Lord Rynn Mournsoul

Brooding emo noble of Suzial


A thin young sickly looking young man. He stands a little under six feet tall, always wears black clothing and is usually holding a black flower of some sort. He is rather pale for spending very little time outdoors. He is actually thought of as a decent swordsman but it is trivial as Mournsoul always assumes he will lose.


Rynn is always quoting black gothic poetry and misery. He will talk with anyone who will listen about how his life is bleak and pointless and the comfort of the grave is calling. Despite this he is still welcome to most social gatherings, or at least invited, because of his rich noble history. His parents died leaving him the sole heir of the Mournsoul home. The Mournsouls, originally named so because the founding patriarch was a cleric of Lathander that exorcised many undead in his lifetime, later became quite resourceful in the wine industry. While they make money in multiple ventures like most noble houses, the Mournsouls have a excellent wine vineyard that provides most of the money to the house.

Rynn actually has most of the trusted servants take care of the finances and day to day activities. The house would be doing much better if Rynn didnt waste most of the profits on stupid causes trying to promote his goth lifestyle.

Lord Rynn Mournsoul

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