Obesly fat kind hearted woman. Cook on Blue Vengeance


She is the ships cook and one of the best cooks on all of Fearun. She could easily be hired by any king, sultan, or other important figure that tasted her cooking. But she has decided to stay on the Blue Vengeance, to the delight of the crew and dismay of the rest of the culinary world.


She is a fantastic cook as is noted by her obscene weight. Still she is very nice and sweat, almost grandmotherly. Only the most cruelhearted person doesnt warm up to Pig. Pig is obviously not her given name, but the nickname she somehow came to bear just like everyone else on board this ship.

She went with the Four Winds in space against the neogi fleet. She was adept enough to manage to collect some chronoplasim while on board Spelljammer. She is contemplated using a little of it as a cooking ingrediant.


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