Mendryll Brandyfire

Halfling Bard of Cormyr


A skilled bard that mostly stays in Cormyr and the surrounding areas. Average height and weight for his race with a winning smile. Usually wears colorful clothing that stands out. While skilled with a lute, words, and hands, he is also no novice to the sword either. He seems to wear magical items to provide protection even though it seems he has nothing on but ordinary clothing and his rapier apparently can catch fire on command.


A highly honored bard who most recently was called in to perform for the kings birthday. He meet the Four Winds when they defended him from a Sembia adventures group and later that night foiled a kidnapping attempt of Lord Patrick Thistle. They meet him again a little later in Wheelon when Mendryll told them about a hidden dungeon nearby that turned out to be a trial of sorts. While the Four Winds have heard his name spoken since then, they have not crossed paths with Brandyfire for some time.

Mendryll recently asked to accompany the Four Winds on an adventure since everything of interest in Cormyr seems to involve them in some way and was accepted. He went with the Four Winds to hunt down Thefick and got more then he bargained for when a T rex and then a Purple Worm tried to make a meal of him. Luckily Captain Sunny Underhill stayed behind to defend him and Mendryll is currently using his bardic powers to promote Sunny to hero status. Polk couldnt be prouder.

Mendryll Brandyfire

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