black robed man with a agenda of his own


Ikidrom looks like a normal human male wearing only a black robe that covers all but his hands and chin, both of which are pasty white. He always has a mocking sarcastic smile on his face. His powers are unknown but it seems not much short of divine intervention frightens him. Still he is always encountered withen a blue pentagram in the dead of night. It is believed he cannot leave the pentagram, nor attack anyone outside of it unless they attack him first. It is also believed he cannot come out during the day. Though there is no confirmation on either of these rumors.

It is known that he has the power to stop time itself.


Nothing is known about Ikidrom other then his physical description and that he seems to be a sort of Baatezu (devil). So far only Damian, Sunny, Marjul, CC, and Zena have even seen him. His relationship differs from member to member. Woody is very nervous whenever Ikidrom shows up. His only known goals so far were to have everyone call Shiney by his real name of Damian, and to open the Door of Fate in the realm of Everwatch.

Ikidrom is actually the other half of Damian Mordiki, split during his battle with Elminster in Shadowdale four years ago. Only a true artifact weapon such as the Kingsword can cut the lock (Woody) and make him whole.


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