Rickard Steelshield

Gruff wise dwarven ranger


A skilled ranger and good friend of now deceased Vivick. He considers himself a father figure to CC and Avisded. He is very competent and reliable in pretty much any situation and will never turn on his friends.


He treats Avisdad and CC as equals despite their younger status. He realizes that CC had to leave the ranger core after what he saw at the end of the Warlock War. He hopes that CC can find peace but believes that the young ranger is chasing ghost of his past.

He has been the one leading Tim on a wild goose chase for the last six months to keep him away from the young half elf. He tries to protect CC however he can, but knows that the boy is well trained enough to look after himself. After all you cant hold the hand of the man who killed Ichiro.

He even got himself arrested in Cloudside so that CC could sneak down the mine shaft and rejoin his friends in Thunderholme.

Later he rescued CC from the hands of the Ruby Swords in Selgaunt. Afterwards he was part of the ritual needed to open the stone tree in the Orvaskyte Ruins. After the Four Winds entered the ruins he stayed behind to guard. At that point the guardian Cerebus betrayed them without breaking its word. It summoned creatures from the swamp with its howling and let them wander in unmolested. Rickard fought as hard as he could but ended up dieing at the teeth of a hydra.

He was later raised but still shaken from the ordeal.

Rickard Steelshield

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