Iron Throne Merchant


He was assumed to just be a normal merchant in the right place when the Iron Throne was attacked by the Four Winds. It was later learned he had left the company two weeks earlier when things started to go wrong with headquarters in Selguant.

He started over under the name Xanadu Zeb in Arabel as a petty crimelord. The Purple Dragons and Myrmeen Leah knew about him but figured he was so petty that it wasnt worth the effort to bring him in. He actually seemed to be decreasing crime…. just the way he planned.


Phamdrick was in charge of the underbelly of the Iron Throne, contacts with thieves guilds and things like that. Considering there is no thieves guild in Suzail it isnt exactly known what he did here. But he is the only one of the four that was in charge of Cormyrs charter that is still alive.

He was actually latter found to be in charge of the plague that had covored Cormyr by working with a trapped deva that one of the Warlock Lords generals, Kenowor, had captured years earlier. Using the devas bloodline and subverting it, Phamdrick manage to spread a horrible plague that while slow acting, had no known cure.

The Four Winds eventually found Phamdrick and later freed the deva to cure the plague, but Phamdrick did not live to see it as he was eaten by Essodren.


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