Gren Razorclaw

goblin thief girl from Westgate


A very good thief and survivor of the harsh city of Westgate. She can usually fend for herself but very low on the society ladder. She lived on the streets and ate garbage most of her life. She stole what she could and made a little side money selling trinkets to tourist who didnt mind trading with a goblin. She is very good at staying hidden and noticing things.


She has had a rough life where might makes right. In addition her goblin heritage rears itself and she has a different view of morality then most of the more civilized races.

Is it her goblin heritage and she is naturally evil?
Is it her upbringing and she never really had a chance?
Does her relationship with Sunny have any chance of converting her to the brighter way of life?
Will she be the halflings downfall?

Who knows. She does stay on the Whispering Wind most of the time and loves the thrill of adventure. Her only other real friends other then Sunny is Frosttail the White Dragon and Gary the Green Slime.

Gren Razorclaw

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