Marjul Derigos


6’0 yellow skinned human with sharp teeth, black hands and hollow eyes draped in chains.


In the past a warrior who got outsmarted by a devil when he was overcome with grief and rage. He got into a deal with the devil’s sacrificing his and his family’s souls with him not realizing it. He was fine with his soul on the bargaining block but when he found out he put the rest of his family’s souls on the line he was devistated. He has done many horrible things in his life and in the underworld lives with nothing but regret and hatred for himself.

He is currently residing in the 8th level of Hell, Cania. Turned into a monstorous kyton creature with most of his family bonded in chains to his flesh for all eternity. Only his youngest daughter, who still lives is free. His sin was WRATH.

Marjul Derigos

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