Gary the Green Slime

Ummm, hes a slime


Gary has typical stats for his race. Does 2d6 acid on a successful touch attack, hitting him with weapons is a bad idea, stuff like that. Anything fully put inside Gary takes 40 points of Acid Damage a round. He is a great garbage disposal.


Gary is a great guardian, as long as whatever you want him to guard is acid proof. As a ooze Gary doesn’t actually have a sex, and doesn’t respond to his name. Why Sunny took to calling him Gary isn’t clear, but the other crew members took to it and the name stuck.

Gary spends most of his time in a specifically made glass bathtub with a glass lid. Gary doesn’t need to breath so air holes arnt a problem. He is used quite often but the two gnomes Epecet and Oswald but that doesn’t seem to bother the creature. As long as he has trash feed to him on a regular basis, and his favorite food, bags of flour, he is happy as clam err, slime.

Gary the Green Slime

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