Mind flayer


This mind flayer is very powerful and has a special annomocaty towards the Four Winds. In particular Talon and Sunny Underhill who manage to hurt it the most. Missing the two tenticles on the left side of his face and left eye clouded in white. The left side of his face looks to be frostburnt.

Why the mind flayer is on the surface and not in the underdark with its kin is unknown. It had contact with Gandegar and used him as a minion until the dwarven mercenary got smart and purchased a ring that protects againts intrussions of the mind.

It is unknown why the mind flayer was taking captives of dwarves and barbarians when much easier prey was there to be had, but the fact remains that Shaalabhak was responsible for many disasters in Banes and Zenas life, as well has holds a grudge against Sunny and Talon.


Somewhere in his (her?) past Shaalabhak left the comforts of the Underdark and traveled further towards the surface. Snatching barbarians from the outside world and stray dwarves where he could. When he was discovered and run out he somehow found employment with Shar and spent some time in the Plane of Shadow. But met up with the Four Winds and was sent plunging towards the ground screaming in pain from over a mile in the sky.

He somehow escaped death and came after Zena, Voon, and several others of the Lightningpeak Clan after Zena tried to retire from adventuring life. He was recently found in a hidden cave in Thunderholme and sent retreating again into a nearby swamp, with Voon in tow.

Was found not long after and killed by Sunny Underhill by multiple stab wounds to the head.


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