Retilib Greenvise

Planeswalker contact


A powerful planeswalker mage. Stands over 12 feet high and probably weighs over 1000lbs easily. Neon blue skin with ogre size chest and head. He has bat wings for ears and elaborate rams horns on his head. His eyes are almost pure white and his teeth are all pointed. From the waist down he is a writhing mass of blue tentacles. He seems to exude an aura of power and knowledge, and when talking to him, one gets the feeling he has been everywhere and seen everything.


Damian is trying to get permission to publish a planer handbook and wants endorsements of several well established planeswalkers. After talking to various sources it was agreed that Retilib would be their ambassador. He is the figurehead in this case for several highly revered planeswalkers and with their endorsements, Damian can get his book published without fear of retaliation.

He seems straightforward enough about why he is helping Damian. Apparently accomplishing these favors more then makes up for losing some business from lesser experienced planes travelers. However he doesnt give alot of information up front about the places he is sending the Four Winds. He can usually be found somewhere in the World Serpent Inn.

Retilib Greenvise

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