Banes remaining kin


Only four dwarves other then Bane still bear the Hammerstriker bloodline. Exofor, Deteric, Scatind, and Uncle Eberk. The other three are his cousins.

Uncle Eberk is almost 300 years old and is a tough dwarven warrior probably stronger then Bane himself. Though he knows that most of his adventuring is behind him. He has spent the last year along with the others defending his people from the Underdark encroachment.

Exofor, Deteric, and Scatind are all between 40 – 80 so realitivly young. The four of them were together hunting for either Bane or the family heirloom of the Striker. They found neither but were well away from the danger when the Great fall happened. They have been constantly fighting enemies, hopelessness, boredom, starvation, and just about everything else only a dwarf could hope to survive.


The Hammerstrikers are a closeknit clan and they support Bane one hundred percent. They are proud to know Bashif is still with them in spirit if not in body and regard young Bane as the next heir to the head of their house. Uncle Eberk lost his wife to the Great Fall and will not remarry he claims. It will be up to the four younger males to restore the numbers of their house.


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