all eternity serving her goddesses will without her soul being released. However eternity was only another couple of hours until the Four Winds found the golom and finished the job.

Truly dead by CCs hand.

Shalisa Mordiki

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