Polk the Teamster

Extremly annoying mentoring halfling.


He never participates in any battle except to occasionally hinder the PCs. Every round he will randomly pick a PC as his “student” and attempt to steer him/her towards greater acts of heroism. This annoys the character so much they only have one action that round and cannot full attack.

He does however have skills of causing problems. He has been seen managing flitering with waitresses, eating a platter of appitizers, drinking a tankard of beer, annoying a companion, and winning at cards all at the same time while talking. Lets see your epic level monk manage THAT!


He firmly believes that his tutering will teach the Four Winds how to be truly heroic. No matter how much they threaten or ignore him it has no effect. No one, neither friend nor foe, has ever bothered trying to waste an attack directly against him because everyone, even unintelligent foes, knows that he is the sole chosen of the God of Annoyance. The God of Annoyance apparently only has one follower in the entire mulitverse and it is Polk the Teamster.

In all fairness however, the party has had no less then three chances to get rid of him and chose not to everytime. I believe they all secretly have a soft spot for the stubborn halfling.

Polk the Teamster

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