Kara Calaudra

Young half elven female mage from Tilverton


A young female half elven mage that was part of an adventuring company out of Tilverton. Her group was captured and their guide killed. Only her raven familiar Essalde escaped. She is slim and athletic with a keen mind and dangerous curiosity. She is a great scholar and has been hired out as a sage several times by the Four Winds. But she should probably stay away from the adventuring life.


She is from a house of wizards in Tilverton, all elves or half elves. They are one of the few families to come out of both the war with Kord the Red Orc King and the envelopment into Cormyr relativly unscathed.

Kara has been to Tilverton, Arabel, and Suzail trying to research this and that for various clients. She wanted to go into the Vast Swamp to do research on client gave her a commision for but ended up going to Candlekeep instead and hired a dwarven ranger to do the exploring for her.

She can usually be found in Tilverton if not on assignment somewhere else. She is currently researching what she can about the resurgance of support for the supposedly dead Kord.

Kara Calaudra

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