Oswald Fiddlebender

Gnome Alchemist


The other half of the demolition crew that is the Whispering Winds engineering core. Oswald doesnt have nearly as many crazy gadgets as Epecet Whirlywistle does. But he makes up for it with hundreds of foul smelling alchemical ingrediants he keeps on him at all times.

He looks like a typical gnome and smells like a science experment. Which is usually the case.
He is the one that usually monitors Gary the Green Slime.


Oswald comes from Lurien and this isnt his first airship. His first spelljammer perhaps but he has been in the air before. He built his own flying ship and manage to crash it right smack dab in the middle of Cormyrs city park. He then spent the next several months making custom potions for people trying to earn the money to get supplies to fix his ship.

More often then not his customers came back and complained that his potions did not work as they were supposed to. Usually the potions worked fine, but Oswald doesnt have much of a filing system and forgets who gets what potion and which potion is which. Usually a customer comes back with the money and Oswald gives his best guess as to what potion that customer wanted and which one it is. His guess is usually wrong.

So with the authorities threatening to shut him down and half of Cormyr threatening to sue, he jumped when Epecet showed up and offered him a job on board the Whispering Wind.

He is currently wanted in both Marsember and Wheelon over a misunderstanding on Arylin Starflowers suggestion about local plantlife. Also he is wanted for questioning about a crater that appeared in Marsember recently when he was spotted in the area.

Oswald Fiddlebender

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