Sephris, Chosen of Oghma

Sees everything as a math equation


Sephris is a middle age human male that sees everything as a math equation. Literally. It is presumed he doesnt even see people in flesh and blood. He does see wood and iron when he looks at ships. In all situations he sees everything as an equation and a formula. He talks only in math and is very hard to understand. While he believes he answers every question efficiently with no room for error, it is very open to interpretation. He does not know how to break things down to “laymans terms”. He resides in the House of Knowledge. A large temple of Oghma in Selguant.


Sephris was a normal young man from a smaller village in rural Sembia. It is unknown if he adventured and ran afoul with an artifact or Oghma himself spoke to him. Sephris never cast spells but can alter the very equation of a persons being to change them. He did this to both Talon and Bane after they ran afoul with Longtooth, the orc vampire.

Sephris rarely sleeps or eats. He cant seem to do anything without also writing down complex equations that make calculus look easy. He is constantly supplied with fresh ink and paper for his writing as he will write on the walls if out of paper and use his own blood if out of ink. The strain of this knowledge seems to slowly be killing Sephris, who is still mortal and still needs normal mortal needs.

Sephris, Chosen of Oghma

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