Shapeshifting druid


A powerful shapeshifting druid. One of Starhawks best and oldest friends. He stopped gaining power as a druid almost as soon as he could to focus on being a shifter and doesnt truly have a race anymore. He can turn into pretty much anything however so he is very hard to spot and easy to underestimate.


He talked to Zendros and Brulis and filled them both with stories of his shapeshifting ways that set their imaginations on fire. He hasnt been seen in some time now but considering he could be anyone anywhere, that isnt to hard to swallow. It is unknown what his current goal is but he is very mad about the encroachment on the Hullack Forest and disagrees with Starhawk about how to handle the situation.

Starhawk is the magic user of the two by far. Screech is much more hands on, which makes sense when you can turn yourself into a dire tiger or giant. He is very dangerous when upset.


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